The Bad Campus Belle / Bu Liang Xiao Hua


sarNie Juvenile
this is a new drama that will be filming in 2008... don't know when..
I'm actually excited for this drama because i love the cast.. (i just don't like rainie because arron liked her.. ut i'm over it..!!)

Rainie Yang plays a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When she meets prince charming Dean Fujioka, she consults Will Pan, a poison-tongue stylist, to help revamp her style.

Rainie Yang as Xiao Hua 笑花
Will Pan (I don't know this guy! but he's a singer..)
Dean Fujioka ('Corner with Love')
Mei Mei (Blackie's teenagers, Brown Sugar Machiatto)
Chen Yan Xi (Rainie's friend from 'Why Why Love')



sarNie OldFart
OMG. that totally sucks >.< Rainie always play in these kind of drama where she has the prince charming guy and the arrogrant guy :rolleyes:


sarNie Granny
not a fan of rainie yang....but hope to see it if it good