The Devil and the Fallen Angel


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Chapter One

Friday afternoon on a hot summer day, Matt drove home taking in the sun with her windows down. She smiled more to herself when thinking about the surprise she has in store for her parents. She admits she is not a good cook by any means, but it’s a special occasion. It is her parents’ anniversary after all. She is willing to try with the only hope that it’ll at least be edible.

Her parents have one of those, love that she wished one day she would be lucky enough to experience. They seem so happy and content with each other. Every time she watched them interacts, her heart swelled with envious. And till this day because of them, she refused to enter marriage where love is not one of the most important, factors of it.

Pulling in the driveway, she is eager to start with her cooking. It’s going to be messy and disorganized but where cooking is concern she was never a clean one. She shrugged her shoulders and a wide smile appeared suddenly on her lips. She opened the door to her house quietly, setting her schoolbooks on the kitchen counter she walked to her room when she heard a sound of laughter ringing out loudly from the upstairs bedroom.

Weird, she thought. It’s too early in the day for anyone to be home. Her mom is out shopping and won’t return home till later, and her dad is at work. As soft and quiet as her feet allowed her, she walked up the stairs slowly. When she neared the room, a girl’s voice became clear. It was young, crisp, and nothing like her mom. Then her dad’s voice...

Oh, my god.

Her heart started pounding, her body trembling in rage she pushed the door opened and what she saw made her world crumbled down in a matter of seconds. Her dad lying on top of a girl in a position she wished to never witness.

Her dad and his lover with horror in their eyes turned to her. The blood draining from his face was apparent enough for his guilt. Matt’s hands started shaking, her body became hot then cold. Anger began to take a toll on her vision and her mindset.

“Matt.” Krit said gently trying to calm his daughter down.

Matt hadn’t heard her dad or aware of anything else. It seemed like a blur. One moment she stood next to the door the other minute she grabbed a handful of the girl's hair and yanked her outside.

“Let go of my hair!” Her dad’s lover demanded.

“Matt, you stop it right now!” Her dad snatched a T-shirt from the floor, wearing it in a hurry and ran after his daughter.

Matt quickened her steps with a protest of yelling and screaming from both her dad and his little fling. She kicked the front door open and pushed the girl down, getting on top of her she slapped the girl in the face. “You are a cheap little slut!” Her voice was not her own.

The girl tried grabbing Matt’s hair but she missed it with Matt brushing her hands away. Matt felt her dad attempting to yank her off of his lover but she kicked him making him fall to the ground. He got up and tried once more grabbing her arm. The three struggled with each other, with Matt’s dad pulling on her while she held onto the hair of an almost naked girl beneath her then they all stopped as a figure approaching them.

“What is going on?”

Matt shoved the girl’s head to the ground one last time before getting up and brushed, herself neatly walking to her mom she didn’t need to explain a single thing. The look on her mom’s face was clear enough that she understood what is presented in front of her.

Gem’s fingernails dug deep into her flesh that she felt the skin pricked, her lips were trembling and her eyes now void of any emotion. She stared at her husband with his shirt unbuttoned, his hair disheveled and then for a brief moment she stared at the girl standing with just a bra and an underwear, that barely covers anything and she wanted to vomit. She did what she thought was the right thing for her to do, walk past them without a word being said and never look back once.

“Mom!” She heard Matt’s voice calling out, but she was numb. She could not even find her voice to answer her daughter.

Matt turned back to her dad, she studied his face and wasn’t sure what she found. And frankly, she doesn’t give a rat’s ass to his feelings anymore. He is a traitor in her eyes and doesn’t deserve any sort of sympathy. Then her eyes went to his lover, if it would make her feel better she wanted to spit in her face but she knew it would not, her mom needs her now. A promise already made way to her heart she was going to make her pay and pay dearly for what she has done to her family.

She turned and ran to her mom. If the world falls down on her now, it would not be soon enough.


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OMG!!! This is such a good story. I dedn't expect this to happen.>.< The dad is an a-hole!!! Plz keep this one going!!!


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OMG!!! This is such a good story. I dedn't expect this to happen.>.< The dad is an a-hole!!! Plz keep this one going!!!

Thanks for reading and commenting. In my mind, this one seemed to have a bit more potential than my other story. Since my main focus is with Andrew and Matt. And there's going to be a wedding, not the force type of wedding by parents either but rather one awkward and unintentional but at the same time very deliberate (if that makes sense...) And I like writing wedding parts.

And yeah, her dad is pretty low for doing that and on top of it all at the house that he and his wife shared.


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Chapter Two

Gem looked out the window with nothing to hold onto. Her marriage of twenty five years just vanished before her eyes. She thought they had a good marriage one of the best out there but little did, she knew it was not even good. How could he do this to her? Did he not love her enough to at least tell her that he is falling out of love? She felt a little tear on the corner of her eye, but she was not going to cry that will only meant that she is weak. He has taken all that she has he is not going to completely take control of her every being.

Matt stood there watching her mom. Her short bobbed hair framing her face made her that much more angelic looking. The black color of it, made her skin a bit pale but somehow that worked in her favor. She's such a pretty person in and out, it is that much more difficult to understand the reason behind her dad's affair.

"Mom, are you ok?"

Gem slowly turned to her daughter and saw the worried expression from Matt. "Come here Angel."

Matt smiled and went into her mother's arms. She loved it when her mom calls her that, it made her feel like she is five all over again and the world seemed like a perfect place, with nothing but daisy and sunshine. She hugged her mother tightly.

"I'm a little hurt, no sense in denying that, but I should be all right in no time." Swallowing the bitterness and pain she stroked Matt's hair. "I'm going to need a little time." Gem looked around the house and felt the walls closing in on her.

"I understand."

"Sweetheart," Gem stopped there and didn't quite know what to say.

"Mom, how could dad do this to us?"

"I can't give you an answer." Gem's heart wanted to scream out, and she hated herself sometime for being a calm person.

She looked up and saw her husband walked in shirtless she immediately turned away to face the window once again. But she wasn't fast enough she saw his eyes asking for forgiveness, the corners of it drew a hard line and his mouth were slightly parted wanting to say something. Whatever it was she's no longer interested in it, he made his choice and she is going to make hers.

Matt felt the tension in her mom's hug she raised her eyes to see her dad standing there. His eyes were saddened and his body sagged like a heavy weight had been put upon him. Matt pulled herself away from her mom.

"Why are you standing there? Why don't you run off and be with that slut of yours!" Matt's screamed vibrated throughout the house.

"Angel, leave us for now. I want a few words with your father." Gem said so soft Matt had to strain her ears.

Matt looked at her mom and opened her mouth to argue but she just turned around and ran to her room.

Krit didn't see his wife when Gem turned around, he saw someone different. The light in her eyes that used to be there is replaced by nothingness. Her eyes were looking to the left and to the right but avoided him. She in his eyes is broken.

"I'm so sorry." Krit slowly made his way to Gem but stopped short and stood a few feet away from her instead.

"Not as sorry as I am."

"I don't know what got into me. It just happened."

Gem took in a deep breath. Just happened? Was that the best explanation he could give her? It just happened? She felt her heart has completely shattered.

"I won't fight for anything, whatever you want is yours." Krit looked at his hand and folded them as if it was the most disgusting thing at the moment for him.

Her eyes went to the sky that seemed cloudless and she blinked away the hurt, betrayal, and many years of memories with a man that she thought had loved her faithfully. She was but a fool to believe that if you love someone with all your heart, it will be returned to you just as much. She turned to her husband and looked at the man that once was her life, now is a stranger.

"Good bye." She did not wait to see his stricken reaction. It was a good bye in all sense of the word.

Krit watched his wife walked away, with as much grace and dignity as he remembered his wife to be. What the hell was he thinking to even start an affair when he has Gem in front of him? She took slow steps and walked over was not their bedroom instead she let herself into one of the guest bedroom and disappeared. And he knew by looking at her demeanor, she has slipped away from him for good. He sat down in the chair and bent his head. Well, deserved my man, he heard a voice from somewhere. And with that he sank lower until he could go no more.

One week seemed to tick by so slow. Matt still could not completely wrap her head around the downfall of her family. Her dad had since moved out, while her mom left town the day after to spend time with her close friend. Matt decided being alone was not what she wanted to do so she packed her belongings and moved in with her best friend until her mom is back in town. Matt lifted the magazine she has in her hands but reading it was far from what she is doing. She stared at it with blankness and her mind wandered to every place of the universe but what's in front of her.

"Here you go."

Matt laid the magazine down and smiled genuinely at her friend, Zuri taking the drink from her hand she took a sip, letting the cold beverage traveled down her tense body.

Zuri took the seat next to Matt and opened up the newspaper, reading it she shook her head. "These rich folks really like to spend money like it is growing on tress. Just look at it." She pointed one slender finger to the picture.

Matt was uninterested at first, glancing at it she shrugged.

Zuri continued. "The wedding of the year is happening next week. All eyes are going to be on the bride and groom, Mr. Andrew Gregson and Ms. Jin Rana." Zuri paused. "Look Matt, the picture of the groom looks scary. If I was to be married to a guy like him, I would be mortified. I heard he's one of those that you do not want to cross. One time..." Zuri stopped in mid-sentence when the newspaper was snatched up by Matt unexpectedly.

Matt stared at it, her hand grabbing strong to the newspaper that her knuckles turned white. Zuri stood up her face became alarm. "What is it Matt?" Her voice lowered.

"This girl." Matt jammed her finger at the picture of the bride. "Zuri, this is the girl that slept with my dad."

Zuri's turn to snatch the newspaper from Matt, holding close to her face, her eyes wide opened to examined the picture. "You must be kidding me?"

"I remember that face till the day I die." Leaning forward Matt read the article with more care. She took in the information and just then a smile appeared on her lips.

Zuri looked up and threw the paper aside. "Matt, don't do anything stupid." She touched her arm lightly. "I know that look, you are not thinking..."

Matt leaned forward and gave Zuri a kissed on the cheek. "I'll see you later I got some stuff I need to do." Matt quickly ran out the door.

"Matt!" Zuri ran after her but Matt was already in the car.

Matt rolled her window down. Waving at her best friend she yelled out. "Let the game begin." She sped off leaving Zuri standing next to the door yelling out her name.


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Oooooohhh, i can't wait to see what happens to the girl? "Let the game begin"!!! I like where this is going...


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Chapter Three

Andrew poured himself a glass of brandy and finished it all in one take being satisfied with the way the hard liquor is making him feel he set the glass down and looked out the window from his library. Standing firm and straight he observed himself through his own reflection. He touched his neck feeling a little suffocated by the thought of the wedding that is to take place in no more than half an hour from now. The door opened slowly and he didn't have to guess who it was, he knew exactly the person walking in. Keeping his back to her, he focused on a cloud that formed a picture of what to him seemed like a dragon.

"Andrew, you can't hide in here we have to get to the church."

"I will be there." His tone lack any emotion of what a groom is supposed to be on his wedding day.

"Can't you fake any excitement at all, it is your wedding."

Andrew stood there staring at the window as if he is seeing through his mom at the same time. He finally turned to her his face was expressionless, that it caused his mom to sigh and took a seat at the nearest available chair.

"You want to kill me don't you?" Soy brushed her dress out before meeting her son's eyes which was as blank as a white piece of paper. "I wanted grandkids I am too old to be waiting for it to happen on its own. The rate you are going, I will be limping and holding onto a cane before it'll ever happen." `

Andrew stared with unwavering eyes.

"Jin is a good girl she seem eager and happy to be getting married, you will thank me one day."

"You blackmailed me." Andrew said sternly. "You know damn well I would not want anyone taking over the company that dad worked so hard for and yet you were willing to sell it all for you own selfish reason."

"Your father taught me to be ruthless in terms of getting what I want. I got you to agree to marry Jin didn't I?" Soy stood up straight and proud of her accomplishment over her son. "And I would do it again." Her nose thrust out in the air, acting like a queen in her own right.

Andrew crossed his arms. "Consider yourself lucky that you are my mother at this moment." Andrew walked to the door." And you better hope Jin is what you said she is, because if not life will be a living hell for her with me." He slammed the door shut leaving soy standing there wondering if she had made the right decision in forcing the marriage on him.

Jin paced back and forth in front of the mirror, nerves working its way inch by inch. If she has a choice she would not be marrying the stone cold and unfriendly Andrew. They have known each other for a year, yet he knew so little about her and she about him, the only thing that kept her grabbing onto him is the money, which by all means is worth the sacrifice. Andrew is her back up plan. She has never been faithful to him, and is not intending on doing so. Looking at, herself one last time and noticing the time is nearing for the wedding to start, she hasn't seen Andrew and if she was correct in her assumption, the ass wasn't at all thrill about the wedding. He doesn't matter at this point, if anything his mother is the one to blame. She smiled at herself, in the mirror, looking pretty she readied herself to be the bride to a man that would make the worst husband.

"Money," She said with more conviction. "I will put up with him as long as he still has what I want."

Andrew arrived to church with less than five minutes to spare, and didn't share the joy of the others around him are experiencing. He heard whispers of how nonchalant he looked, but Andrew was not one that made what others say important. He took his place at the alter waiting with a plain expression and seem bored. He rather be, anywhere than standing waiting for his bride that he didn't want in the first place.

"Man, smile a bit. I know you don't want to be here but a smile wouldn't kill you." His best man whispered.

Andrew slightly turned his head to Cade but offer nothing in return. Cade squeezed his shoulder lightly and leaned back to his place. The music started playing and Andrew became impatient for it to be over. He glanced sideway and saw his mom in the front row smiling with other guests, and he wanted to throttle her for putting him in this position. The guests suddenly became quiet and sat up straight in anticipation when he saw Jin escorted down the, aisle.

She wore a simple vintage dress, with her hair curled beautifully and swept to one side of her shoulder. Her neutral lipstick somehow made her lips fuller. Her cheeks were a tint color of a pale rose and her eyes were big, she looked pretty as a bride should be on her wedding day. But even that didn't stir any emotion in him. This was not his wedding it was his mother's and her one wish to have a grandkid out of it. Andrew looked at his mother once again and saw the glow in her eyes, a true pride and joy and he hated that expression now more than ever.

Jin finally made her way to the, alter and took her place. Standing before each other Andrew just stared at Jin as if he was looking at a stranger. He faintly heard the minister because he was so wrapped up in his own thoughts. Some of the guests cried, some smiled and some are envious of the couple. Then when the minister said is there anyone in here that moment the door opened with a loud bang that it vibrated all over the quiet church.

The guests gasped and all heads turned to a woman standing by the door. Matt wore a long red sleeveless dress that had a little train for a more dramatic look. Putting her hair up and tucked a red rose on the left side of her ear. She had it in her heart this was what she wanted to do no doubt but seeing all the guests staring at her with question eyes, her legs gave out a bit. She gathered enough courage and walked closer, she stopped in the middle of the aisle.

"You can't marry her, I'm pregnant."

The gasped got louder, with half of the guests putting their hands over their mouth and all eyed turned to Andrew.


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Hella NICE Merit! I'm so thrilled for this story! Totally did not expect that slut that slept with Matt's dad to be giving her a chance for revenge so soon and so conveniently in the form of meeting ANDREW! Oh my gosh, Matt is going to have her hands full, because i'm guessing she'll have to marry Andrew and OMG! Andrew's mom is desperate for grandkids LOL Bet Matt didn't see that one coming--she might have bit more than she can chew. Ah but i'll let you do the telling. I'm excited!


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Thanks for reading and commenting. I can't believe I misspelled (aisle):) I'm more focus on Matt/Andrew that is why it's quite easier for to write this one. I tend to get sidetrack when I write for too many characters.

JJinxx...Matt didn't quite figure out how it's going to be after she ruined his wedding, she just wanted to do so because of Jin. She walked in to a situation I don't think she's ready to deal with. Another thing, she has no idea that when she decleared she's pregnant it was exactly the core of the reason his mom wanted him to get married in the first place. LOL.


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Chapter Four

"Who is that?" Andrew heard the question coming from Cade.

Matt subconsciously grabbed a handful of her dress on each side. Her hands started sweating and her heart was pounding so loud, she thought it was going to leap out of her chest. She had played this scene over and over in her head but somehow, in reality it is much more different. She swallowed the lump in her throat. It was too late to back down now, then she looked at Jin and knew exactly it was a sound decision to be standing where she is. She destroyed her family now it's Matt's turn to destroy her dream.

Her eyes darted to Andrew and she almost squirm in her place. He was angry at her unwanted interruption and most of all she knew his anger was because she lied. But it was going to be his words against hers and whoever is braver and more convincing will win this round. She had hoped that it was she, who would walk away with victory.

"Andrew what is she talking about?" Jin threw an accusation look his way. "You are a liar Andrew did not get you pregnant. Someone get her out of here!" Jin yelled and pointed a finger at Matt.

Matt made a few purpose steps and now she could see Jin more clearly. She lifted her head. "I can't get pregnant on my own." Matt said it in such a soft girly tone that a chuckled or two was heard from behind her back.

"You lying..." Then the paused came. Jin looked into that face once more and with deliberate care. She took in the image of the girl and knew who it was. Jin backed away and almost fell backward when the minister caught her arm and gently pull her back.

Matt saw Jin's reaction and smiled. The whispers seemed to take control of what once was a quiet environment. The ball is in her hand and if Andrew dared to contradict her, she will make sure he'll regret it.

Jin regained her composure she will have to make it out so that she'll be the innocent one. Fake tears began streaming down her face, wiping it she turned to Andrew. "You got her pregnant?" The words were slowly let out.

Andrew didn't hear Jin nor at this point was he aware of anything else but the lying girl standing there with a smirk on her face. He has never laid eyes on her before let alone getting her pregnant, and if he had he would remember such a girl. His steps were carefully taken, the room belong to him now, she had her turn of making a fool out of him and now she was going to regret ever setting foot in the place and claimed something he has no knowledge about.

He made it to her and stopped but a few inches away. Looking down at those red lips which sets in a line of strong determination, her eyes were huge with every steps he made toward her. Something in her eyes gave out a hint of questioning but she immediately blinked once and it disappeared. It was replaced by her squared shoulders as if preparing to do battle. Stupid little fool, he thought. She was not going to win against him. He stared her down silently and he saw the little nervous movement in her stand.

"Who the hell are you?" The question was as loud as he had hoped it to be.

"I'm Matt, your one night stand." She answered just as loud and so steady he himself would believe her if he didn't know better.

"One night stand?" He repeated.

"Yes, that is what I said."

He moved closer she backed away.

"When did this one night stand occurred?"

She swallowed before answering. "One month ago."

"And I'm the father?"

This is not turning out the way she wanted. She backed away a couple of more feet while he kept advancing on her. And before she could answer that question he grabbed her arm and yanked her with him.

"My son got a girl pregnant." Soy found herself saying. "He got someone pregnant." She repeated. She looked up at Jin, whom she thought would surely be her daughter- in- law. But now, if she knew her son, Jin is history. She slumped in her seat. What a shame for this day. She fanned herself and avoided the inquiry eyes.

The door was slammed shut so loud Matt was surprise it didn't fall off its hinges. She was shoved to the further side of the room. Touching her arm trying to ease the pain, she avoided Andrew's eyes. Andrew took his suit jacket off, undoing his tie and rolling up his sleeves his eyes fixated on a girl that is brave enough to play with fire.

"I'm asking again, who the hell are you?" His voice was too cold for Matt to play dumb.

"I told you, my name is Matt."

"You are a lying snake. Either you spit out the truth or I'm getting it from you. Once again, who the hell are you? The last time I'm asking."

Matt leaned against a table for a little support. Her limps began to get weak just from his tone alone. It has a chilling effect on her somehow. Like a wind calling out before the big storm.

"Matt Peeranee." She quickly stated. "Your bride slept with my dad. I am repaying her for what she did."

Andrew suddenly grew silent. He looked at her with all intensity trying to see if she is lying and the girl wasn't. But that did not made his anger subside instead it only intensified. His hand formed a fist and he made his way toward her. Matt looked left and right trying to find a way to escape but there's none. He was now standing so close she had to bend backward slightly to get away from his face.

"Look at me."

Matt did not, what she did was closed her eyes. One hand going around her waist he yanked her forward so forcefully, her flower flew out of her ear and the pins got away causing her hair to tumble down. Her chest against his she felt uncomfortable. She wiggled trying to create some space between them but that only caused his arm to tighten around her waist, warning her.

He leaned in and his lips almost brushing her cheek. "You made the mistake by causing a chaos on my wedding day."

Matt felt his warmth breath with a mixed of alcohol touching her skin. It almost made her dizzy. She put her hands up pushing on his chest but it was like trying to move a gigantic rock.

"I saved you from a lifetime of misery."

"I don't need your help." He shot back.

Her face tensed when he continued to put pressure on her waist. Biting her lip, she tried once more to push him away.

"The wedding will go on." He released her then.

Matt stood up straight and tried to smooth her hair looking at the red rose that once tucked neatly on her ear now finding a place on the floor.

"But it won't be with Jin. It'll be with you." He pointed at her.

"No...No..." She put her hands up protesting the idea. "I am not marrying you."

"Too late for that, you are pregnant with my child. I am not going to let the child be without a father."

"You know it's a lie."

"No one else does. And you brought it upon yourself saying that you are pregnant in front of hundreds of guests. You are going to marry me and if I have to drag you out there I promise you I will."

Matt's face turned white as snow. Her hands trembled to the news and her heart panicked in a way she had never known. She was not going to marry him. She just wanted to break up the wedding but not to marry anyone. Let alone a man who is as cold as the winter storm.

"I'll scream."

"Go ahead."

"I am not marrying you. I have done what I set out to do, so I'll leave." She took a step but that was as far as she got. Andrew grabbed her wrist in a snake like grip.

"You are stupid enough to come charging to my wedding accusing me of fathering your child, and made a big fool out of me."

She shook her head.

"Well, guess what, Matt now you have yourself a husband."


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Holy shizz, she just got herself some game to play now... Let's see how it'll go!^^
Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it. Somehow, I have a hard time dividing the chapters up for this story. Chapter four actually is a long chapter but I kept debating myself where I want it to end. Each chapters seemed so short but I also don't want to make it a long chapter. I for one, don't really like reading a long chapter it bores me quickly. :)


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That last line of Andrews--someone should put that in a real lakorn for us to hear him say it! I'd die and go to heaven to hear Andrew say a line like that lol. I'm very much looking forward to their unplanned matrimony. They've both got a lot of fight in them and I just can't wait to see if they'll clash or if one will soften up fast. Andrew sounds like he can be scary so if I was Matt, I'd be...scared.


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Chapter Five

A husband? That was the missing part of her plan. She admitted now that she hadn't thought it all the way through. She wanted to ruin the wedding, proclaiming that she's pregnant then walk out and live her normal life, a husband? What is she going to do with one?

Andrew held onto her wrist acting like he's holding to an object that was as worthless as a leftover trash on the street. He forcefully dragged her with him, while Matt dug her heel in the carpet halting them both. One powerful yanked she found herself spinning and twisting in a way where her back crashed into his chest.

He was in no way going to lose the fight wrapping one arm around her waist he lifted her off the ground. She leaned forward trying to reached for something, anything at all when she finally found it, grabbing a hold of the doorknob, she not only pulled herself but it caused Andrew to momentarily stopped.

"I'll be an idiot if I marry someone like you even hell is a better place than to be trap for a life with the likes of you. Now, let go of me!"

"You don't have a choice, sweetheart."

"Don't call me that you no good, mean animal."

"Animal? I did not ask you to interrupt my wedding. I am not the one that so proudly announce to the world I am pregnant. You dragged me into your revenge, now live with it!" Andrew squeezed her waist pulling her in even closer to him while trying to pry her fingers off the doorknob.

"You are just being a beast, you could cancel the wedding, do it!"

"I will not and if you don't let go of the doorknob soon, I am going to throw you over my shoulder. Now let go of it." He has never met a more stubborn girl than her. Her knuckles are turning white and she refused to even budge.

She struggled with his arm around her waist when with a few words, she paused. "Your dress doesn't hold too well. With one yank everything will come apart, now you either let go or I will..."

Matt swallowed loudly with his threat he would never do such a thing in a church. He just couldn't then as she was thinking it to herself she felt his hand on her shoulder inching down and down. She let's go of the doorknob so fast, it was as if she never held onto it in the first place.

Trying his best to straighten himself before speaking, he lifted his eyes in fury. "Remember this, you will never win me."

"And remember this you are the worst of human kind." She pulled her dressed up and made a run towards the exit. Unfortunately, as it seem nothing is going right for her. Her heel took claimed on her dress, piercing through the silk material.

Matt doubled forward, like an angel with broken wings she ungracefully hit the table tilting it forward landing on the floor. A pitcher full of water fell on top of her wetting her hair, her face and trickled down her chest and happily stained the front of her dress.

Andrew watched her laying on the floor a moan of some sort escaped her lips. He wasn't expecting a struggle with her every time he opened his mouth, yet that was exactly what he was getting. Her half wet hair made her more appealing to him rather than a turn off. She looked like a portrait of a fallen angel in one of the most exquisite painting. Her lips dropped in such a soft but sensual way, it bothered him and even more so it aggravated him that he found her remotely attractive with how she's been behaving.

He heard sounds coming from behind him and he knew it was time to put on an act. He knelt beside her pulling Matt on him he supported her with his arm. Andrew brushed her hair that clung to her face aside taking his sleeve he wiped her face and patted her throat and chest dry.

"Are you ok?" He asked sweetly, too sweetly for her ears. She cringed.

Matt remained unresponsive. She refused to open her eyes, afraid by doing so she is going to face an unwanted reality. She wanted this to be all a dream that when her eyes are open again everything will disappear. She wanted to go back to her peaceful and normal life before witnessing the most disgusting thing her dad had ever done. A sense of anger filled her body just the mention of that event, she tensed.

"Sweetheart, open your eyes." Andrew caressed her face like he is touching something so precious and fragile.

She wanted to punch him right in the face.

"Is she going to be all right?" She heard someone asked.

Andrew looked up, Matt slyly opened one eye then closed it back right away but it wasn't fast enough because he caught a glimpse of her. He looked down at her still form. "She will be more than all right, she is perfectly well." He scooped her in his arms and carried her off.

The guests smiled and followed them into the church. Matt immediately opened her eyes wide in shock to see what he is doing. She wiggled in his arms that cause him to hold her tighter and closer to him. She was mortified. She looked up at Andrew and he completely ignored her. He had a purpose and that was to get on with the wedding everything else be damn including her.

Her cheeks blush a new shade of red, everyone's stares were directly at them. She didn't dare to cast her look at the guests she looked so awful in appearance that it was an embarrassment. Her hair half wet, half dry. She could feel the coldness of the water from the front of her dress. The train itself was the worst part it had a huge hole in it and dangled itself so proudly. She did what she thought was best hiding her face in the crook of his arm.

This is not a fairytale wedding she had always dreamed about as a little girl. She envisioned herself in a beautiful wedding gown, feeling like a princess that her mom had told her that she would be on that special day of her life. Her husband would be the most handsome, caring, compassionate guy whom loved her above all things in the world. Her dad would walk her down the aisle giving his little angel away to a man even he himself admire, she gladly accepts her husband and they would live happily ever after riding off in paradise.

"Here we are." Andrew put her down unceremoniously, she almost fell to the ground, hanging onto the front of his shirt, she steady herself. He put a hand on her waist so casually to keep her on her balance that it looked to be something he had been doing all his life.

The guests were speechless at the sight no one said anything but watched the scene unfold with the utmost interest.

"What is going on?" Cade rushed to Andrew's side.

Andrew turned to the minister. He blocked everyone out of his image. His attention was solely on Matt. "The wedding will go on, but I am marrying her." He pointed to Matt with a slight turn of his head.

The crowd went wild. Everyone started talking at the same time. Questions were thrown out in the air faster than the breaths that were let out. The minister himself stood still.

Jin turned to Matt but she could not do anything. Matt did not air her dirty laundry so the victim was what she is holding onto. She walked over to Andrew and raised her hand with the intention of slapping him, but instead her hand stuck at midair, when she glimpsed at his eyes she saw more than what she wanted to see. The truth he had known all along. Her dirty little secret was no longer such, and he dared her to slap him.

Jin knew better than to do so, she sobbed a little more. "You two are despicable. I hope the both of you rot in hell." Her fake tears continuously fell, making her victim role seemed more believable to the eyes of the guests. Jin looked from Matt to Andrew and ran out.

Matt quietly tried inching away from Andrew, but his hand pressuring her waist was a sure sign she wasn't going to get her way. He turned her around, taking her hands into his, he squeezed it passionately even his eyes matched his action. She could see that besides being evil he is also the king of manipulation. Her life as she knew it was coming to an end in his hands.

"You may now start." Andrew said to the minister. "And hurry up!"

She stood motionless, she heard the minister's voice saying things that made no sense to her, something about honor and obey and then his voice once again went off to the sunset. She refused to look at Andrew instead she gave all her attention to a painting of an angel or something heavenly. And the last thing she heard was you may now kiss the bride.

Matt looked stricken with the thought, Andrew on the other hand is enjoying her misery. He leaned in so warmly and whispered. "It's bittersweet isn't it?"

She balled her hands into fists and tried to push him off of her. He titled his head, with Matt moving her head away with one strong hand he grabbed her head and held it steady she opened her eyes wide when his lips came down on hers.

The crowd started cheering clapping and flashes suddenly almost blinded her. His kiss was aggressive, demanding, and invasive. It was not sweet, no passion, not a hint of anything she had dreamed what her first kiss would be. She had so long, imagined how it would be like to have shared the kiss with someone she truly loves, sitting at the beach watching the waves hitting the shore. Imaging the loving words he would express to her and she would willingly grant him her lips all in the glory of love.

What is this? She is not in love with him and he had no right to robbed her of that moment. In no more than an hour, he destroyed her illusion of what her first kiss and a wedding should be.

She clamped her mouth shut while he was trying to coax her into opening it for him. He slightly turned her head with his hand for a better position and when he found it, his kiss deepened. He wanted to embarrass her, to show her that with him, she will always come out as a loser. She could taste the alcohol, the way his lips moving all over hers was almost in a frantic way now. After what seemed to be a lifetime of torture he let go of her hair, reluctantly removed his lips from hers. When he opened his eyes, it was transformed into something she couldn't figure out.

Touching his lips, it curled in a mocking way. She felt her tears were just waiting to come out. Gritting her teeth, she forced them away. He had the nerve to smile at her, so tenderly and acted like a smitten husband, he took her hand. Lifting it to his lips he kissed it for all to see and puts on a perfect act, that he does love his wife. She was nauseated. She had no idea who she is dealing with, but now she knows. He is a pure monster.

"Matt, welcome to my world." He said it for her ears only. This time he forced a smile and his eyes were on hers, it was cold and empty. And only then a single determined tear found its way down her cheek.


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