The Devil and the Fallen Angel


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Andrew is a sweet. Mean with his words but is kind of nice ;) he's a confused, handsome soul :wub: . why can't a fanfic man be real? :scratchhead2:


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Chapter Thirteen

It has been a week since he last spoken to Matt, granted he had been ignoring her but for good purposes. The last time they had any verbal contact was at a sidewalk, both temper flew like daggers at each other. And it resulted in Matt telling Andrew she hated him, but in the event that it happened he wasn’t expecting any less.

The one thing that made him committed to his distance was seeing the pain in her eyes. He tried his best to erase the image of her eyes that seem lost, broken and begging him but unlike other things where he can with a snap of his fingers put behind, her eyes were like a dark cloud chasing him around.

Andrew crossed his arms and looked out the window from his bedroom watching Matt talking lively to Cade. The way she smiled, looking up with her arms moving all around her as if she is telling him a very interesting story. Her lips moved upward, smiling only to frown when she paused in the middle of talking. Wiping her forehead, she bent her head, now whispering to Cade. Andrew watched with a feeling like a dream rather a reality he can’t control.

He stood up straight, seeing Cade clapped his hands almost too happily and stood up with Matt copying his action. She smiled widely and Andrew stopped breathing.

She was beautiful, refreshing and quite innocent looking in the morning hours. She turned abruptly and brushed her hair to the side when the wind picked it up and blew it around her face. Turning around to face Cade, she clapped her hands, held it still and eyes as bright as a star on a dark night she continued with whatever she was telling Cade.

Andrew hated every second of what he is seeing. She is his wife, so why did she keep her softer, childlike and carefree side for another man?

He looked up to the sky, minutes in the sun seemed to be brighter following the ray of light he found his eyes came back to Matt, now smiling as Cade held something in his hand for her to see. Andrew saw that smile once and it made his heart rolled like a haystack. But he had never seen it again.

For the last week he had watched Matt from afar, trying his best to avoid her but even if he wanted to he could not completely dismissed her. He caught her talking to a plant one day, making it sound like she was talking to one of her closest friend, he stood hidden behind a wall but it made him realized she was not without a caring heart, it’s just unfortunate for him, all he has gotten from her is the side that left him wondering who the hell did he married?

The most alarming part for Andrew coming from the silence between them is he actually missed Matt. As strange as it sounds he seemed to miss almost everything about her. The way her eyebrows come together when she is annoyed by him, the way her lips moved to one corner because she is agitated or even when she gives him her best shot of telling him off.

The wind aggressively picked up causing her skirt to swing around. She grabbed a handful of the fabric and held it tightly. Saying something to Cade, he laughed loudly and for one instant Andrew is so envious of his friend. He has always managed to bring out the best in people and no one is a stranger to him.

As Andrew watched on, he remembered what he said to Matt, he clearly and loudly stated he was going to make her fall in love with him within the next five months. A tiny sound that was like a laugh came loose and rang in his ears. He would do no such thing. He had mentioned it in a fight that serve its purpose, and that was to push the knife deeper inside her heart and he succeeded.

Andrew never knew what it takes to be two different people. He can’t serenade girls with music, poem or loving words. He has been known to be rough, edgy and a temper that needed to be dealt with. And if Matt ever chooses one day to fall in love with him, she was going to accept him for who he is not what she wanted him to be. But that’s a far cry from now. As of the moment, she prefers to smash his head with a sharp object than to even have any feelings for him that’s remotely close to love.

Stepping closer to the window he seemed to have had enough of his wife and her cheerful side with Cade. Grabbing his keys he headed for the door, successfully making his way downstairs when he caught his mom looking out the window.

“They seem to be having a good time, pity that she couldn’t do the same with her husband.”

Andrew tightened his hold on the keys and stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

“How is it that she seems more at ease and comfortable with Cade than with you?”

Andrew folded his arms and waited for his mom to get to the point.

“Your marriage isn’t going too well is it? She’s happier with Cade than she is with you any day of the week.”

“It’s very observant of you.”

Andrew couldn’t escape his mom he walked over and joined Soy, both for a short moment watched carefully at the way Matt and Cade interacted with each other.

“She’s a pretty girl.”

Andrew agreed silently.

“She could one day make this house a home for you if you would let her.”

“It’s unlikely.”

“I see my marriage in yours.”

“What a shame.”

Soy shook her head denying it. “Not so, your father loved me more than life itself.”

“I can’t say the same about Matt.’

“You can’t or you just don’t want to.”

A little bit of both.

“Would you prefer Matt to be Lana’s type?”

Unexpectedly Andrew turned to his mom, while her attention was still directed out to the yard.


“But you loved Lana and not another girl after her.”

“And I did, but it’s over and has been. Matt and I are too different to become one.”

“No, I am afraid you two are too much alike.”

Andrew didn’t hear anything else from Soy he took long strides and pulled the door harshly, walking to where Cade who now knelt beside Matt looking at her scraped knee. Andrew stood there, staring and wanted to lay Cade flat on his back when his hand made its way to her knee but that was as far as he got Andrew brushed Cade’s hand away so fast he almost found himself on the ground.

Cade got up and brushed his hands, he sought Andrew’s eyes but found them in a murderous stage and he did what most would not do in front of Andrew when his mood turned dangerous, Cade laughed.

Andrew yanked Matt up from the ground, not noticing her winced when the air touched her wound. Holding her skirt slightly above her knees she turned to Andrew, why he was upset.

It has been one whole week, he had done all he could to avoid her. And now he acts like it is all well in the world to do what he wanted again. She wasn’t going to have it, she had plenty of time to think things through and found a way to deal with Andrew without having to shed another of her tears. She decided that she’ll not cry because of him again. She promised herself the next time another tear wet her cheek will be the time she says her good bye with or without his permission.

Smiling to Cade sweetly, all but ignore Andrew she touched his arm with such tender eyes Andrew snorted his disapproval.

“Thank you for your company, it was much needed.”

Cade threw a look at Andrew first before responding to Matt. “My pleasure, you are a treat. Andrew didn’t mention to me what a storytelling you are.”

“You never ask.” Andrew answered briskly.

“I’ll come by soon to listen to the rest.”

“You are not welcome here anymore.” Andrew turned away from them as he replied to a conversation he felt he is not in the least included.

“You can come by anytime, I am bored at home.”

“Matt, may I have a minute of your time?” Matt heard the stiffness in Andrew’s voice.

She looked at her watch. “I’m kind of busy.” She lied with a straight smile.

“You were not busy for the last thirty minutes.” He annoyingly expressed his displeasure with the tone of his voice.

“Well, I’m going to be in another minute.” She turned to Cade and hid a smile behind her eyes.

“Just a minute Matt, I’m sure you can spare your husband one precious minute in your busy schedule.” He grabbed her hand but Matt stood her ground.

The stubborn girl, here he thought a week was enough to let everything cool down, but expecting the best was a disappointment all around. She hadn’t changed. She was the most unpredictable girl he has ever met. She can be sweet, beautiful, a spitfire. She’s all good and evil packaged in one.

Seeing the way she stood there all proud and rod like, he bent down and did what was a sure thing to get her to comply, he scoop her in his arms and headed toward the door.

“What are you doing?”

“I did ask nicely, did I not?”

“Put me down!” She started kicking only to stop when she felt pain from her knee.

When Andrew reached the door he turned to Cade. “Find your way out. I can’t walk you out, seeing my hands are full.” Andrew opened the door and walked inside the house.

Cade roared in a laughter that echoed through the thin windy air.

Andrew took the stairs two at a time but to say it was not challenging was understated. Matt for one did not halt her kicking or pounding on his chest, he was so tempted to just throw her down the stairs. When she noticed he turned to his bedroom instead of hers, she paused and opened her mouth to scream until the house falls down but she didn’t get a single sound out, Andrew warned her with a tightened around her legs adding to the pressure.

Kicking the door open to his room he let it closed lazily behind him, instead of laying her down on the bed nicely Andrew threw her down forcefully she almost fell off the bed.

He walked to the bathroom and had a box in his hand, ignoring Matt’s protest he grabbed her leg and started to clean her wound. Applying cream and bandaged it, he shoved her leg to the side seeing she was fine as ever.

“Now, let me say a few things.”

Matt stood up.

“One week Matt, it has been one week since we last talk.”

“I know how to count.”

“I have done everything I could to stay out of your way.”

“It’s clear that you have.”

“And here I am looking out my window seeing you perfectly happy with Cade.”

“I’ve cried enough.”

“I don’t like it.”

Matt and her stupid self all but smiled at his admission. Did he in his twisted way said he missed her?

Andrew said no more but stared at Matt. The awkward silence stretched between them, ticking on by the seconds. Matt started for the door, standing in his room where nothing is guarantee made her nervous.

“Don’t leave.”

She paused.

“I want to know one thing first.”

“What is it?”

“What did it cost you when your eyes were begging me?”

Matt turned to Andrew. She saw the curiosity in those always angry eyes.

"A lot,” she simply answered.

“How much is a lot?” He moved in closer.

“More than you know.”

“If you had to do it all over again, would it have been the same?”

She nodded.

His next movement was so swift he was standing in front of her, breathing down her face.

“I don’t want to see that again.”

“I have no choice you would have done the one thing that would break me.”

“Kissing you?”

She nodded again.

“I have kissed you before but it hadn’t.”

Lowering her eyes to the floor, she took in a deep breath. “I didn’t want you to ruin what we had the previous night. Out of anger kissing me, I can’t bear it.”

“The kiss shaped you?”

“Childish I know.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“It’s where you are heading.”

“Stop reading things that are not there.”

Matt looked up to Andrew, she could move just a little and would be in his arms. He stood there looking at her, not picking a fight but rather trying to figure something out.

Another awkward silence came causing Matt to turn around. She heard Andrew moved around in the room then stopped a few feet away from her, standing in front of a mirror.

“Come here.”

Matt blinked in surprised, but didn’t move.

“Come here Matt.”

Andrew waited until Matt came to stand in front of him. Turning her around he put his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to stay still. She looked at him through the mirror seeing the sparkle in his eyes confusing her speechless. It was so different and strange from any she had seen before. She couldn’t even being to describe it. All she knew it made her heart jump in her chest and twirled about.

His lips moved up slightly and a small smiled touched it and quickly disappeared. She lowered her head finding her hand to be a better distraction. Then she felt a cold metal touched her skin and her head lifted so quickly she was shocked.

“I have tried to find a better moment to give it to you, but somehow it’s quite a stretch to think one is planning to present itself to us anytime soon. Now, is going to be as good as any other.” Finishing hooking the necklace Andrew turned her around, smiling he looked directly at the pendant of an angel that seemed to teased and winked at him.

Matt stood with her mouth opened, touching the necklace afraid it was a dream she squeezed it in her hand. The angel’s wings pricked her skin and alerted her that it was as real as it gets. She found Andrew giving her such a look, her inside melted. It was as close to an apology she will ever get from him.

“It’s beautiful.” She smiled into his eyes freely that a dimple Andrew never notice before appeared right before his eyes.

“I broke it, I fix it.” He answered simply.

“It means a lot to me. I didn’t expect you to do such a nice thing.” She almost took it back seeing the frown on his face.

Andrew crossed his arms. “Just so you know I can be plenty of nice. I once was dubbed the king of niceness.” He laughed jokingly.

“That explains why you bring the best out of people.” She said sarcastically, but smiled slightly afterward.

“Ah, point taken.”

Matt couldn’t help but turn around looking at, herself in the mirror she leaned in closer inspecting the prefect little angle resting coldly on her skin. The way the tiny diamonds around the wings shine, she lifted it up and kissed it softly.

“I take it, you like it.”

She turned back to Andrew. “I love it.”

“I guess an angel for an angel.”

She laughed. “You’ll never think of me as one.”

“No,” he agreed quickly.

“Thank you.” And she meant it. It was nice of him to not only give her back the necklace but also bought her something to complete it.

“I don’t want you to dream me up in some crazy looking clothes riding on a white horse to rescue you because that is not who I am. I don’t want to be seen as a hero of some sort when it comes to rescuing a girl’s heart. That’s never going to be me.”

“You on a white horse, never.”

“I am not going to be the husband that’ll shower you with countless romantic moments.”

“Not even a little?”

“If anything I am more of a villain and I prefer it that way so there’s no illusion.”

“You are breaking my heart.”

“I told you I will.”

“I have always wanted a hero.”

“Can’t be me.”

“He holds everything that is what a man should be.”

“I am lacking, I’m afraid.”

“He doesn’t have to be perfect.”

“I’m not even close.”

“He can be mean but when he’s sweet he takes away all the pain and replaced it by magic.”

“No magic here.” Andrew lifted both hands up. Matt smiled.

“He’ll make me cry but secretly wanted to make my tears disappear.”

“I on the other hand will replace it with more tears.”

She lifted a brow and took a step closer. “He may say that he doesn’t like me but in his eyes when no one is looking he thinks the world of me.”

“I would not think that. My eyes are a bit of my heart. You see it as it is.”

“Only my hero can make me hit rock bottom yet make me soar and touch the sky. He’s the only one that gives me a gift of holding the rainbow in my hands and butterflies in my heart.”

“I can perfect the rock bottom but nothing else.”

She smiled brightly, too brightly for Andrew’s sake. “My hero will make my dreams into reality even if he recognized it or not because in order for him to be my hero…”She paused when she felt Andrew pulled her in his arms.

Matt laughed richly and lowered her eyes to the angel that stared at her.

He wrapped his arms around her tightly. “What am I going to do with you?” He asked the question to no one in particular, she knew it to be so closing her eyes she let Andrew hold her.

“This is nice.”

“Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.”

“Plenty of warning,” She leaned in.

“If I snapped out of my hero role, you’ll understand?” He stroked her hair.

“Absolutely, I do.”

“Then one day of pretending won’t hurt.”

“I agree.”

Andrew stood holding Matt through the sharper eyes of the mirror. The reflection of Matt engulf in his arms made it that much more meaningful because, for once she didn’t fight him. The way she fit so perfectly in his arms, in a way trusting him to protect her from the world with its too many unhappy endings.

As his hand continued to stroke her hair, they both relaxed. Their relationship had been all over the place. Five months isn’t a long time to build a marriage, but it would be enough time to see what happens.


“Yes,” she answered softly, her eyes opening and shutting.

“You are not sleeping are you?” He saw the way she forced her eyes to open in the mirror.

“No,” she yawned, a sound similar to a kitten purred.

“There’s the bed if you are.”

“I’m not falling asleep really.” Another small yawn came out.

Matt didn’t think it was fair it was Andrew’s fault that her eyes are getting lazy. He now buried his hand completely in her hair, messaging her head in a way it was difficult for her to think let alone keep her eyes open.

Andrew smiled when he saw her eyes shut and her breathing slowed.

“This,” he said but that was all that left his mouth. He too closed his eyes and left the old world behind and goes searching for a new one with Matt.


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Chapter Fourteen

Andrew thought this particular past would not revisit him, yet here he is sitting in the comfort of his own home looking at Lana through unforgiving eyes. She was once his love. They say your very first true love has an ever lasting imprint in one’s imperfect heart. But for him, it was a lesson learned.

She has matured from the shy, fragile girl that she once was. Perhaps life has hardened her just a bit. But her lips remained as beautiful as he remembered them to be, her skin pale even more with the reflection of the afternoon light.

He studied her from the brim of his coffee cup. He noticed how fatigue her eyes came across as if it hadn’t seen a good night sleep in quite sometimes though they are as always will be the drawing point of her. Her cheekbones more defined from losing a few pounds he assumed.

He drank his coffee slowly, letting the bitter taste kick in his body reminding him exactly of the same taste he once had with Lana. Bitter. His gaze traveled to her seeing how she sat there stiff, not looking at him but something above his head.

Her short straight hair hung slightly over her face, in a way trying to hide a secret from the world. He thought back to how at one point in his life he wanted badly to build a future with her. But now he was glad she chose her way, dusting her hands free of him, thinking she had found another man more capable of taking care of her than he could.

Andrew dipped his lip inside the cup, touching the coffee but did not drink it, he watched how she lowered her head her forehead inched up and was thinking of something to say. But whatever it was that came to her mind, she took it back and drank her coffee with a blank stare instead.

Lana is a changed woman but he is also a changed man. Both have separated and moved on in different paths and he isn’t ashamed to say he is doing just fine, more so than she looked right now. He is a married man to one of the most difficult girl he has ever met, but yet he can safely say he prefers Matt over Lana. He smiled into his cup thinking of that very person.

“I missed you.” The soft spoken words that carried through like rain scattered in the night and it caught him off guard but just slightly.

Andrew averted his eyes. “Marriage isn’t as good as it once was?”

“I’m divorced.” There was no bitterness or regret in that voice of hers.

Andrew said nothing.

It made no difference in that admission. She was his past, the future was a mystery, but the present he is a married man. That changes everything. But even if he was single, he would not go back to her. Her loyalty wavered like the uncertainty of a wind on a hot day.

“You have done very well for yourself.” A sadness he saw played across her eyes and inching up were regrets. “I remembered how indecisive you were when we were together, you didn’t have a plan or what it is exactly you wanted to do. How a few years changed it all?” Her voice dropped.

“I’m doing ok.”

A smiled that never reached her eyes graced her lips. “I think it’s significantly better than OK.”

Andrew's eyes went to his left and kept it on the door.

“Do you love your wife?”

The question came out unexpectedly that Andrew force a cough to stay put.

“It’s my business whether I do or not.” He suddenly became annoyed by her question. She had no right to know the answer than the next person. What he felt for Matt was his prerogative.

“She must be a pretty girl. But she has to have something in her that stood out from the rest to make you agree to marry her in the first place. We dated a few years you never even took it into consideration.” She finally awarded herself to look at him, but quickly turned her attention back to her cup.

Andrew stood up, looking at his watch he let his distraction took him away from the conversation briefly. Where the hell is Matt? It is funny how being in Lana’s company made him missed Matt more than he realize.

Lana sensed that his mind is elsewhere, she stood up. Andrew is not the same man that she once loved. He had finally grew into his own person, has a role in this world that meant something. She wished she knew this side of him because if she had, she would never leave him for a husband that was ten times worse than Andrew was ever to her. Taking a sigh of regret she laid her cup down. Her eyes are getting too tired too easily these days.

“I just wanted to come by and see how you are doing, since I am back in town.” She smiled shyly.

The same smile that once made his heart danced.

“I’m getting by.” He answered shortly.

“I see.” But she doesn’t want to believe that he had moved on and found happiness while she is miserable in the choices she made in life.

The door opened and Matt walked in, but stopped when she found them standing alone. She stared at them shortly and her attention went straight to the woman that stood with a purpose. Matt curiously eyed whomever the pretty girl that stood like a little delicate flower now smiling faintly at her. Then Matt’s eyes gingerly made its way to her husband, was it relief she saw?

Andrew moved to his wife, in a speed of eagerness that made Lana jealous. “Where have you been?”

Matt stared at him at a lost.

“Sweetheart, come here let me introduce you to someone.” Andrew wrapped his arm around Matt’s shoulders he could hear a tiny sigh from her lips causing him to squeezed her tighter. “Matt, I would like you to meet Lana.” Andrew smiled so charmingly with the introduction Matt wanted so badly to roll her eyes.

Why the man was such a great actor, pity he picked the wrong profession. He could have made a fortune.

“Congratulation,” Lana said extending a hand. “Andrew finally settled down.”

“Thank you.” Matt accepted Lana’s hand and shook it unsure what to make of things, she looked up to Andrew whom smiled adorably at her and winked.

Good grief, he is taking acting to an all new level.

“Tell Lana Matt, how we end up tying the knot. It was like one of those stories you can only read in a book.” He reached up and patted her head, like she was a good girl.

Matt bit her lip.

“When we were dating, Andrew was a bit reluctant to get married.” Lana turned to Andrew whom dismissed her by patting Matt’s head a bit harder when he felt she was about to let her tongue carried her away.

So they used to be lovers? Was that the reason why Andrew so perfectly put on a show? Matt felt a tug of an unexplained feeling sweeping through her. Why would he care to display such affection if they were a past? Matt smiled and turned such loving eyes to Andrew, it caused his hand to tense behind her head.

“Oh, yes, our wedding.” Matt stared off to space, her eyes fluttered like a butterfly trying to escape its capture. She beamed at Lana. “I dashed inside the church with my red dress on and demand him to marry me.” Matt saw the way Lana lifted a brow, she continued. “But Andrew is just a man, who can deny such a charming lady?” Matt looked at Andrew shyly.

“Now dear, exaggerating the story isn’t going to make it that much more interesting.” Andrew leaned into her ear. “A little cooperation wouldn’t hurt.” He whispered.

“What am I supposed to do? You are doing a perfect job.”

“Your story is a little far fetch.”

“It is half the truth I did walk inside the church with my red dress on and…”

Fine, Matt thought if he was going to try and prove something to his ex-girlfriend she’ll make it even more out there that even she can’t believe it. Matt clapped her hands, blinking and smiling all dreamy, too exaggerating for Andrew, and he knew what was coming when he lowered his eyes to her.

“Andrew is such a loving husband, cherishing me with all these sweet little surprises.” Matt’s eyes actually twinkle with wonderment. She continued when Andrew just stared at her and Lana lips move a little upward. “One time when I was so tired and couldn’t move he even made me a bubble bath. Isn’t that the sweetest?”

Lana turned to Andrew. He shook his head even to his ears it sounded foreign. If Matt was going to lie couldn’t she at least come up with something more believable? A bubble bath?

He had no choice now but to go along. “Whatever pleases you,” he leaned in and gave her a quick kissed on the cheek.

“You two seem happy.” Lana watched with a twist in her throat. Andrew had changed so much.

“I am so happy, the happiest of all the women in the world.” Matt exclaimed with another clapped.

Andrew saw the way her mouth move almost too eagerly he had to stopped her. “He didn’t waste time in…” Matt suddenly got cut off when his hand came over her mouth.

“Now, Matt, our dirtiest little secret will remain behind closed door.” He looked her in the eye warning her. “We don’t want Lana to get shock do we?”

He only let go of his hand when Matt nodded in agreement.

“Oh, but I have to tell Lana this part. On our wedding night Andrew was such a dear, he surprised me when he had our room lit up with candles and roses of all different colors scattered around the room.”

“Ok, I think she gets the point.” Andrew grabbed Matt’s arm and yanked her with him. “It was nice seeing you again Lana.” Andrew said over his shoulder, while trying to pull Matt along.

Lana stared almost in a dazed at what she saw. She would not have believed it if she hadn’t seen it with her owns eyes. Andrew really did found that piece of happiness that he once shared with her when they first started to talk.

This time a sadness took over her completely, her eyes dropped she added another failure to her list. She wanted to see how he was doing and he seemed to be a whole lot better than she is. Walking out, she closed the door behind her.

Andrew turned on Matt the moment they were alone. “What the hell was that all about?”

“I don’t know you tell me.” Once the acting stopped Matt became agitated by scene she witnessed earlier.

“Can’t you at least pretend?”

“Pretend to be so in love with my husband in the eyes of your ex-girlfriend? I did my best.”

“He drew me bubble bath, candles and what else roses?” Andrew mocked her.

Matt brushed past him and reached for the door. “Next time you want it to be believable, hire an actress. I’m sure she’ll add a bonus with drools all over her. And perhaps if she swoon right at your feet Lana would be that much more impressive.” Matt tried to slam the door but the thing wouldn’t have it. It closed instead so softly and nicely.

Matt rushed to the backyard this time she successfully slammed the door as loudly as she could the sound though only brought a temporarily satisfaction. She crossed her arms and looked out to the open field, the sun seemed hotter and brighter than usual but her anger almost matched it.

She didn’t know what bother her the, most the fact that he waited till she’s out the house to invite his ex-girlfriend home or that she was afraid she’s seeing her father in Andrew. He could be a monster with an uncontrollable temper, eyes that can make her at times want to crawl inside a safe place but that she has the tools to fight him with but if he betrayed her she has nothing against it, nothing at all.

And somehow that thinking made her paused she was more scarred and wounded than she liked to believe of what her father did to her mom.

The love she had so craved like her tongue for water on a thirsty day was going to be overshadow by the, what ifs because she couldn’t run fast enough by something another person did rather than what she did.

Even if Andrew and Matt walked hand in hand or side by side they will eventually go back to where they started. And seeing, him with his ex-girlfriend proved that it’s just a matter of time. So it’s basically her fault that would be their downfall or her downfall to any relationship. She didn’t want to give her love to someone and have them trash it or hand it back to her without appreciating its value.

Andrew walked leisurely outside, hearing the door almost falling off its hinges he didn’t have to guess her whereabouts. But when he finally reached the backyard Matt wasn’t there. He put his hand up, forcing the sun away from his face looking out to the endless acres of nothing but green grass to see where Matt had went to.

He gave out an annoying breath one day of getting along was all they have. One day! Today is a little less desired. Hopefully Lana saw the bigger picture rather than the act he decided to put on. And if she didn’t, well, it’s just too damn bad.

“Lana is a pretty girl, why did you guys break up?”

Andrew heard the voice as if she was talking right in his ear, closing his eyes he didn’t want to know where she was. Turning around to her with hands on his hips he looked up and there was Matt sitting on the tree as if she was lounging in one of the most comfortable chair.

“For someone being pregnant she sure can climb a tree like a monkey.”

“I am not and you know it, your mom isn’t here so I can do as I please.”

“You are acting like a child, get down here Matt!” He yelled.

Matt lifted her chin up. “I am very comfortable up here. You can go wherever you want.” She shooed him away with her hands. “Why didn’t you tell Lana the truth? She seemed to still be in love with you.”

“Aren’t we the miss-know -it -all.” He said sarcastically. Then something registered in him, craning his neck at Matt he could see a bit more into her behavior.

“I am not seeing what’s not there.”

“I am not your father Matt.”

And that statement brought her to a halt. She opened her mouth, closed it and stared silently to the empty world in front of her.

“You think every man is out to hurt you, that’s unfair and prejudice in your thinking. If you enter a relationship having that hanging over your head, you might as well kiss it good-bye because it’ll never work.”

She didn’t answer.

“You should not dream up a fairy tale love story because that’s inviting a devastating heartbreak. But you also should not start out with a negative point against the man already.”

Matt squint her eyes and kept them outward.

Andrew lowered his gaze to the ground, is he talking to a mute or what?

“I’m just a temporary wife, it’s none of my business what you do or with whom,” even if she said that and wanted to believe it but it didn’t feel right.

And that angered him. “So you are going to be the good little wife that doesn’t mind her husband hopping around town with another woman?”

She finally look at Andrew, his eyes hot on her, he stood tall and a man that’s carefully walking on thin ice.

“Well, can I stop you?”

“Matt, you are about to make me angry, I am not going to break my neck by looking up to you the entire time I am talking to you. Get your behind down here!”

She thought twice about doing what he asked but she was sure as the night will be dark, if he comes up himself to get her she’ll likely be treated like a child that will get the punishment she deserve.

“Fine!” She yelled out. “Stay out of the way, I am coming down.”

Not soon after she said that, her foot slide off the tree sending her arms in the air, she let out a scream but it was too late for Andrew to do anything, her back landed right on his chest taking him with her. His head knocked harshly to the ground, her weight putting pressure on his back, even with that, his arms remained around her waist.

Matt heard a moan coming from Andrew she scrambled off of him and knelt beside him. “Are you OK?”

He brushed her hands away, taking a deep breath he fought off the pain and the few stars still dancing around his head.

“Didn’t realize you want to kill me so early,” Andrew tried to get up but the pain in his head still throbbing, he gave up and lay flat on his back, pinching the bridge of his nose he took in deep breaths.

“I didn’t mean to, really I didn’t. No matter how much I don’t like you I wouldn’t kill you off.”

“Very reassuring my dear,” his breaths a bit steady, he tried once more to get up

Matt put her hand behind his back to support him when he just stared at her like she has something on her face one that is quite ugly to be exact.

“Your eyes, they are gorgeous against the sun.” Andrew touched his head and felt a little bump he sighed.

Matt shook her head, it was worse than she thought. “Hopefully there isn’t any permanent damage.” She helped him up. “I don’t want to extend my stay.”

“Already thinking about the exit day, kick the man while he’s down.” Andrew brushed his pants and his hands before turning to Matt.

Andrew took a few steps and paused, letting the pain eased a bit before taking a few more steps.



“There’s one more thing.”

“What is it?”

“Besides being scared, you are quite the jealous wife.”

Lana weakly lifted her hand to knock on the door. Once, twice turning her back to walk away when the door opened and Mac stood there looking at her trying to figure out why she looked so beaten. Lana quietly walked into his arms.

“I saw him today.” She said resting her petite self in Mac’s strong embrace.

“Suck didn’t it?”

“It is he has changed.”

“He’s married.”

“I met his wife too, they are happy...” Lana admitted with such difficulty. “I made a mistake Mac, a grave mistake of not patiently waiting for him. I have lost everything it hurts.”

Mac looked out, holding Lana is like holding to the past. He had fought for her more than Andrew had ever but Lana had never given him a chance. He had given up hope years ago when she up and married someone else. But he had accepted the truth that they are just not meant to be. How can you force a love from someone that wouldn’t even in her most beautiful or dreadful day given you anything more than a friendship.

Mac’s jaw tensed and he wanted to laugh at how he and Andrew at one point were so against each other because of Lana but at the end no one ends up with her. After years of maturity and believing what is in front of his eyes, he shook his head.

“We make mistakes in life you just paid a bit more than others.”

“I paid for it with a life it’s so much more Mac, so much more.” She sobbed thinking about the true cost of her choices.

“I know, now try hard not to think about it.” He held her tighter. But Mac knew he couldn’t and didn’t know how to make Lana see it differently.

“Not a day goes by I don’t think about it.”

Changing the subject he pulled Lana away slightly. “Did Andrew do anything to hurt you?”

She shook her head, wiping her tears she looked up to Mac. “No, honestly I don’t think it matters to him one bit whether I am there or not. His mind was with his wife the entire time. I wasn’t hoping for much to begin with but seeing him truly happy in his marriage I can’t help wishing the girl was me.”

This time Mac laughed. “Isn’t it something? Out of the three of us who would have thought Andrew is the one with a marriage life. Hell, I thought I would have settled down before him.”

“Have you met his wife?”

“I have, Matt is her name. She’s different than what I imagined his wife to be. He had always seemed to be attracted to girls that he tends to able to take care of. Like you.” Mac touched her head playfully. “I mean the one where he thinks it’s his duty to protect. His previous girlfriends had been petite, shy and just….” Mac paused for the right word.

“Just like me, sickly looking right?” Lana smiled at her own description.

Mac smiled. “I don’t know if sickly is the right word.”

“Andrew just wanted to be a hero.”

Mac, laughed. “Hero is definitely not the correct word.” He pulled Lana inside the house. “No, hero is never Andrew.”


FF Writer!! Love it!
Wow thanks for a incredible chapter I can feel ever emotion coming from ever character, thanks!!


sarNie Egg
Liking the chapter not sure about Lana. Beginning to like mac. Andrew and matt R like two little kids. :drools:


sarNie Adult
My old computer broke and I have lost everything. This story was almost completed and I thought I saved it but the disk was empty. It's a bit frustrating since I don't remember all that I wrote. Now I have to start from scratch and I don't like it much since my idea will not match the first one.


sarNie OldFart
My old computer broke and I have lost everything. This story was almost completed and I thought I saved it but the disk was empty. It's a bit frustrating since I don't remember all that I wrote. Now I have to start from scratch and I don't like it much since my idea will not match the first one.
Awe... I'm sad to hear you lost your story. I really love reading this FF. Hopefully your creative ideas will come back to you...


sarNie Adult
Chapter Fifteen

Andrew stood looking at the sparkling diamond bracelet when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and there was Lana standing there giving him such a sweet almost not sure of a smile.

“I thought that was you.” She stood back to her spot waiting for him to say something.

Andrew really didn’t feel like conversing with anyone, if he had just came here and bought what he needed rather than linger on, he might have avoided her.


“What a surprise. I didn’t mean to intrude yesterday. Mac had told me he ran into you and I wanted to just see you for a bit, I hope your wife doesn’t mind.” Though her words might have been of a friendly one but the way she looked at him there was hope for something, something that Andrew was sure as hell can’t and will never make it happen.

“My wife is a very open minded person.”

“I’m quite jealous of her.” She admitted honestly.

Andrew studied her but came up with nothing in particular. “She’ll be surprise to hear that.”

“The mall is quite crowded during the weekend.” Lana looked around. “We used to come here often when we dated.”

History talk, Andrew knew it was one road he’s not taking but when he met Lana’s eyes there was sorrow so great he didn’t understand. It was really not from their past together but what had happened to her during the years afterward.

Matt sat watching her mom play with her food, the way her eyes dropped and thinking of what to say made her curious. She reached out and lightly touched her hand. “Are you all right?”

Gem smiled and nodded her head.

“You look like something is bothering you, want to share with me?”

Gem finally pushed her plate of food aside and looked up to Matt. “You dad is going out of country for business and he had asked me to go along, nothing more than friends or getting to know each other again.” She paused and looked out to the crowd as they walked by. “I rejected his offer. It’s too soon for me to consider doing anything with him.”

“Don’t go if you don’t feel comfortable.” Matt sounded out unpleasantly. “You don’t owe him anything, not what he did. He only feels bad because he got caught. It’s very stupid of him to think he’s invisible and in our own home? No, dad needs to crawl on all four to even make up for that day.” Matt folded her arms and angrily sat back in her chair.

Gem took a deep breath. “Do you remember all those times when you were a teenager and we used to come to the mall and shop till we no longer can, with you dad carrying all the bags for us?”

Matt came forward, putting her hand under her chin, she watched a father doing exactly just that with his little girl. She smiled and couldn’t help but to live in that moment. “I do, it’s too bad that we can never have it back.” She sat up straight and looked at her mom. “I still don’t understand.”

Gem knew what it was that Matt didn’t understand, but her answer was just as good to her daughter without answering it because she doesn’t know how to, steering the subject from herself she asked Matt. “So how are things going between you and Andrew?”

Matt stared at her mom for a few seconds, sighing she looked away. “The same old, sometimes he’s nice but it tends to never last long and then he goes back to the old grumpy Andrew I am accustomed to.”

“So you are getting used to him already? Didn’t take long, did it?’

“There isn’t a whole lot of getting used to honestly. He has but one way, and that is his way. So as long as things turned out his way he is tolerable but you know that can never be with me. Since when do I give in to those around me so easily and trust me he makes it devastatingly difficult to give him exactly what he wants.”

Gem chuckled at her daughter’s explanation. When she first met Andrew she could have told him he was in for a long fight.

“I have come to terms with the marriage. Not much I can do but to hold on until the day I am given my...” She looked at her mom, seeing the suspicion in her eyes she smiled.

“Tell me something Matt….”Gem never complete her sentence when she saw Jin making her way to them now standing next to Matt.

“Well, if it’s not Mrs. Gregson. How is marriage life to that wonderful man?” Jin didn’t even try to hide her sarcasm.

Matt looked up to Jin whom seemed to have gotten even prettier. Her hair, now color of rich brown that made her skin glow against it. Her face a little slender and if at all possible her body skimmed down but her curves remained.

“It’s lovely I never thought Andrew would turn out to be such a good catch. He’s actually happier that he didn’t have to marry him a money hungry whore. Thanks to you, he tells me every day how much he’s glad I rescued him from that terrible day.” Matt smiled widely.

Jin clenched her jaw, the girl didn’t even changed one bit how does Andrew put up with someone like her? He seemed the type to not tolerate a girl with a smart mouth, yet the marriage is still intact. She forced a smile and crossed her arm, glaring down at Matt.

“Well, Andrew will just cheat on you just like a man of his status would do. Once he gets tired of you, he’ll cast you aside, mark my words.”

"If someone wants my leftover they better start forming a line, I’ll inform you something about Andrew that your little head seem to miss. He would not scoop low as to want something that is dirty and cheap when he has a wife whom he adores.” Matt knew the lying is a bit of a long stretch but Jin doesn’t know that. “He told me the only way he’ll end the marriage is if I’m the one that stray and guess what, why would I do such a thing when my husband has it all? And besides, with the baby I have him for life.”

Jin straightened her shoulders seeing how Matt had put her in her place.

“Anything else you would like to know? Matt asked sweetly. “I’ll gladly fill you in.”

Jin turned her head to the side and looked at a couple from afar. She squinted slightly and then her eyes flash a sign of victory. Smiling in a devilish way she turned to Matt. “Matt, dear you sure your husband haven’t already shove you to the side for someone much sweeter? I think he already has.” She laughed and pointed to a couple nearing them.

Matt stood up and felt her blood ran out from her cold body. She saw Andrew and his ex-girlfriend walking side by side, from afar they seemed so…perfect. She felt her head spinning, her heart running away from her. It wasn’t so much that Jin might be correct it was more that she felt Andrew lied to her.

Wasn’t this the way her father started out with Jin, small talks, hiding behind her mother’s back, smiling, laughing and then hitting the bed. But Andrew said he is not her father. She wanted to believe it, needed to believe it stilling her eyes at them she couldn’t help but feel a little piece was left broken inside.

Gem stood up next to Matt, placing a hand on her arm. “It’s probably nothing.”

Matt didn’t answer she couldn’t even hear her own heartbeat at the moment. Then to make matters worse Andrew smiled, a smile he had never shared with her but kept it for his former flame. She was nauseated.

“Andrew!” Jin yelled out waving to Andrew but to Matt it felt like a knife completed the most painful stabbed yet.

Andrew and Lana paused and both looked at the same time in her direction. Andrew looked over Jin and saw his wife with Gem standing there but the look on Matt’s face said more than he wanted to see. He walked over to them, but guilt was not seen anywhere on his face.

Andrew nodded to his mother-in-law before facing his wife. She stood not giving him a notice, though there was no hiding she didn’t like the fact he was with Lana. He watched carefully the way she turned her head away from them, wishing she would be anywhere else.

He waited for her to finally come back to him and when their eyes met, his jaw worked in a way that he felt pain forming. It was such a profound accusation he wanted to grab her and shake some understanding in those fiery eyes that didn’t give him one shred of benefit.

How wonderful he thought, his wife had given him the guilty stamp on his forehead before he even utter a word.

“Andrew, it’s nice to meet you again.” Jin cheerfully stated. “I was just telling your wife here that a man of your status would not be satisfy being with just one girl. How correct I am in the assumption.”

Andrew turned dangerous eyes to her. Anger really wasn’t even the right word. “If you don’t shut the hell up Jin, you’ll see just how bad things can get for you.” Andrew warned.

Jin turned serious. “Hey I was just trying to prove my point, now that I have, enjoy.” She turned to Matt. “Don’t say that I didn’t tell you so. Andrew is not the type to build a white picket fence around.” Lifting her head high like she had won such a prize she turned and walked off.

The nerve of that girl, Andrew would have murder Jin if he had married her.

Matt looked from Andrew to Lana but she wasn’t seeing them. She just saw a man that had shared a nice, sweet moment with a girl that just happened to be his ex. It looked more to be a rekindled of old feelings, even if she doesn’t want to acknowledge it but what was there not to see when it smack you right in the face.

Andrew followed Matt’s eyes and stopped at Lana. Her eyes rested on his for a moment, it was a question of why now, but he wasn’t going to indulge her in anything. He saw how her eyes once again darted back and forth to him and Lana before she turned around and started to walk off.

“It must be nice to already know something before anything was being said.”

Matt paused and smiled that was not one to admire about. “I don’t just draw up a conclusion. You must be eager for me to get out the house so you two can come up with a plan to meet. “

Andrew lowered his head to Lana then turn back to Matt. “I will not do things behind your back. If I wanted to do anything I’ll tell you whether it’ll kill you or not. Your faith in me is overwhelming, how lucky I am.” He said it in a tone that hide, no disgust.

“Tell me then is this how it’s going to be? Seeing the two of you around town when I least expect. If so I’ll prepare myself.” Matt turned her head to the side. Why is she acting so unreasonable seeing Andrew with Lana?

“If that’s the way you think I won’t change your mind. If you’re not going to give me a chance to explain, I don’t see the use in one.”

“The truth is in front of my face.”

“What you see isn’t always what it seemed.”

“How many more months?” She lifted her fingers.

Andrew grabbed it. “That’s enough!”

She yanked her hand away. “Don’t ever think that I will stay a day longer.”

And then she knew he was angry. The vein on his neck seemed to thrust out, his lips tightened around the corners. Before Matt could make her next move she felt her arm being yanked roughly. He dragged her with him from Lana and Gem as they watched them. Andrew didn’t slow his steps until they were outside finally letting go of her he released with enough force she hit her back against the wall.

“I ran into Lana by accident. I came here with one thing in mind.” He threw a bag at her, catching before it dropped to the ground Matt held it in her hands to her chest.

She stood still.

“I thought that I could find one to replace the old one you have.” He angrily stood nose to nose with her. “But if I had known this was the outcome of my good deed, I would have not done it. If I wanted to return to Lana, I would not do it secretly. I am not a coward by the least.”

Matt felt his hot breaths touched her face. He was beyond upset. That much is obvious from his fast breathing.

“I am married to you for the next however months there is and I won’t stray from the marriage no matter what. But I am warning you don’t keep on accusing me about something that you don’t know to be as truth.” With that he stormed off leaving Matt standing there alone.

She reached inside and pulled the object from the bag and her breath caught in her throat. She smiled with misted eyes. It was the exact same doll she had sitting on top of her dresser. The old doll has been with her since she was a child, through thick and thin it has been a dear friend to her. She hugged the new doll tightly, she had been wrong.

The night grew cold and Matt sat eating her dinner but her eyes constantly went to the door waiting for Andrew to walk in, but as of yet there’s no sign of him. As she looked at her dinner that grew tasteless she knew she made a mistake. But seeing him with Lana triggered a remembrance of her parent’s marriage. Was it fair to Andrew? Probably not, but it doesn’t erase the fact she’s afraid that it would be. She’s learning she’s not at all good with the relationship stuff, never had she have to hand her heart to anyone. And when she saw Andrew smiled at Lana, like a couple taking a walk in perfect peace she felt a sting of uneasiness. It made her mind going in many routes and none of them were in favor of Andrew.

Matt stabbed a piece of broccoli and lifted it to her mouth but seeing the green vegetable, she put it back down and gave up on her food all together. Soy, on the other hand, watched Matt through her lashes, once in a while her eyes would follow to the door. Shaking her head she can’t figure out these two kids. She had seen proof that when no one looks they have a clear understanding of each other but then when they do fight, it’s like a war that neither one is ever going to win.

Matt stood up, smiling briefly to Soy and excused herself, Soy thought that was for the best since Matt barely touched any of her food. She watched as her daughter-in-law walked to her room, which Soy never utter a word about them not sharing the same bedroom but considering Matt is already pregnant she doesn’t care if they live from one end of the house to the other. She truly like watching them from a distance because seeing them that way gives her a better idea of what is exactly happening.

Soy watched with a painful sigh as Matt took one last look at the door, giving up hope on seeing Andrew walking in Matt closed the door behind her and disappeared. Soy gathered the dishes and left to attend on her plans. It is almost complete and she herself is looking forward to leaving Matt and Andrew to fend for themselves.

Matt sat holding her pillow staring at the white boring wall, listening to the clock ticked on and on. Her eyes grew heavy and tired with her dozing in and out waiting. Her head dropped to the side causing her to open her eyes, sitting up straight she looked at the clock that is nearing midnight.

She turned around giving up that Andrew would return home when she heard the front door opened. Matt immediately jumped up brushing her hair with her hands, opening the door to her bedroom. She looked around and Andrew was nowhere to be seen. She walked over to his room and put her ear to the door when it abruptly opened sending her forward, squarely into Andrew, he grabbed her arms pulling her up smiling guiltily she backed away from him.

Andrew stared at her, not wasting a single word he bumped her shoulder on his way out. Matt opened her mouth to call his name but he took steps that quickly made him disappeared into the kitchen. She trailed behind him.

Matt watched as he cut him a piece of pie, taking a bite he finally turned to her and looked at her asking silently, what is it that she wants?

Matt thought of so many things to say, but at the end, “I’m sorry,” was all that came out.

He continued to eat.

“You are correct I was being unreasonable. I should have given you a chance to explain and for me to act like you went behind my back, is unfair.” She paused to catch a breath.

He said nothing.

Matt thought he could have at least responded but she went on. “I just didn’t…”

“You are jealous.” He finally said something, but it was the one thing she didn’t want to hear.

Jealous? Matt didn’t like the sound of that. She can’t possibly have such a feeling as that. No, she convinced herself she is just scared that he would betray her with his ex-girlfriend. If she was jealous it meant she had to be falling in love with him….she coughed.

“I am not.” She stood up straight.

Andrew eyed her, figuring out that she is lying he didn’t pressure her to make a fool of herself.

“Here have a piece with me.” Andrew handed her a plate with a piece of pie and a fork.

Matt gladly accept it, taking one big piece she shoved it in her mouth.

“Where have you been?”

“Nowhere important,” he didn’t elaborate.

“You are not going to tell me are you?”

“I’m sure Cade will when you see him next.”

Matt took another bite.

“Don’t blow up in my face like that again. I despise people attacking me without giving the benefit of the doubt, especially my wife.” He turned around and poured himself a glass of milk.

“It just…I didn’t…” What was it she was trying to say anyway?

“Is the remaining of the months going to be enough for anything, Matt?” Andrew ate his pie but his eyes were intensely on her, waiting for her answer.

She paused. “I don’t know.” She answered honestly.

She looked at Andrew eating and she never knew eating something as a pie could turn dangerously sexy. She swallowed the urge to…

“Even if I am with Lana, the fact is the ring on my finger will remind me I’m a married man. Lana knows that.” He looked into her face that showed sign of regret but Andrew knew he had to make himself clear to her. “If you think I am going to cheat on you with her, then I will let you out of this marriage right now and everything will lie on my shoulders. The blame is on me.”

“You would take the blame for everything?” She asked in surprised.

He was as stupid as a man that is beginning to think with irrational mind. But yes, he would take the blame if she walks out on him right now. It is quite comical each time he spends with Lana it had been an eye opener. He see the changes Matt has in him whether he care to admit it or not. From her temper, to the way they fight, to them making up. They were indeed a passionate misfit couple, but maybe that is what make them so wrong and certainly in a way make them so right.

“I’m confused.” She twirled her fork around the plate before taking a pie in it.

“Sometimes, confusion is quite attractive my dear.” He finished his milk and gently threw the cup in the sink.

“Why do you like to use endearments?”

He didn’t answer.

“Thank you for the doll.” She chewed carefully. The pie was actually good. “How did you know?”

“I went into your room after you left.”

“It was kind of you.”

Andrew reached up and wiped away a pie stain from the corner of her lips. “It’s not a very attractive doll.”

“I know but I love it.”

“The eyes are kind of ugly.”

Matt laughed.

“When I bought it even the store clerk asked me, why do I like such a thing?”

Matt ate more pie and found her plate emptied.

“I told her, my wife is a weird girl that likes things others might find repulsive.”

“That was not nice.” Matt reached out to his plate and scoop up the last piece of pie. Andrew paused staring at her. “You are a slow eater.”


sarNie Adult
Chapter Sixteen

Matt and Zuri lying down on the grass with their feet kicked up sharing a novel. The two girls taking turn to read one page each and would laugh at some of the silliness.

“Read this part.” Zuri pointed out to a section that she could not find herself to read.

Matt stared at the lines and shook her head. “I don’t think I could as well, it’s too…um…”

“I am not going to read, especially this part.” Zuri poked her finger at the first line. “Beside you are braver than me and being married you should get used to this kind of stuff.”

Matt nudged Zuri on the shoulder. “You know that I don’t have that kind of marriage."

Zuri opened her mouth to tease Matt some more when they both heard a cough from behind. They immediately turned and sat up, grabbing the book with her and hiding it behind her back Matt was the first to stand up. She looked at Andrew with questionable eyes, what was he doing home so early?

“What do you have there, Matt? Let me see it.” Andrew walked toward them and put his hand out.

Matt turned to Zuri part panic part embarrassed. No way was she going to let Andrew see the book.

“Come now, it wouldn’t be right to hide anything from your husband.”

Matt tightened her hold on the book knowing he was having fun with her, out of all the days he had to be home early it had to be the very one she’s reading a book that is full of romance in its finest.

“It’s nothing that would hold your interest, just girl’s stuff.” Matt swallowed hard.

Andrew kept his hand out, expecting for her to give him whatever it is she’s hiding. “Oh, I think I’ll like it as much as the both of you.” He smiled.

“I am not giving it to you.”

“Yes, you will hand it over, Matt.”

Matt turned to Zuri but all she got was a shrug from her. Matt backed away from him, while Andrew took one step forward. When he realized he wasn’t going to get it willingly, he reached behind her back and yanked it out from her hand. Matt tried to grab for it when he slightly turned, reading the title he smiled playfully.

“Midnight Lover,” Andrew read it aloud. “You read this kind of stuff?” Andrew opened the book and turn to it halfway. He smiled at first then laughed.

“Give it back, you are being ridiculous.” Matt hissed at him and leaned forward reaching for the book.

“He leaned in kissing her gingerly on the neck, trailing down her body while his hand caressed…”Andrew paused his reading and raised a brow at Matt with her face turning red. “Undressing her with expert hands he…”Andrew closed the book. “Matt, oh Matt…”

Matt felt her ears burning bright red, Zuri wasn’t far behind. Both girls looked at Andrew with open mouth.

Seeing Matt’s face was just too priceless, not very often where she is stunned without a word coming from her mouth, he continued on with his torture and opened the book once more. Flipping the pages as if trying to find where he left off, he paused and smiled, reading silently as the girls kept their eyes on him barely blinking.

“Tell me you love me and I will give up everything.” Andrew read the line and had to cough in order not to laugh. “Nothing is more important to me than your love. You are my life don’t walk away from me today and take my heart with you.” Andrew swears he had never read anything so cheesy. How does Matt find this kind of stuff worth reading?

Matt wasn’t sure if she wanted to scream or laugh.

Andrew turned a few more pages and his eyes showed interest, acting like he is involved in the story he held the book to him as if Matt and Zuri were his audience. “They lay together under the perfect dark sky, like all their secrets were kept and protected by the dark. He started to pull her dress down slowly revealing her creamy, white skin.”

Andrew looked up to Matt, his wife turned crimson red. She wanted to kill him that was a given. He closed the book for good. Teasing her can only get so far before she reached for something and slam it against his head.

He stepped forward, closing in on her. Andrew handed her the book he smiled in a way that Matt didn’t like what was going to come out of his mouth next. “If you ever want to live out any of your fantasies let me know. I’ll be a perfect teacher and I promise you you’ll like it. It’ll be better than any of the books you’ve read.” He patted her on the cheek before turning around and walked away.

Matt didn’t know what to do but put her hands over her face from the embarrassment. Zuri didn’t doubt Andrew’s words but when she turned around and look at her friend she could not help but laughed. And if Matt saw the look on Andrew’s face while he was walking away she would definitely want to find a hole to crawl into.

Gem watched the way Krit sat there silently looking at his wedding ring. She hadn’t said anything when she saw it, didn’t figure it meant much to utter her opinion. Her ex-husband looked a bit tired she assumed it was because of work. Meeting him for lunch as requested was a major step for her. She didn’t think it would be an easy task but so far he hadn’t said much, just merely look at her every so often.

She ate her lunch without much taste, taking her last bite she finished it and turn her head to the street.

“Have you seen Matt lately?”

Gem put her hand under her chin her eyes remained devoted to the world outside the restaurant. “I saw her the other day. I have faith in them still, even if they are struggling.”

“I missed that little girl.” A sincere sound that she had missed in Krit for a while finally revealed itself.

“Matt is so much like you.” Gem continued still her eyes hadn’t return to Krit.

“A trait I don’t think she should be proud of. I hope her heart is made of stronger conviction than mine.”

Gem smiled faintly. “She has what it takes I believe to make her marriage work. I see that Andrew has changed a bit. You should go visit her sometimes. I know no matter what happens you are still her father.”

“Many times I want to. But I seem to be a coward in the presence of her. The way her eyes spew hatred towards me, I must say I am ashamed I fail her.”

Krit found Gem as her face kept looking out, he saw a woman that he loved. He would have given life itself to have her forgive him he wasn’t going to ask for anything more than a friendship. If she never gives him more than that for the rest of his life, he would be satisfied with it just as long as she does not shut him out permanently.

So far, this moment was the most she had given since everything fell apart. He wanted to see it as a sign moving forward but she is still holding back, but he’s not faulting her for it. The move is in her hand, one baby step at a time was just as good.

“Is Andrew treating Matt as he should being her husband?”

“He is a bit hard to figure out.”

“We were never that difficult.”

The comment made Gem turned to Krit. No, they had it easy in their relationship. They dated, got married and live life accordingly. Maybe they didn’t fight or struggle enough to see how important love was to them. Maybe the easier you have it, the easier you lose it. Whatever the case was, Gem’s marriage didn’t last the stand of time.

“Thank you for agreeing to have lunch with me.”

She nodded.

“I haven’t seen you in a bit and I missed you.”

Gem didn’t respond.

“Anything at all…”He paused. “Anything you need.” Krit shook his head, trying to throw off the pain that’s beginning to take shape.

Gem turned to him, leaning in her brows came together. “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine.” Krit tried his best to smile assuring her but the headache became sharper and faster. It was excruciating.

“You look pale.” Gem didn’t know why she was concern over a man that took everything from her, but she did.

That was always who she is, even if the animal bit her, if it was in pain she’ll forget all about her wound and attended to the animal instead. She has not been able to undo that side of her, no matter what.

“It’s nothing.” Krit said while sweat starts forming. Catching his breath he saw Gem grew more concern.

“Krit…” Her voice was like a music playing from far away. He smiled to a world that was so beautiful to him once.

He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. His throat seemed to close in. Just a fraction longer, he pleaded with his head. He wanted to see Gem’s beauty for one last time. The face that not long ago was his to adore, his vision doubled momentarily. He squeezed his eyes shut then reopened them again. Better he smiled to himself.

He watched with great, horrendous pain seeing how big Gem’s eyes had gotten. It wore a worried look. She’s worried about him? He didn’t want to believe it but there it was. After what he had done to her, she still cared enough to not see him hurt.

Krit tried to force a smile out but it was too much effort, he gritted his teeth to thwart off the pain but it was no use, he was losing the fight. His head lowered he began to sag.

“Krit...” He heard her call his name again, this time the sound is so low, like a small rumbling in his ears that refused to let it in. And then he felt her hand on his cheek. He smiled as if everything was going to be fine. He reached out to her but short in connecting his fingers with hers, the blackness around him took hold and he collapsed.