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sarNie Adult
Here's a new series of rainie yang with wilber gosh i think he is cute!!!!
It going to be releasing sometimes in 2008

Here a pic of Wilber

Rainie hahahaha look at how she dress i think its kute

The Character:

Rainie Yang
Will Pan
Dean Fujioka
Mei Mei
Chen Yan Xi

Here little plot about the story

Rainie Yang plays a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When she meets prince charming Dean Fujioka, she consults Will Pan, a poison-tongue stylist, to help revamp her style.

I'm so wating for thIs onE!!!
Credit to drama walki


sarNie Adult
Hmmm... I heard about this one. I'm hoping that wacky hair is Rainie's "before" she meets Wilber look in the drama. I never liked Rainie's super poofy hair styles much in the past.

Wilbur hasn't done dramas much (aside from Spicy Teacher, which wasn't that great of a series to start with :( )... but I'd like to see how he does.


sarNie OldFart
Wilbur is sooooooooo sexyyy! I can't wait for this :] Umm Rainie looks horrible in she tries too hard to be cute the poofy hair just needs to go! The other guy looks cute! I wished the lead actress was someone else!


sarNie Adult
yeah I wish the main actress was someone else too.. and the poofy hair needs to go...

I'm actually not looking forward to this :(


Lakornaddict ;)
is it out yet? lol
she looks awesomely cute lmao


sarNie Juvenile
i thought mei mei from her girls is going to be in there?
where is she?
i like the drama...
cause of WILL PAN!!


sarNie Adult
No she's not in here not that i know of it...
but Michelle Chen is in here she is in Why WHy Love with Rainie too her friend..


sarNie Hatchling
i started to watch this drama a little but her voice is really annoying and her acting in there her character is annoying