Thanks sarnworld


Hey I just wanted to thanks sarnworld the forum and the person involve in running the forum. I came onto sarnworld on 10.05.05 with and obsession over dbsk. With that I was bless to meet a sweet girl in the thread and we kept on talking. Before I know it its been 2 years almost three and we finally meet up. The sweet girl was Sin (aznfreak) so if it wasn't your forum it wouldn't happen. Thanks guys!


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i've never met anyone here, but i discover a lot of awesome people like tina, lome, peaches, bunniii... who share with us so thanks!


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Ohhhhhhhh someone else I've somewhat met P'Sam! aka teeRuk lol I knew her from outside of sarNworld; but then I started talking to her in sarNworld.. (what a small world) LOL


Too bad I haven't met anyone...maybe someday at a concert or something...!!! But everyone here is awesome! I love Sarnworld...though I'm not as active as others.


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thank you sarnworld.
got me back with my thai interest of music.

i havent met anyone yet.
although krystar was my friend outside and before.


uh.... cheese!!!! :D


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awww i meet quite a few sarnies..which was awesome!!...

chenling, raiya, moh aka icecream_girl04, khunyingmaryuree, both untinnu & khatiya which i also met from anther forum too :)..i have many more to meet!..which i am excited bout..

last but not least..i am glad i got to come and know so many great ppl...!!! thank you sw!!
Me too! I met Bao Weezie on the TRACK aka Bugsy. And I get to give her a facial. lmao. >.<"
Oh yeah, Penny aka Quarter too. I have to say she is sure a wild/crazy child. haha. :]


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I haven't meet any of these sarnies yet. but I did reunite with an old elementary friend in an old forum! it was so crazy! :lol: we still keep in touch til today. ^_^


lol...i don't think i met meet up meet i remember seeing N'tina...without even knowing that its I've been wanting to meet up with n'keomany for the longest..we've known each other online since d2b4eva forum...been about like 7 years i think..and we've been friends ever since..hopefully i'll run into some sarnies one


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hahaha i havent met anybody yet though
but whoever went to the Soccer tournament in minnesota, then yeah there probably was a chance that
we all passed by eachother lol
anyways yeah thanks to sarNworld because i met alot of funn awesome and cool people in here!!
hahaha and i was updated with thai lakorns!! XD!!!