*** Thai Lakorn Magazine for SALE**


sarNie Egg
Hi Everyone,
I am selling some of my Thai TV Magazines. Each Magazine is only $6 (Included shipping and handling).The condition of the magazine are from NEW / GOOD condition.

Here is a list of the TV Magazine I have:

Nohra (Starting Noon and Kade)
Dung Sawan Sab (Starting Kob and Por)
Fah Krajang Dao (Starting Por and Noon W)
Laurd Hong (Starting Bee N.)
Ton Rak (Starting Noon and Kade)
Samee Ngern Phon (Starting Pol and Joy S)
Saneh Ruk Nang Cin (Starting Bua and Kade)
Jay Dun Chun Ruk Tur (Starting Willy and Marsha)
Tae Pang Korn (Starting Ann and Sornram)
Maya Pissaward (Ann Alisha and Pepper UTH)
Wang Waree (Starting Tik P and Nat Myria)
Jaosao Prissana (Starting Ann T. and Chatchai P.)
Khun Nai Sai Lub (Starting Nat Myria and Chakrit Y)
Ban Roi Dok Mai (Starting Noon W. and Woot)

Summary and Pictures of each Lakorn can be obtain at: http://wiki.sarnworld.com/index.php/Main_Page

***For those who purchase THREE or MORE Thai TV Magazine, I will also give you an additional magazine of Thai Celebrities for FREE*** What a DEAL! ^_^..I only Ship to the United States Only!

If you have any further questions please feel free to send me an email. Thank you for your time!