The Concerto


sarNie OldFart
I'm watching this series now. Esther and Eddie are soooo cute together! :wub: I didn't know they had two previous dramas'a already, but this is there first modern drama together. Esther is so adorable w/ the short hair. She's a cutieee! I really miss her so much! I always re-watch GREEN FOREST over and over. I hope she returns soon w/ another drama! I really really want to see her w/ ETHAN RUAN someday! I wish, I hope she won't turn down another drama with him! Please, pleaseeeeee! Anywhoo, I'm loving Esther and Eddie at the moment and the drama too although I've reviews and spoilers already about the ending and stuff, which is really dissapointing but at the moment I'm still hooked on it since I just started episode01 but hopefully it's not as bad as everyone says it is?! :( *sniffles. I watched this fanmade mv: It's super good and so sweeet, :( *sniffs. SAD, SAD. I had to close my eyes in one of the scenes in that mv, when the train came! Gahhh. Why couldn't they just keep this drama simple, nice and sweeeet! Grrrrrr.


i started to watch this drama but then the sub came out so i stop watching it...and i agree, Esther looks so freaken cute with that short hair style!