"The Lost Scroll" chapter one.

Wyvern x Dragon

sarNie Egg
“The lost scroll”

Robin was a boy with the power of kulak. When he was born he had unlimited speed. He is the fastest boy in the whole castle. He also can sneak really well even in the day time. Over the years he has been adopted to a bow. Robin’s legend is about to unfold.

Robin was training in the suburb town of Karuk’s castle. He lived with his mom. His father had died in the latest war against the shadow warriors. The shadow warriors are dangerous and courageous killers, but the castle’s defense was enough to keep out the shadow warriors.

“Woo, better get some rest.” Robin said.

He went to go rest in his house. After a while his mom called him.

“Robin! Master eon needs you.” She said.

“All right, I’m coming.” Robin got out of bed.

“Robin it’s time to get the real weapons. Now c.mon let’s get to jacks smith.” he said.

Robin and master eon hurried to the smith.

“So Robin you getting your weapons today. Ok what would you like.” Jack said.

“umm just some strider’s gear.” Robin said.

“All right come at night time I’ll be ready.”

After night Robin went back to jack smith.

“Here, two steel daggers, a steel bow and some steel arrows. Oh almost forgot, cloth and leather armor with plates of steel armor, it includes a mask. Pull the long hood over your head, it has eye holes and here is a jaw protector.” jack smith said.

Robin was very happy he practiced for 8 months. He quickly learned all the strategies with a strider build. 5 months later bandit lord arion attacked and started a war. Robin charged to the battle field to fight. He took out his daggers.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” he yelled, and charged in to battle.

He sliced throats opened, cut heads off, killed and succeeded in every kill. He grabbed a axe and threw it to lord arion, it hit him right in his head, lord arion died in place. Every bandit retreated, the ones who stayed where killed then a shadow warrior attacked and he threw iron sherikens at robin. Robin dodged and threw his dagger, the dagger got him in the head, he fell down the wall and died.

Every one gathered around the shadow warrior, I took my dagger back.

“Good work robin your really special, I mean you killed a shadow warrior.” Master Eon said.

“I grant you the title of a thane.” Said king Goroak.

“ I accept your majesty.” Robin said.

Robin returned home that evening. He was excited, tomorrow the king is celebrating their victory against the bandits. Yet do they know lord arion’s son was preparing to get revenge for his father.

To be continued on “The Lost Scroll” part two.


sarNie Egg
Not bad, you just need to fix up a few small mistakes. It's interesting so far, but sometimes it's hard to tell who you are talking about. Please do continue on.