The Inheritance


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She was known as the most beautiful woman in the city, her family came down a line of wealth and the blood of the royalty. She was the only heir to the Sinjai’s family fortunes where she can live for decades without working a single finger. There was a great white house, the Sinjai Mansion that stands in the middle Bangkok, in a province where the riches lives. Though there were many great houses, the Sinjai Mansion for its beautiful columns and designs stands out among the other spectacular architectures. Any man would fall to her feet and any man would have been honored to be the lover of Nok Sinjai, the only heir to all of Sinjai’s wealth. For the inheritance was hers and hers alone.

But Nok wanted to life of peace and calm after the pain that she had gone through. She had lost her love to someone else. He was her first and only love, she was engaged to be married to him, but obstacles came in and faith played games in their lives. Upon returning back to Thailand after years of studying abroad, she was set and ready to return home to marry the man of her dreams, but her dreams where shattered when she came to find out that the man was supposed to be her husband had married another woman. Her mind had told her to steal him back, but her heart could not do so after seeing how much in love the two had been for one another. Though he had once told her he too loved her, but events had led him to marry another woman for whom he had learned to love between the years of separation from Nok Sinjai.

Heartache and betrayal had led her to leave everything behind, she traveled all over the world doing what mad her happy, helping others with what they did not have. She traveled the world doing charities and even worked with doctors without borders in poor countries. Nok was content with seeing others happy when her heart had been broken. Years of work had drained her, she was in her mid 50’s and her body wasn’t as strong as she was when she was young. Circumstances have led her back to Thailand, but not to the Sinjai Mansion, but to a small town of ChiangMai where flowers bloomed and farming was the way of life. There she had met a beautiful orphan who had worked as a maid in one of her closest friend’s house. Upon seeing this child for the first time, Nok immediately fell in love with her as if she was her own child. Nok have lived years alone with no one by her side, but something about this little girl had intrigued her. She asked her friend to let the girl work for her instead to which she was granted.

Nok took the girl in and instead of working as a maid; she raised her up to be educated and wise. Nok loved the girl as if she was her own. Keeping her history a secret to the girl, but to only reveal little things. The girl was nothing but a joy to Nok; she was greatful that Nok had loved her as if she was her own. To her, Nok was a friend and a mother to her. Seeing the girl grow up the way Nok had planned with such a beautiful heart and a flawless beauty had Nok’s remaining life bloom with happiness. To Nok, the girl was her daughter and now that she is running low on the years that remain of her life, Nok has decided it was time to create a life where her daughter was to be cared for after Nok’s life ends. She had to make sure that her daughter had someone who was capable and honest to care for her when she is gone. That was when she phoned someone that she has not talked to for years, since she left the city of a broken heart.

“Hello Johnny. Long time” She said through a voice that echoed in pain as the person on the other end of the line was quiet.

“Nok!” The voice said in a whisper, he could recognize her voice anywhere, no matter the years.

“I have a proposition to make with you and I believe that you will agree to it. Let’s say that this will heal the heart that you have broken years ago”She stated.

“Okay, I am listening”
Johnny said with a sigh, defeated, he had promised her that he was willing to do anything to make up for what he has done to her and now she was ready to claim that promise, it was the only thing he can do for her after breaking her heart like that and this time he was not going to break the promise as he did by marrying another woman when he had loved and had promised to wait for her return and marry her.


sarNie Elites
Chapter One:

Chapter 1:

She was dressed in an all black outfit, the color of mourning for she was mourning the loss of her mother, her best friend. She had never loved anyone as much as she loved the beautiful lady she had lived with for years. There was no one else that she has, all her life she had been a loner until Nok had taken her in, bathe her, feed her, educated her, and most importantly had loved her as if she was of her own blood. The company that they had enjoyed of each other was now no longer. The hours they would spend in the garden talking and laughing while enjoying their evening tea will no longer be something that she will look forward too. No more brief walks, no more gossiping, and no longer will she hear that beautiful laugh when jokes were told. She now wondered what she will do with her life without Nok Sinjai in it?

She sat in the comfy living room that both she and Nok had arranged to fit both their personality, which were of the same taste. On the sofa, she sat there, eyes still swollen from the tears that she just could not stop. It’s been three months since the death of Nok Sinjai and she had not gotten over the fact that her beloved mother was gone; it was something that she can’t put into reality. The house reminded her of her presence every second of her life. She still wore black and will keep on wearing black until she no longer mourned for her mother. With her hands folded and place above her knees, she twirled her thumbs in a nervous movement. In front of her, she stared into the deep brown eyes of a man she had never met in her life. He had dark black hair with streaks of white, though he was someone in the old age of 70’s his face was still radiant and strong and absolutely handsome for someone in his age. He had come to her today as a friend of Nok and had told her that her mother had special arrangements for her. So now she sat here staring at him while he stared at the beautiful woman in front of him. Her hair was long and black and her eyes were special, not black nor brown like most girls of the Asian heritage. To his amazement, her eyes were a beautiful blue and it added to the beauty that her face had already held such flawless beauty. He realized it that moment why Nok had taken such intrigue in this woman since she was little.

“You’re probably wondering why I am here, Miss Kongying?” He softly told her and when she was about to move her lips he cut her off, “Let me introduce myself, my name is Johnny Efoney” He told her.

“Johnny” the name was like a whisper to her, she can feel her heart tighten because she was staring at the man that had broke her mother’s heart, the person that had chased her mother to travel all over the world and in the end, had her end up living in this small city of ChiangMai. The one person that she knew her mother had thought about every minute of her life until her last breath. Before she even realized it, tears were flowing down her cheek.

“I’m sure Nok had told you about me, just by looking at your expression it has already told me. I’m sure you have already hate me, but I need to tell you why I am here?” Johnny told her, “Nok had called me, to my surprise; I haven’t talked or seen her for years. I had made her a promise the day I broke her heart and when she called, I knew it was because she wanted to claim that promise. So here I am as promised.”

She was speechless, she couldn’t even move and how can she trust the man who had broken her mother’s heart. The man in front of her handed her an envelope, she reached out to receive it and looked at him, the envelope had her neat handwriting on it and it said “To my Beloved Kob,” he gently just nodded at her and while trembling her hand slowing removed the string that sealed the envelope to remove a letter.

To My Dear Dear Kob,
By reading this letter means that I am no longer with you. First of all, I want to tell you how much I love you. I had loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you at my friend’s house, it must have been your beautiful blue eyes that intrigue me so and I knew I had to have you. Second, if I know you well enough, I know that you’re still mourning for me and you’re still wearing back, aren’t you? Well I want to you to stop!”

Kob lightly chuckled, she still manage to make her smile when she isn’t even here with her. Kob tightens her hold on the letter and continues to read while tears were glistening in her eyes.

“Third, I wanted to tell you that I lied to you about some things, yes the man in front of you is the man that broke my heart, that wasn’t a lie, but the lie is the fact that I told you I was just a normal person, well I am not. I am from a wealthy family in Bangkok and that is where I want you to go. You will go with Johnny to claim what are mines that is now yours. The Sinjai Mansion and all its belonging is now under your name. Everything that I have including this little cottage you’re living in is now yours. And don’t worry about the condition of the house, its being looked after by great hands that occupy resident also. All you have to do is go and claim what is yours. And fourth of all, remember how I was so great at predicting which lovers will last and which will not. Well, I have picked out the most perfect man for you. He is handsome and smart, just like you. He’s in Bangkok waiting for you; just use your charms to make him love you, I'm sure he will love you the moment he lays his eyes on you. IF he doesn't that mean he's not as smart as I made him out to be. He’s a very handsome lawyer that I'm sure he can make you very happy and his name is Chakrit Efoney.”

-Love you always, your mother Nok Sinjai

Kob was trying to stumble for words after reading the letter. Her mind was blank; she opened her lips to mouth something but shut it twice. She bit her lower lip and stared blankly at the man across from her. “Chakrit Efoney” the name came out of her lips in a whisper.

“Chakrit, my son” Johnny answered her question that was showing on her face.


sarNie Elites
Chapter Two:

He sat in his office with his back to the view of the city behind the gigantic glass window. His office was located smack in the middle of busy Bangkok, fifteen stories up a glass building that held his law firm. He sat behind his big and expensive cherry wood desk that was flooded with documents after documents of cases that he had to review. Which case should be personally attended too and which case should be passed on to his fellow employees who he knew had the ability to handle whatever he gave them. As he looked through each documents, one sat there like an eyesore. He was told that this was one project that he had to personally take care of for the person that was involved was a very important person. He had looked at that particular document over and over, staring at it now; he laid his back again his leather chair and smiled while tapping his pen on his desk. After a bit, he stood up and turns to stare out his office to absorb the view that it gave him. He wore a tailored suit that was fitted to perfection, only by the best designers that the world had. Only the best was what a man of wealth, status, and skills needed. He had worked hard to build his firm from scratch. Avoided any help that his father and mother had offered him, he build his empire alone and made C. Efoney’s Law Firm into a household name. Only the best came from Chakrit Efoney and only the best was what he wanted.

He turned to look at the neat print on the folder, “ Sinjai Mansion ” his father had handed him the folder 3 months ago along with a picture of a woman, though he had his shares of many beautiful and exotic women, this one was different. Something about her pulled him into her. He was eager to meet her, had though about flying down to ChiangMai to meet her with his father, but his father had flat out tell him that he couldn’t go. He pulled out the portrait from the inside of his suit jacket. She was beautiful though dressed in such plain and regular outfit, her hair was straight and it stopped a little above her breast and her features were exquisite, the curves of her body, the more he look, the more his heart began to yearn for her. To touch her and to cover those lips with his own, he wanted to taste her. Pulling himself out of his own erotic trance, he began to chuckle himself silly, how can he fall in love with a picture? Instead he stared at those eyes, such beautiful blue eyes. He had begun to wonder how old the picture was and if she had still look the same. His fantasy was erupted when the buzz of the intercom and the voice of his secretary, “Mr. Efoney, phone call from a..a Miss Kongying.”

“Thank you Noon, cancel all upcoming phone calls. This might take awhile.”

“Yes Mr. Efoney” the voice on the intercom answered.

Chakrit stared at his phone; his whole body had become stiff and nervous. He didn’t know why he was feeling so silly. Never had he felt this way before when all he felt since the Sinjai Mansion and its properties was given to him and since he saw the picture of this particular Suvanant Kongying. He had longed to hear her voice, to see her and now he was afraid to talk to her. Calming himself, he blew out a breath and picked up his call.

“Ah Miss Kongying. It’s a surprise that you would call?” He said in a smooth voice.

“Mr. Efoney, I uh…I uh I got your number from your father.” She said in the voice that was like a lullaby.

“So I guess then that you are aware of your inheritance from Miss Sinjai, the Sinjai Mansion, the properties, the stocks, the bonds, and the money. So will you be moving up here soon?”

The question shocked her because she felt as if she was in a dream. She didn’t know what to do after Johnny Efoney had left her residence in ChiangMai. She have had many sleepless days just thinking about it. How was she doing just uproot herself from the place she had stayed all her life to a city that was so foreign to her. She will be leaving her friends and neighbors here in ChiangMai to a town where she didn’t know a soul, “I actually am still deciding on what to do, as you can imagine this came in as a shock to me. I still feel as if I am in a dream” Kob managed to explain to him as coolly as possible so he could not catch the nervousness in her voice, “Wait, did you just say stocks, bonds, and money?” She asked curiously, neither his father nor her mother had mentioned anything about those things except the house.

“Yes, Miss Sinjai has left everything in her inheritance to you. Don’t you realize you have just become one of the wealthiest person in Thailand ? There is enough to live on for years without having to lift a finger. Imagine the life of luxury at your age.” Chakrit explained with joy.

“I don’t need any of that, if its possible I just want my mother back.” She said in a soft whisper, “My mother never told me about this side of her life.” Kob said through the phone as tears rolled down as she struggles to keep her voice from trembling. “I was told that the Sinjai Mansion is being kept under wonderful conditions.”

“Yes, the tenants that live there now takes very good care of the house and once you move in, you can choose to do whatever you want to the place. So Miss Kongying, should I be planning for your arrival anytime soon.”

“No. I mean I don’t know. I can’t just up and leave everything I have here behind” She said.

“Well Miss Kongying, I’m sure it won’t be of any problem. How about this, you come for a bit and if you don’t like it, you can always move back. The mansion isn’t going anywhere.” Chakrit said as he glanced down at his watch, “Well I have to get to court, let’s say I’ll be expecting you next week. We can go to dinner and get to know each other after all, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other once you’re settled in.”

“Uh…I...” She once again struggle to say, but was immediately cut off.

“Well then, it’s a date. I look forward to meeting you Miss Suvanant Kongying. Bye now” He just had to push, if he didn’t he knew she wasn’t going to come and he would be missing his chance with this beauty. He immediately hung up leaving her with nothing to response back. All she can hear was the click and the dial tone buzzing in her ear. Kob closed her eyes and wondered what she was going to do now.


Ooo, this is a great beginning. It sounds just like a novel as I read. ^_^
I can't wait for more. Kob & Kirt, yeah! :D