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I don't know if anyone has ever thought about this or keep updated with the Thai music industry as I do but I'm a gigantic fan of Thai music, largely pop and rock and I always think about how some Thai artists improved over the years. When I think about it, it reminds me of their first appearance and rise to fame. I remember saying stuff like "That's some sh__" or "Dang, he's ugly." Now, I regret some of that.
I also tend to replay some old Thai pop songs frequently. I'm not talking old old or Bird Thongchai old but 2000-2008 ish, back when most of the hot GMM Grammy artists now first made an appearance.
For example, I used to think Bie sounded horrible and looked horrible but man, he improved drastically! His once scrawny, pale figure and little boy looking self is now all sexy, manly, and healthy. He could still use some improvement on his live singing but overall, he's still a great entertainer and my boo.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to start this thread and list the artists that you had a huge crush on or even fever. Here are a few of mine:
- Bie Sukrit (still is and probably for eternity)
- Chin Chinawut (I think he's considered more of a R&B artist)
- Ice Saranyu
- Aof Pongsak
- Golf Mike- I hated Golf Mike so much back then but now I'm a huge fan of Golf. Mike needs to make a come back. I'm not feeling his rap/hip hop style. Just doesn't suit him.

Thai pop throwback replay:
- I Need Somebody- Bie
- Bpaak Mai Dthroang Gub Jai, Chun Ja Bpai Gub Tur- Chin
- Kon Jai Ngai- Ice Saranyu
- too many from Aof that I choose not to make a list of
- Tee Bpreuk Sah- Golf Mike which I think is actually a solo from Golf


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Bie- all his songs count right?
Grand- her dancing is quite getting better. But she could work on live performances
GolfMike- quiet amazing guys.
Theres more just can't name them.

Kamikaze (Waii, 3.2.1, kotic, FFK, and x-i-s)they are mostly hip pop anyways.
P.O.I- She is like RS dancing queen!


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oooooo la la.. i like this thread.. ehehe.. i'm a huge music lover too and of course.. i've got some of my own opinions but.. i'll keep some quiet for now lol..

crushes: (so many to list... gahhhhh)
Bank Clash - He has a great voice that can go well with everything.. he will always .. always.. always be my fav. guy wearing red pants!
Dome Pakorn - I still find him goodlooking.. he needs to get back to making music.. I knew of him, but it was thanks to his "Glua" cover I tuned in again.
UHT - COME BACKKk.. I was such a Pepper bias.. I swear! :D
K-Otic - Oh.. they were my boys.. sniff sniff.. it's a pity they've seperated right when they're getting more popular and known.. hopefully once Jongbae finishes his military service and Poppy finishes with school the boys will be back.. *crosses fingers*
Louis Scott - I'm glad you're back.. but you need to sing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Nologo - Glua
K-Otic - Free to play
Louis Scott - Ang Wang Lism
Clash - Fai Ruk
Palmy - Proong Nee Aht Mai Mee Chan


Hahahaha, yeah, i remember myself calling Bie ugly the first time i saw him in Prajun See Roong, which my mom borrowed from her friend. Then the second one was DRRT and Hug Bie were the ones that made me fall in love with him. After that, i tried to find everything about him and now own all his lakorns either in thai or hmong dubb and still saving money to buy all his concert dvds and albums.

Mos Patiparn, back then I didn't even know he was a singer until i came across his Mos and Be My Mos Albums. I remembered him from his lakorns that i have of him so i bought it and fell in love with his music and i liked him even before i knew he was a singer, but now that i search up his songs, i realize that his older songs are better than the new ones. Haha.

Beam Kawee, gosh i only found out about him last year from the lakorn Poot Rak Namo and i thought he was ugly because at that time he was going against Dan who i thought was a total hottie. Now when i bought D2B album, I started liking him more and more and he has surpassed Dan in my eyes now. I just wish to see more of him though.


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i have like this huge pop collection extends from the beginning 1994-2011 alot of compilation vcds from gmm and rs, i just got back my cds, vcds and dvds i'm stoked for the memories to come flooding back, parn, christina, bird, aof, kat, tong, nat,and so many more, gotta update my collection and transfer to solidstate media, now i'll have to find where i put my dvd player,


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^ Oh wow, ijohn.. it's been forever... ages.. since I've last seen you on here.  I miss your uploads~~  Welcome back!
I totally forgot about this thread but... I really miss Joe Ammarin & his music.  It's a pity he had to go so early :(


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Bird Thongchai?- didn't even know most of my childhood favorites were sung by him.
Katreeya English- OK Naka.


How wonderful life is, now you’re in it. ❤️
I remember the first Thai song I was into was this one by Tata Young. Back then, I didn't know it was by Tata..


How wonderful life is, now you’re in it. ❤️
I really would like to attend a Mos and Tata Young concert.. looks so fun. I know they just had one near the beginning of this year. I like how they both always sing the song เพียงเพื่อน / Piang Peuan. This song is cute and sad..

Look at all those lights!!! Wowzersss:)

Credit video nOte QR YT
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I love Tata Young. I was hoping to find more goodies but this thread kind of went dry. I am more of lakorn ost then ventured out.

Da Endorphine... she has so many songs I loved and majority were part of lakorn soundtracks. I wish they had lakorn album ost like the other Asian country. I do know Grammy compiles a lot but what I am talking about is an actual soundtrack.

Ah... Kat English!!! Ok Na ka will forever remain my favorite workout song lol

Lets talk about the opposite. I like about 2-3 songs but they never really appeal to me.
Bie Sukrit has about 3 songs that i really like and I Need Somebody is one of them.
Film Rattapoom (after his scandal, i see him completely different lol) i do not know what the name of the song is but that might be the only song I like.

I still love Aof Pongsak but his music lately hasn't been my favorite.