Thai Dubs What Hapenned To Em?!


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I noticed that ever since 2007 .... There has been almost NO dubs at all of Chinese Dramas -.-" I have been looking forward to so many dubs that were never released ... if its something political then lmao I must have not read the news enough sniffs sniffs I want tvb thai dubs!


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^this is late reply but i too want TVB -- they are the BEST THAI DUB company I've seen .. (i hate ATV -- only watch if there's no other option)


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Yeah I know! I mean I've seen a few thai dubs but barely.. there has been so many wuxia series out that took so long to see dubs for like LOCH 2008 I just saw it appear early this year and The Green Snake I've barely seen it surface... I want heavenly sword dragon sabre 2009 >.< LOL and non are tvb but eh I must bare to watch the series ;[


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gotta agree that TVB dub have the best voice...and it seems to match their character so much that I feel it actually the actor's voice instead of dub...I missed them too, but lately some of the TVB series are not so good like back the 90's

Edit: I just go back to dig the old in my closet to watch...


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they still have Thai dubbed. Is just that they are expense to buy if they are newly dubbed so it is hard for international video rental outside of Thailand to buy. The Laos/Thai video rental that I used to rent Chinese series said that they dropped Chinese series because it is too expense to buy. So sad for me for I live in the US. I think that due to the reason that now many people have fee for view online account to watch newly Chinese series making international video rental lost profit forcing them to close out Chinese series.