The Cinderella Complex


sarNie Egg
I haven't written a fan fiction for years now (so long that my photoshoping skills can officially become a bragging talent now). There are a gazillions ideas that rapes my mind daily (due to critiquing the shortcomings of dramas), and I really want to take this holiday season to write one for the sake of sanity. I have a good dozen chapters (approximately 550 words per chapter) already written, but I've been putting it off. Thus, I decided to whip up some posters to hype me up and post this topic here so that the commitment to share will pressure me to finish. So this is the beginning of a new alias dedicated solely to writing these guilty pleasures. First chapter coming soon.


sarNie OldFart
These posters are so beautiful! They look very official to the point where I would believe that they're real covers to a book or movie. Haha. Keep doing what you do best na ka! I don't read fan fictions but I just might read yours after seing this :D


sarNie Adult
Dramas, huh........? Haven't read one since last year, so I should definitely stay tune for this!