The Marriage Proposal :Ch 13 update:


sarNie Hatchling
Prin Suparat (Mark)​
Chalida Wijitwongtong (Mint)​
Witchada (Mint's Girlfriend)​
Mark & Mint's Friends:
Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) Marks Bestfriend​
Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) Mints Bestfriend​
Pakorn Chatborirak (Boy)​
Rasri Balenciaga (Margie)​
Nutthawuth Maurer (Mario)​
Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon (Fern)​
Kimberly Ann Voltemas (Kim)​
Alexander Nirawit Rendell (Alex)​
Tanawat Wattanaputi (Pope) - Mark's Co-worker​
Esther Supreeleela (Esther) - Pope's Secretary​
Minor Characters:
Mr Peter Suparat
Mrs Susan Suparat
Mr Steven Wijitwongtong
Mrs Caitlyn Wijitwongtong (Lyn)
Rochelle Suparat (Mark's younger sister)​
What if the one you thought you would love forever finds someone new?

What happens if marriage comes into play?​
Stay tuned...​


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 1
Mark: I think we should break up.
Those words were still fresh in her head even though it has been a year since they broke up. She still liked him but what could she do he had moved on and she thought that letting him go would make him happy. The saying goes: if you love them set them free, if they are truly yours they will come back to you. When they had got together after the graduation for the next year everything was all sweet and lovey dovey.  Then as they went to different universities they both got a bit busy for each other and started to get distant. They then came to a mutual agreement to take a break from each other. Not long after that Mark had broke it off as he had met Witchada. Even though they had broke up they remained good friends.
Yaya: Hey girl. You need to get out. You haven’t been out lately, always busy with homework and assignments that isn’t due until next semester. Screw that, come out and have fun with us.
Fern: Yeah that’s right. Who cares what that Witchada thinks of you! She’s just jealous because you two are still close. Who says ex-lovers can’t still be friends.
Mint: Yeah I know. We talk to each other as much as we can. I am alright really it’s just whenever Da sees me she looks at me as if I am going to steal Mark away or something. Plus I don’t really want to see them all over each other and you all have you’re boyfriends. It just seems like I am just tagging along.
Yaya: (Putting her arm on Mint’s shoulder) Aww sweetie…just try to ignore it come have fun with us, we won’t leave you alone.
Fern: (Pulling her off the bed) Yeah come out with the group, we are going to hang out in the city.
Mint: Ok, Ok I’m getting up.
They met up with the group at their favourite eating spot in the city.
Kim: Hey you girls finally made it.
Fern: Yeah it took a while trying to convince this one (pointing at Mint) to come out with us.
They all start laughing.
Mint: Why aren’t we ordering yet?
Nadech: Oh…we’re waiting for Mark and Witchada.
When Mint heard those two names her heart sank. But she tried to keep a smile on her face. The group was talking and laughing and then Mark entered in with Da.
Mark: Hey everyone. Sorry we kept you waiting.
Everyone: Hey.
Boy: Take a seat youse two.
They ordered the food and when the food came they started to eat. Everyone was talking and laughing and enjoying themselves. Mint couldn’t help but feel that sets of eyes were looking at her. She didn’t dare to look and just continued laughing and contributing in the conversations.
A few weeks had passed and it was study time for first semester exams. Mint was studying in her room when her phone rang.
Mint: (Picking up the phone) Hello
Mark: Hey you. Haven’t talked to you in a while.
Mint: Well you’re always with your girlfriend that you don’t have any time for me.
Mark: Well sorry miss I’m to busy to pick up my calls. You trying to avoid me or something?
They both start laughing then Mint goes silent. Mint remembered back to when she was alone with Da.
Da: (Looking to see if Mark was out of sight) I would like it if you distanced yourself from Mark a bit please. When I see you two together I get this bad feeling.
Mint: There is nothing to worry about. We are just friends.
Da: I know that but I just don’t like it when my BOYFRIEND is hanging out with his ex-girlfriend.
Mint: Like I said there is nothing to worry about. It’s not like we are alone together; when we hang out it is with our friends. Anyways he chose you. Which means he really likes you.
Da: (Flipping her hair with a triumphant look on her face) I know. But remember distance yourself. Better yet LEAVE US ALONE.
With that she walked away purposely bumping into Mint’s shoulder.
Mark: Hello, hello. Are you still there?
Mint: (Waking up to reality) Huh…yeah I’m still here
Mark: Phew…for a moment there I thought you hung up on me.
Mint: I wouldn’t do that. Anyways are you sure that your girlfriend is ok with you calling me and not her.
Mark: Why wouldn’t she be? Anyways she is studying with a friend and she doesn’t like to be disturbed.
Mint: Ahh…I see.
Mark: See what?
Mint: Nothing.
That night they talked to each other about this and that. They talked like they hadn’t talked to each other in years.


sarNie Hatchling
Sorry about the long wait everyone. Here is chapter 2 hope you like it
Chapter 2
It was the end of the year and it was Christmas.
Mrs W: Mint, remember that we have dinner with the Suparat’s tonight.
Mint: But mum I have plans for tonight.
Mrs W: No excuses you have to be present no matter what.
Mint: Ok mum. I will just have to let Yaya know that I won’t be making it tonight.
Mark’s house
Mark: Mother I am not going, I have plans with Da tonight.
Mrs S: You see Da almost everyday. This is just a one off occasion, we haven’t had a dinner with Mint’s family for a while now. This dinner is important and can’t be missed.
Mark: But mum…
Mrs S: No but…
Mark: Ok, fine.
Mrs S: Good. 7:30 SHARP
Mark: Ok. Ok
That night both families met at the restaurant. The parents talked and Mint, Mark and Rochelle talked amongst themselves.
Mint: (Whispering to Mark) Hey do you know why we had to attend tonight?
Mark: (whispering back) Not a clue
Mint: What about you Rochelle, do you know anything?
Rochelle: (Smiling) I know nothing…
Mark: What’s with that smile on your face then? I know you know something’s up.
Rochelle: I am smiling because all the delicious food on the table. I can’t wait to dig in.
Mark: her to think of food at a time like this. I broke off my date with Da to come here and watch my parents talk to your parents,
Mint: (Unhappy face) You think you’re the only one who had plans. I had plans with Yaya and Fern tonight but I guess that’s not going to happen.
They all started to eat and continued talking amongst themselves. It was time for dessert, the fruit platter was placed in the middle of the table and the desserts that they each ordered were placed in front of them.  Mint began to eat her chocolate mousse and Mark started to drink his coffee.
Mr S: Listen up you two…
Mint still had a spoon full of mousse in her mouth and Mark had a piece of fruit in his mouth.
Mr W: You two will get married on Mark’s 21st Birthday.
Both: (Choking on their food) WHAT…
The other people at the restaurant were looking at their table curiously. Mark and Mint looked around at the other tables embarrassed at their outbursts.
Mrs W: You didn’t hear wrong. We had been talking about it for a long time now.
Mrs S: Yes, ever since we saw you two together at Mint’s 13th birthday. Also when you two got together after Mark’s graduation we came to a final decision that you two will be wed.
Mint: I can’t…we can’t get married. I want to continue my studies and as for Mark, he already has a girlfriend that he loves very much.
Mrs S: You can still study after you get married my dear as for Da I am sorry Mark but this is our final decision.
Mr W: I guess we will leave it at that for now. We will discuss it further at home.
Each family went their separate ways.
At Mark’s house
Mark: I can’t get married with Mint. I have Da already. No I won’t agree to this, absolutely not
Mrs S: Sorry sweetheart but the decision’s final. Da may be a nice girl but she is not the right girl for you.
Mark: No I am not marrying Mint. I love Da.
Mr S: You are marrying Mint end of discussion.
Mark walked out of the living room and into his bedroom.
Mint’s house
Mint: Mummy, Daddy you can’t let the two of us get married.
Mrs W: Why not sweetie. You two suit so much and we loved it when we saw you two together all lovey dovey.
Mint: But mummy, he doesn’t love me like that anymore. He loves Da a lot.
Mr W: He may like her now but later you never know
Mint: But we just can’t…there is no love between us anymore.
Mr W: Like I said you may not be love in the beginning but when you spend time together for a while it will grow.
Mint: I don’t think so.
Mrs W: Just sleep it off for now when the time comes we will talk about it again.
That night both could not sleep. Mark took his phone and called Mint.
Mark: Hello, did I wake you up?
Mint: Hello, no you didn’t wake me up. Who could sleep when you have just heard all that?
Mark: We have got to think of something so that we don’t have to go through this.
Mint: Maybe you can get married to Da first. That could solve the problem.
Mark: I don’t think so. I am not ready yet and I don’t think Da is too. Also doing that will give my mother a heart attack.
Mint: Then what do we do then?
Mark: Well can’t you say anything?
Mint: I tried but they said I still have too. Plus I don’t have an excuse.
Mark: You can’t think of an excuse or you don’t want to think of an excuse?
Mint: What’s that supposed to mean?
Mark: I mean you want to go through with this don’t you?
Mint: (Angry at what she heard) oh you are so full of yourself.
And with that she hung up on Mark.
Mark: Hello. Hello Mint. Hello.  (Speaking to himself) I am sorry Mint I didn’t mean to say that. I know you wouldn’t want to do this to me.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 3
Mint had been avoiding Mark for a few weeks now. He had tried calling her to apologise but she never picked up.  Yaya was so surprised when she heard from Mint that Mark and Mint were to get engaged next month. As was Nadech when he heard from Mark.
Nadech: What about Da man?
Mark: I haven’t told her yet. But I cannot argue with my parents.
Alex: So what are you going to do?
Mark: I haven’t thought about it yet. I guess I will talk it over with Mint.
Boy: Bummer. I would hate to be in your position.
Alex: Anyways to lighten the mood I would like to announce that I too will be getting married at the end of this year and will be moving to New York with Kim.
Mario: Congratz man. We will miss you guys when you leave. But we’re so happy for you two.
Alex: Thanks man
Mint and the girl’s Conversations
The girls: (In unison) Huh…
Mint: It’s true Mark’s and my parents want us to get married on his birthday.
Fern: What did Mark say?
Mint: He tried to refuse ofcourse.
Yaya: What about Da, does she know yet?
Mint: I don’t know I haven’t talked to Mark since the dinner. They want us to get engaged next month.
Kim: Wow. I never knew things like this still happen.
Mint: Anyways changing the subject how are you and Alex going?
Kim: Yeah we’re doing good. Finally told my mother about us and surprisingly she was fine with it and she asked us why we didn’t tell her earlier. She’s even talking about marriage now. So looks like we will be getting married at the end of the year and we will be moving to New York.
Margie: Congratulations girl. I am so happy for you.
Yaya: We all are.
Mint: Why so far?
Kim: They had a job opening in his workplace over there. So his boss is sending him over there.
Fern: We’re going to miss you so much.
The next day at Mint’s house
(Knock on her door)
Mint: Who is it?
Mrs W: It’s me sweetie. Can I come in?
Mint: Of course you can.
Mrs W: You have a visitor.
Mint: Who is it?
Then she heard a guys voice outside her room.
Mark: It’s me.
Mint jumped out of her bed and tidied herself up.
Mint: Mum…How could you let him in my room?
Mark: It’s not like I haven’t been in you room before.
Mrs W: That’s right sweetie and also you two will be engaged and married soon so it should be all right.
She then walked out of the room and closed the door. Mint went to check if she was gone completely.
Mint: (Whispering angrily) What are you doing here?
Mark: Well you weren’t answering my calls my dear fiancé so I thought I would come here to see you instead.
Mint: Who says I am your fiancé. I am not agreeing to this arrangement. What about Da? What has she said?
Mark: I haven’t told her yet. But she should be ok with it, she knows I love her.
Mint: (Talking to herself) I sure wouldn’t.
Mark: What did you say?
Mint: I said that if I was her, I would not be ok with it. My boyfriend getting married to someone else, I will surely not agree. Isn’t there any way that you can stop this from happening?
Mark: Not a chance. But I have a proposal.
Mint: (Angrily) What?
Mark: We will get married and live at my townhouse but…we will be marrying in name only. We will act like the loving couple in front of our parents and others but behind closed doors and with our friends we live separate lives. You do what you want to do, and I will do what I want to do. We will get divorced after two years.
Mint: So we will be living as roommates? We have separate rooms and can do what ever we want?
Mark: Yep. So what do you say?
Mint: Well there is nothing else I can say. There’s no way of getting out of this so I think this may be the best solution. But what will Da say about all this?
Mark: Let me deal with her. It should be all right. Oh and also I came to apologise for what I said on the phone before. I didn’t mean it I know that you would never do that to me. You’re my best girl friend for crying out loud.
Mint: Apology accepted.
That day Mark went to visit Da at her condo.
Da: What do you mean your getting married? With who?
Mark: Mint. We will be getting engaged next month.
Da: No, No way. Especially not with her.
Mark: Why?
Da: Come on, she was your ex-girlfriend for crying out loud. She might try to seduce you.
Mark: She is not like that.
Da: Hah…you’re not even engaged yet and you’re defending her already.
Mark: Listen to me. We will get married yes, but in name only. We will live under the same roof but separate rooms and we will live separate lives for two years and then get divorced.
Da: And I’m supposed to just believe you. Two years is a long time, and living under the same roof too. Anything can happen.
Mark: Why don’t you trust me? I am with you aren’t I?
Da: Ok. But you better promise me that you will not fall for Mint again.
Mark: (Holding up his hand) Promise
With that he gave her a reassuring hug.
When Mark had left Da went straight to her phone.
Da: Hey baby. I missed you so much. Will you still be coming over tonight?
It was the day of the engagement. Mint was looking at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was nicely pinned up and she was wearing the traditional thai dress with dangling pearl earrings and a pearl drop necklace.
Yaya: Why the long face. You look so beautiful.
Fern: Can’t believe you’re the first out of all of us to get engaged. You need to turn that frown into a smile otherwise you’re parents won’t be too happy to.
Someone opened the door.
Person: It’s time to come out now.
Mint took a deep breath and straightened out her dress.
Mint: Lets get this over and done with.
She put on a smile and walked out to where everyone was waiting. Yaya and Fern followed from behind. They entered the room and when Mark saw her his jaw dropped slightly. He realised what he was doing and then he cleared his throat. Mint came to sit down in front of him.
MC: We are here today to join in this joyous occasion of the engagement between these to people.
Mark showed the dowry to Mint and her parents and everyone.
MC: Now it’s time to put on the ring.
Mark moved in closer to Mint and took her hand. He placed the ring on her finger and she thanked him by giving him a wai. Then they both payed their respects to their parents and then thanked everyone for coming.
Hope everyone is liking this story so far...


sarNie Hatchling
Here's chapter 4 everyone...
Chapter 4
The next few months were a bit hectic. With getting everything ready for the wedding. From booking the reception, ordering the flowers and the cake, giving out the invitations, to going for fittings for the suits and dresses. Mark was in his tuxedo waiting for Mint to come out of the changing rooms so that they could take pictures in their wedding outfits. Mint walked out of the dressing room.
Dressmaker: Wow. You look so beautiful in the dress.
Mark turned around when hearing the dressmaker and was amazed at how pretty she looked. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.
Dressmaker: I see the groom is happy with what he sees.
Mint couldn’t help but blush at the dressmakers comment. The makeup artist and hairdresser made up Mint and Mark.
Photographer: Come on you two. It’s time to take pictures.
They took many pictures of him hugging her from behind, facing each other and holding onto each other, and many other poses. Then when they finished with that they went to choose their gifts for the guests. They bumped into a family friend and Mark wrapped an arm around Mints waist surprising Mint. She looked down at his hand sitting perfectly on her hip and then looked in front of her.
Family friend: I am so happy for you two. Finally engaged, when’s the big day?
Mark: Thank you. I couldn’t let this beautiful girl get snatched up that easily. (Pulling her closer) Invitations should be going out soon.
Family friend: Oh ok. I better leave you two lovebirds.
They said their goodbyes and the lady walked off. Mint looked back to see if she was far away from them and pulled Mark’s hand off her waist and moved aside a little.
Mint: What was that for. I understand we have to put up an act, but why did you hold onto me so tightly.
Mark: Well it had to look convincing didn’t it. You’re going to have to get used to it because there is going to be a lot more of that latter on.
Mint: (Sighs)
Mark: What’s the big sigh for. It’s not that bad is it? We’ve done it before.
Mint: That was different.
Wedding Day
Mint was in the dressing room getting dolled up.
Fern: (Putting her hand on Mint shoulder) Mint, I know under the circumstances it’s different but this is your big day you have to smile.
Mint: I know, I just can’t believe this is really happening.
Yaya: Well believe it because in about two hours your going to walk out this door and stand in front of your groom and at the end of the night you will be a married woman.
Mint took a deep breath and put a smile on her face.
Mark’s dressing room.
Nadech: How you holding up man?
Mark: I am ok, I guess. I worry about Mint a bit though. Putting her in this situation and Da I can imagine how she is feeling now having her boyfriend marrying another girl.
Mario: I feel for you man. We all do. This is one thing that only you or Mint can stop.
Mark: (Taking a deep breath) Nope. The show must go on.
Mark walked out of the room and went to greet the guests. Everyone was anticipating on seeing how beautiful the bride looked. Finally the MC made the announcement.
MC: Its time for the bride to enter the room.
Everyone turned to the entrance of the room waiting for Mint to come in. Yaya and Fern walked in first followed by Mint closely behind. Then when they got past the doors Fern and Yaya broke apart revealing the bride and all eyes were on Mint making Mint feel uneasy. Mark was talking when he heard the announcement and he turned to look at his bride. It was as if time stood still he was stunned at how beautiful Mint looked. Nadech nudged Mark a bit.
Nadech: Close your mouth man or a fly is going to fly in to it.
Mark snapped out of it, and in good timing to because Mint was walking straight to them.
Mark: Ahh…here comes the beautiful bride.
Mint: Shh…You’re lucky that Da wasn’t here to hear what you just said otherwise you will get it bad.
Mark: (Putting his finger to his mouth and grabbing hold of her waist with the other arm) Shh…other people will hear you.
MC: It’s time to start the ceremony
Mark and Mint went to kneel on the cushions behind the small stools and placed their arms together in a wai position on the stools. Mark and Mint’s mothers went to place garlands around their necks and the white cotton string on the bride and grooms head. Then Mark and Mint’s dad places three dots on their foreheads and says a few words. Then Mark’s dad takes the sang (conch shell) which is filled with holy water.
Mr S: (Pouring the water onto the bride and grooms hand) Take good care of each other, love each other with all your heart and learn to forgive one another.
He handed it to Mark’s mother.
Mrs S: (Pouring the water onto the couple) Look after one another, listen to one another and I will be looking forward to seeing some grandchildren.
Handing it to Mint’s father.
Mr W: (Pouring the water onto Mark and Mint’s hand) Watch out for each other, talk through your problems and learn to forgive the mistakes. Mark I had trusted you once when I asked you to take care of Mint at the bus station and now I am entrusting her to you again. Please take care of her well (holding her chin with his hand and tearing) she is my one and only daughter.
Handing it to Mint’s mother.
Mrs W: (Pouring the water on the newly weds) Take care of one another, trust one another, work through your problems and I can’t wait for grandchildren.
Then each of the guests took turns in pouring the water and giving their blessings.
It was night time and Mint was getting ready in her dressing room for the reception.
Fern: OMG you look absolutely beautiful Mint.
Yaya: I agree like an angel.
Mint: Thank you, everyone for trying to cheer me up. I will try to be strong.
Kim: There is only one thing wrong.
Mint: (Touching her clothes and her hair) What’s wrong.
Kim: There is no smile.
Mint: (Sigh of relief) Oui..Kim You had me scared then.
They all start laughing at their friend.
Mark’s Change Room
Nadech: Stop worrying man. Nothing is going to happen.
Mark: Who says I am worrying about that. I know Da trusts me. I am just worrying about this whole wedding sham.
Alex: Come on man you’re lucky to get married to Mint.
Mark: I know but I feel bad for her because she marrying someone that only loves her as a sister now.
Mario: (Tapping him on the shoulder) Everything will be ok. You two will work through this arrangement.
Mark took a deep breath and walked out of the room and waited in the hallway along with his mates for the bride to come out of her room.  The door opened and the girls walked out first. They parted to the side to reveal the bride who was shyly looking to the ground. Mark stood in awe at the vision in front of him.
Nadech: (Elbowing Mark) Snap out of it man, she will notice.
Mark: (Snapping out of it) Shut up man.
He walked up to Mint and put out his arm for Mint to hold onto. The music started inside the hall and the guests stood up and looked towards the closed doors. They both took deep breaths and the doors to the reception hall opened to reveal the bride and groom.  The wedding party walked in first followed by the bride and groom. Everyone was clapping and cheering as they walked up to their table.
Mark: (Whispering to Mint) You look very beautiful today my dear bride.
Mint: (Blushing) Thanks. You’re not looking to bad yourself.
Mark: Why thank you, I thought so to.
They both start to giggle to each other. They sat at their tables and everyone continued eating their food. It was time to cut the cake, Mark and Mint slide the knife down each layer. Then they fed a spoon of cake and a sip of wine to their mothers and fathers in respect and then fed each other a spoon of cake and sip of wine. It was time for the Groom’s speech and the parent’s speech to the guest.
MC: I would like to call up the Bride and Groom and their parents to come to the stage.
They walked up to the stage. Mr Suparat gave his speech first followed by Mr Wijitwongtong. After that it was time for Mark’s speech.
Mark: On behalf of my beautiful bride we would like to thank everyone for joining us in celebration this joyous occasion. Thank you to everyone who helped with the wedding preparations. Thank you to the groomsmen and bridesmaids for putting up with my bride and I. (Everyone laughed) I promise to love and cherish my bride with all my heart. (Lifting up his glass) Cheers to a good night and many more to come.
Everyone: (Lifting up their glasses) CHEERS
Mint was smiling on the outside but inside she knew that half of that speech was not true which hurt her inside.
MC: Gather around everyone. It’s time for the kiss between the bride and groom.
Mark & Mint: Huh…
Everyone gather near the stage.
Everyone: Kiss…Kiss…Kiss
Mark and mint stared at each other. Shocked.
Mint: (Whispering) What should we do? We can’t kiss!
Mark: (Whispering) We have to put a show on. Just imagine that I am your boyfriend.
Everyone was still shouting out kiss…kiss. So Mint closed her eyes and Mark bent in to kiss her on the lips. Everyone cheered and clapped.
MC: I now call everyone to crowd around the dance floor for the bride and groom’s first dance. The music started and Mark held out his arm for Mint to put her hand on and then he wrapped his other arm around her waist while Mint rested hers on his shoulder.
Woman: (Shouts) STOP THE MUSIC.
Everyone turns to look at the woman who was screaming.
Mark & Mint: (Turning around and letting each other go) Da
Da: That’s right it’s me. You didn’t think I would let you two marry so happily. Everyone listen carefully. This girl stole my boyfriend.
Mark: (Whispering) Da what are you doing?
Da: What does it look like I am doing. I am embarrassing the both of you. You are my boyfriend how can you marry this girl. (Pointing at Mint)
Mark: (Grabbing hold of Da’s arm and whispering) Please leave, we will talk about this later. (Calling over Nadech and Boy) Take her out.
Da: (Ripping her arms from Nadech and Boy) No need I can escort myself out.
With that she walked out of the reception.
Parents: It’s OK everyone. The show is over everyone; please continue to enjoy your meals.
Mark and Mint went around to all the tables and thanked everyone by sipping a little bit of champagne at each table.


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YinGgyTASTIC said:
Interesting. I do like it so far. Thanks for the update
Your welcome. Glad you are enjoying it so far. Will update again very soon


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Chapter 5 sneak peek...
Mrs S: He may be naughty but he is very faithful. Oh, and don't forget the grandchildren (With a big smile on her face.)
Mint: (Turning around to see who it was) Mark, where did you come out from? What are you doing? Let me go
Mark: Come on Mint. It’s our wedding night. What do you think a husband and wife does on their wedding night. (With a smile on his face and looking towards the bed)
Enjoy the sneak peek for now chapter 5 coming shortly...


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 5
After the guests left it was time for the parents to take the newly weds into the wedding bedroom. Mark and Mint kneeled down in front of their parents and listened to their parents.
Mr W: Like I had said before Mint is my only daughter. The first time I had met you I had entrusted my daughter to you to look after. Now you two are kneeling in front of me as husband and wife. Cherish the love that you have between you , whether there are arguments big or small promise to work it out, learn to forgive and forget sometimes.
Mrs W: Please take care of my sweet daughter. She is the most lovable person and when she loves someone she loves them with all her heart. Don’t forget that we want grandchildren.
Mint: Mum…
Mr W: Please take care of my daughter Mark.
Mark: (Looking at Mint) I will
Bowing down towards Mint’s parent’s feet they both wai Mint’s parents.
Mr S: Take care of each other. Prepare for the future. Cherish one another. Whether there are arguments big or small promise to work it out, learn to forgive and forget sometimes. You are now our daughter, please take care of this naughty boy of ours.
Mark: Dad
Mrs S: He may be naughty but he is very faithful. Oh, and don't forget the grandchildren (With a big smile on her face.)
All the parents laughed. Mint looked down towards the floor. Mark look across and saw that Mint was blushing and smiled. The parents walked out of the room and Mint was about to follow them out.
Mrs S: Ah,ah ah. You two have to stay in here all night. It’s tradition that the bride and groom are not to exit this room on the wedding night.
Mr W: Su, Su  Mark (Winking at Mark)
Mint: Dad…
The parents laugh and leave the room. It was very awkward in the room. Mint could not look Mark in the eye.
Mint: You can have a shower first I will wait out here.
Mark: No. Ladies first. I insist.
Mint: Ok. Thanks
Mint grabbed a towel from the cupboard and her pajamas and went to the bathroom. When she was inside she was having trouble unzipping her dress, she was afraid to go back out but she had to ask Mark for help.
Mint: (Sticking her head out the door) Mark, a…a…are you able to help unzip m…m…my d…d…dress?
She came out and turned around for Mark to unzip her dress. He came slowly from behind and was very close that she could feel the warmth of his body behind her bringing back past memories. He hesitated and slowly reached for the zipper and pulled it down slowly taking in her scent while he was doing it and putting him into a trance. It almost started falling off which pulled Mint back to her senses and moved which woke Mark from the trance.
Mint: (Whispers) Thanks
Mark: You’re welcome
Then she walked back into the bathroom. Mark loosen his tie and let’s out a huge breath.
Mark: That was a long day. (Looking at the ring) Can’t believe I’m actually married.
Then a smile formed on his face as an idea popped into his mind. Half an hour later Mint came out of the bathroom and couldn’t see Mark. Mint lets out a sigh of relief and walks out. Just as she got to the bed she felt a pair of arms wrap around her.
Mint: (Turning around to see who it was) Mark, where did you come out from? What are you doing? Let me go
Mark: Come on Mint. It’s our wedding night. What do you think a husband and wife does on their wedding night. (With a smile on his face and looking towards the bed)
Mint: (Trying to push Mark away) Bah…We are only married in name. Stop playing around and go have a shower.
Mark: (Not letting go) You and I know that but others don’t. Also mum and dad is expecting us to give them grandchildren very soon. How do you think we can do that? (Looking at Mint up and down with a smirk on his face)
He picks her up and puts her onto the bed and moves in closer to her. Mint starts to move back.
Mint: (Looks around) Don’t you dare. Remember what was our deal, plus you have Da already.
Mark: I change my mind. I can have both Da and you. (Coming onto the bed)
Mint: You can’t do that. Don’t come any closer otherwise (Grabbing something from the bedside table) I will hit you with this.
Mark starts to laugh.
Mark: That cannot stop me (Grabbing it out of her hand)
He grabbed onto her hands and got on top of her. Mint was very worried and was struggling to get free. Mark moved in for the kiss and Mint closed her eyes and looked away. Then she starts to hear laughter.
Mint: (Opens her eyes and looks confused) What’s so funny?
Mark: (Still laughing) You should see the look on your face.
Mint: (Angry. Pushing him off her) Get off me.
Mark: Don’t be so worried. I was only joking. I know what I promised and a gentleman always keeps his word. In front of people I will be the loving husband but behind closed doors we are just best friends. I will look after you the best I can. Promise. (Smiles and holds up his pinky finger)
Mint: (Locks her pinky finger with his) Ok. Thanks for respecting me. What do we do about sleeping arrangements?
Mark: You can take the bed. I will take the couch.
Mint: That’s not right. This is your bedroom and that couch is way to small for you. I will take the couch.
Mark: In that case you take the bed. I have a spare mattress I can sleep on that.
Mint: Are you sure?
Mark: Yes I am sure.
Mint: Thank you.
They smile at each other. Mark went to go have a shower. Mint let out a breath of relief, turned off the main light and turned on the bedside lamps. Then she went to sleep on the bed.
Mark came out of the bathroom and saw that Mint was fast asleep. He walks up to the bed and removes the hair from her face. He gives her a peck on the check and strokes her head like she was a little child.
Mark: Sweet dreams little angel.
Enjoy everyone...


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 6
Mint woke up to the bright light that shined through the window. There was no one in the room so she got up to go to the bathroom.
Mint: (Wide eyed) A…A…Ahh…(Covers her eyes)
Mark turns around wearing just a towel around his waist.
Mark: What’s wrong? Is my handsomeness blinding you?
Mint: (Turning around so that he couldn’t see her blushing) Why didn’t you lock the door?
Mark: Sorry force of habit of living by myself. I didn’t expect anyone to enter. You’re lucky though…(walks in closer to her and talks into her ear) usually I walk around naked in the bathroom.
Mint: (Moving away from him) Bah…Hurry up in the bathroom so I can have a shower and get ready.
Mark: Go ahead and have your shower I just have to finish up shaving and cleaning my teeth. I promise I won’t peep.
Mint: Are you crazy…I’m going out now (Closing the door)
Mint couldn’t help but blush at his comments and went to get her clothes ready and waited for Mark to finish in the bathroom. Mark walked out of the bathroom and saw that Mint was looking out the window and so he took the towel he was using and put it over her head.
Mint: Eww… disgusting. That could have made me blind. You can be so childish sometimes.
Mark: My dear wife…you need to chill. You can go have a shower now. Don’t take to long otherwise I may have to help you in there.
Mint: In your dreams (Quickly took her things and ran into the bathroom)
Mark smiled to himself and walked downstairs to see what there was for breakfast.
Mrs S: (Popping out of the kitchen) Good morning sweetie did you sleep well?
Mark: (Smiled) Good morning mother. What’s for breakfast?
Mr S: (Getting up from the lounge) Huey it’s about time I am very hungry waiting for you two lovebirds to come down (Jokingly). Your mum thought you newly weds would be tired from last night (winking) that she didn’t want to disturb you and made you two breakfast.
Rochelle: Where is sis?
Mark: She’s just getting ready. She should be down soon be patient little princess. (Pinching her nose)
They all started laughing. Mint was walking down the stairs and heard a lot of commotion in the dining room. She opened the door and saw Mother, father, son and daughter chatting and laughing.
Mint: Good morning aunt, uncle, Rochelle.
Mrs S: Huey…Still with the aunt. It’s mother and father now.
Mr S: Come and have a seat next to Rochelle. She’s been asking to sit next to you all morning.
Mint: (Sitting down across from Mark) Sorry I was late coming down. I feel so bad that I didn’t wake up early to make breakfast.
Mrs S: That’s alright dear. It must have been a long night nudging Mark.
Mark: Mum…
Mark and Mint both blushed and they started to eat. Mint could feel something hitting her feet. She looked across to Mark who was making faces at her. She made a face back gesturing “WHAT?” Then Mark was pointing his fork to his mouth. Mint caught on and took a spoon full of the congee and fed it to Mark. Everyone just smiled.
Mr S: Huey honey I think you put to much sugar into the congee its too sweet.
Mint just blushed because she knew what he was referring to. They all just laughed and continued with their breakfast. When they finished Mark’s mother, father and Rochelle left to go to the park. Mark and Mint walked back into the house then they heard the doorbell.
Mark: Mum must have forgotten the keys.
Mint: Don’t worry I’ll open it.
Mint opens the door.
Mint: (Shocked) Da…
Enjoy, more too come :D


sarNie Egg
Thank you so much for sharing this fanfic. It's so cute and funny. Pls update more when you have time. Thank you!!


sarNie Hatchling
sunnisa said:
Thank you so much for sharing this fanfic. It's so cute and funny. Pls update more when you have time. Thank you!!
Ur welcome sunnisa. Will update shortly :)


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 7
Mark: (Walks towards Da) Da what are you doing here?
Da: (Smirks) I've just come to see how the two newly weds were going, and to do this.

With that she slaps Mint across the face. Mark pulls her back hard.

Mark: (Blocking Mint from Da) Why did you do that for? Apologise immediately.
Mint: (Whispering) It's ok.
Da: (Scoffs) Why should I apologise to this husband stealer. You heard her, she said it's ok
Mark: I think you should go home now.
Da: (Whines) But sweetie...
Mark: Go home now Da.

Da stamps her feet on the ground throwing a tantrum and reluctantly leaves.

Mark: (Turning back to Mint and holding her face) Are you ok?
Mint: (Pulling his hands off her face and smiles) I told you I am fine. I think you should go and sort things out with your girlfriend or she may misunderstand even more.
Mark: Are you sure?
Mint: (Nods) Yes, now go.
Mark: I can't, we got to get ready...
Mint: (Confused) Get ready for what?
Mark: What else our honeymoon!
Mint: (Shocked) HUH...
Mark: Don't huh me. Our parents arranged it for us. We leave this afternoon.
Mint: But we don't need to go on a honeymoon. You and I both know this marriage is not real.
Mark: You and I know but no one else knows. Now go up and get your things ready.
Mint: (Sighs) Ok

With that they walked up stairs to get their suitcases ready to go the Hua Hin. They packed all their things into Mark's car and said goodbye to both their parents and Rochelle and then got into the car and left.

Everyone: (Waving) Have fun!
As the car disappeared into the distance.
Mr W: Let's go get their new house ready to surprise them when they get back.
Everyone: Yeah let's do it.

With that they went to the new house.

At Hua Hin

They arrived at the Suparat family beach house. Mark unlocked the gate and the door and then they entered into the house.

Mint: (In awe) Wow this place is beautiful and has a wonderful view too.
Mark: Yes. It's very nice here. Haven't been here in a while, it would be good to have a break.
Mint: What about sleeping arrangements?
Mark: (Smirk on his face) We will be sleeping together of course. Mum and dad want a grandchild real soon.
Mint: (Shocked) HUH!
Mark: (Laughs) I was only joking! You should see the look on your face. I am not that bad to sleep with am I?
Mint: (Lost for words) um...
Mark: (Pointing to the room on the right) Your rooms there where as my room is just next door. The problem is we have to share a bathroom that links the two rooms together so remember to lock up while your in there.

They were enjoying their vacation. Playing on the beach and eating delicious foods at the restaurant nearby and just resting because when they get back Mark had been promoted from general manager to managing director at his father's workplace where as Mint had to go back to uni. On the last morning Mint woke up and went to the bathroom to get herself ready for the trip back home.

Mint: (Opened the door with her eyes slightly closed)...
Mark: (Naked on the toilet) Good morning
Mint: (Eyes opened wide) Ahhh...
Mark: (Blocking his ears) Aww... You don't have to scream so loudly it's morning. I'm not that scary to look at am I? (Hurt expression on his face)
Mint: (Covering her eyes) Hurry up and do your stuff so that I can get ready too.

With that she closed the bathroom door.
Mint: He's absolutely crazy. How am I going to get that image out of my head.
She then went to pack her belongings to distract herself.
[SIZE=12pt]When they were ready they got into the car and drove off. [/SIZE]Mint was very quiet looking out the window.
Mark: (Trying to break the silence) Why are you so quiet. Was my body so hot that it's left you speechless?
Mint: (Making the choking sound) Whatever. I've seen hotter bodies than...(looking at him up and down) that.
Mark: Really. (Smirks) Wait til we get home then my dear wife.
Mint: Eugh...Can you stop saying that. I am not your real wife. Save it for your precious Da.
Mark: Why do you hate her?
Mint: Hey...I don't hate her. I tried to make friends with her. She clearly didn't want to be friends with me so be it. I am not going to force someone to like me. Plus she thinks I am trying to steal you from her so I suggest we keep our distance in front of her. I don't want to cause trouble.
Mark: Come on Mint. You and I both know we can't do that otherwise people will know somethings up. Leave Da for me to sort out, I won't let her hurt you.
Mint: Who said anything about me getting hurt. I am scared that I can't take it anymore and hurt her.
They both smiled to each other and the remainder of the ride was them reminiscing about the past. They finally got home and everyone was waiting for their arrival.

Mrs W: We have a surprise for you.

The parents blind folded the two and drove them to the new house. When they got there they told Mark and Mint to close their eyes. They then took the blind folds off and Mark and Mint opened their eyes slowly.

Everyone: (Throwing confetti) SUPRISE
Mark and Mint: (Surprised) Wow!...
Mrs S: Like it?
Mark: Love it. Thank you Mum, Dad, Aunt and Uncle!
Mr S: What's with the Aunt and Uncle we are family now. It's mum and dad too.
Mark: Yes Dad.
Mint: Thank you everyone. This place is beautiful.

They had a family BBQ that evening all their friends were invited too. Everyone was having fun.
Enjoy everyone...Sorry for the short chapters


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 8

It was Monday Mint got up early to make breakfast for the two and got ready for uni. Mark woke up and got ready for work. They ate their breakfast and chatted about this and that.

Mint: Good luck at work today!
Mark: You have fun at uni too. Study hard so that you can graduate soon to help me out.
Mint: I will try my best.

At the office

Man: (Talking on the phone) Yes Nina! I can't make it today, I have an important appointment. Hold on a second sweetie...(Changing phones) Yes! What other girl! I am truly busy, I have to meet up with the new MD soon, see you soon...(Hangs up and switches back to the other phone) sorry you had to wait so long. Anyways I have to go meet the new MD now. Talk to you soon.

Lily: Khun Pope ka. How are you today?
Pope: I am good. Are you ready? Let's go.
Lily: Yes I am ready, but we have to wait for Esther.
Pope: Esther? Who's Esther?
Lily: The one I told you about my new assistant your personal secretary!
Pope: She's younger than 25 yrs old and single right?
Lily: ah-ha
Pope: I have already scanned her profile. Is she pretty?
Lily: Take a deep breath cos here she comes now.

A girl comes walking in with her hair flowing down. Nice button up top and short business skirt walks towards them. Pope was checking her out not noticing someone else was behind her.

Lily: She's cute, right?
Pope: (Still looking at her as she walks on by) M-huem...
Lily: (Turns to look at him) Do you see her?
Pope: (Not facing Lily) Sure do!

Lily looks in the direction his looking and rolls her eyes.

Lily: (Trying to pull his face to face her) Khun Pope ka this way.

Pope turned his face to see a girl in an ordinary black work dress with her hair put up in a neat bun and big prescription glasses. She wai to them letting her glasses fall slightly.

Pope: Is this a secretary's assistant or a teacher?

He looks at her from her toes to her head and shakes his head.

Lily: Esther, this is Khun Tanawat Wattanaputi. He is our financial manager. You can call him Khun Pope.
Esther: (Looks at Pope then back at Lily) he's a manager?
Pope: What's that supposed to mean?
Esther: (Wai to him again) Hi. It's just I imagined that you would have been more mature and look respectable.
Pope: (Moving towards her) Hey! What are you insinuating?
Lily: (Holding him back) Calm down.
Esther: I'm sorry it's not what I meant. I just spoke what's in my mind. Being sarcastic is violating my principles. I can not do that.
Pope: (Thinking) Violating your principles? (Figures out) Don't tell me your one of those...

Esther just smiles at Pope as he looks angrily at her.

Pope: Let's go otherwise we will be running late.

They walked to the meeting room to find Mr S and Mark waiting for them.

Pope: Sorry we are late.
Mr S: That's ok, we just got here too. (Pointing to Mark) You two have met before.
Mark my son will be the new MD.
Pope: (Shaking hands) It's good to see you again Mark how are you?
Mark: Very good. How bout you?
Pope: Well. If you need anything just let me know.
Mr S: (Pointing at Lily) This is Lily your secretary and this is...
Lily: Esther. My assistant and Khun Pope's secretary.

Everyone exchanged their hellos and went straight to work.
Surprise I have decided to add Pope and Esther in the story hope you like it :)


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 9

At Mint & Mark's House

Mint: So how was work today.
Mark: (Slumping on the couch) Phew tiring. Getting used to the new position.

Mint walked behind Mark and the couch.

Mint: Poor thing. Here I will give you a massage.

Mint started massaging Mark's head and then went down to his shoulders. Mark was enjoying the massage and feeling really relaxed and closed his eyes for a bit. He opened them again and all of a sudden pulled Mint over the couch, got on top of her and started tickling her.

Mint: (Laughing) Stop it Mark, you know I am ticklish.
Mark: (Stopped and looked at Mint in the eye) Thanks, I really needed that.

They stay in that position for a while and then Mark started to move in a bit closer. Mint snapped back to reality and realised what was happening and pushed Mark off her.

Mint: (Getting off the couch and straightening herself out) Umm...I made dinner already. Let's eat

Mint walked off to the dining room. Mark realising what he was about to do felt really bad.

Mark: (Hitting his forehead) What are you doing Mark? You have and love Da, why are you doing things like that with another girl?

They ate their dinner and talked about their day then went to their separate bedrooms.

It had been a month now and everything was settling in fine. Mark had been very busy with work but always found time to eat Mint's homemade lunches that he looked forward to every day.

Pope: (Looking at Mark smiling into his lunch box) Wow. Your wife must be one hell of a cook if it puts a smile on your face everyday. I must meet her some time.
Mark: (Still smiling) Come over tonight and have dinner with us. You too Lily and Esther.
Pope: Are you sure that's ok. Bit of a late notice for your wife isn't it?
Mark: She'll be alright with it. So how about it?
Pope: Sure that would be great.
Lily: Count me in.
Pope: How about you Miss goodie too shu?
Esther: Umm...Why not.
Mark: Great. I will just let Mint know we're having company.

Mark called Mint on the home phone.

Mark: Hello Mint.
Mint: Yes. What is it?
Mark: Is that how you greet someone on the phone?
Mint: (Smiling) No, only you.
Mark: (Sarcastically) Haha.
Mint: Anyways, is there something wrong. Did you need me to do something?
Mark: I just wanted to let you know I am having some work colleagues over for dinner today is that ok? Would you be able to make a little extra tonight?
Mint: Well can't back out now, you already invited them. Of course it's ok. The more the merrier. So how many do I have to cook for?
Mark: Thanks, your the best. I have invited three people.
Mint: I know I am. Well I got to get cracking I will see you soon.
Mark: See you soon. Bye
Mint was busy preparing dinner for the night and before she noticed a pair of arms wrapping around her waist.

Mint: (Startled) What are you doing?
Mark: (Smiling cheekily) Thanking you of course.
Mint: There's no need to hug me or thank me. It's a wife's duty. Anyways have the guests come yet?
Mark: I still want to thank you. No they haven't made it yet they're coming in a different car.
Mint: Well that's good. Gives me time to get freshened up.
Mark: Hurry they should be arriving soon.
Mint: Don't worry, I won't take that long.
Mark:(Sarcastically) Yeah right.
Mint: (Walking up the stairs, turning back) What was that.
Mark: (Acting innocent) Nothing.

Half an hour later Mint came down the stairs just in time as Pope, Esther and Lily arrived. She walked outside and stood beside Mark to greet the guests.

Pope: (Walking out of the car) Wow nice town house. (Stops and stands in awe) And what a beautiful lady.
Esther: Really even someone else's wife you can’t leave out to.
Pope: Well, who else am I meant to compliment? You?
Mint: (Smiles) Thank you. I am Mint. Nice to finally meet you all.
Esther & Lily: Nice to meet you to.
Mint: (Leading them to the living room) Come in to the living room and have a seat. Dinner should be set out soon.

They sat and talked for a bit and had some drinks.

Mint: I will go set the table.
Esther: Let me go with you to.
Mint: No worries. Follow me.
Lily: I'm going to

The girls walked out leaving the boys to talk.

Pope: You're a very lucky man. Not only is she a great wife but she is also beautiful to. Cherish her and never let go of her. I only hope I can find someone like her in the future.
Mark: Thanks man. Don't worry when the time comes she will come or maybe you have already met her.

Mint came back into the room.

Mint: Dinner is set, come on in.

They started eating the food and talking at the same time.

Esther: The food is delicious, Mrs Prin.
Mint: Please, don't need to be so formal. Just call me Mint.
Esther: Ok.
Pope: So when are we going to hear good news?
Lily: What good news boss?
Pope: Pregnant? Baby?

Mint choked on her food.

Mark: (Tapping Mint on the back) Are you ok sweetie?
Mint: (Clearing her throat) Yes
Mark: Not yet. We are still trying.

Mint was embarrassed and kicked Mark under the table lightly.
Mark: (Rubbing his legs) Oww…
Lily: Is everything ok?
Mark: Ant bite me
Mark stared at her and smiled. They all start laughing. They continued to talk and eat their dinner as the doorbell rings.

Mint: Who could that be at this time. Did you invite someone else sweetie?
Mark: No.

Mint went to open the door. As soon as she opened it Da came pushing through and walked into the dining room.

Da: How mean of you to have a dinner and not invite me darling? (Going to kiss Mark on the cheek.)
Lily: Who are you?
Da: Who am I! I am...
Mark: DA! Lets go outside and talk.
Da: Why should I, I am your girl...
Mark: (Pulling onto Da and walking out) Da, I said lets go.

Mark pulls Da out to the front of the house.

Lily: Why did you let big boss go out with that girl.
Mint: I can't stop him seeing his girlfriend
Pope: But you are his wife, you have every right to stop him.

They watched as Mark and Da were arguing at the front and then Da drove off.

Mint: Aren't you going to follow her?
Mark then got into his car and wound down the window.

Mark: Sorry to ruin the evening, but I think we should call it a night.

Then he drove off following Da. He was driving two cars behind Da when he saw her turning off into a different direction.
Mark: (Confused) Wait a minute, this isn’t the way to Da’s condo. Where is she going?
He continued to follow her to a small unit. He parked his car a few houses away and hid behind a bush. Da was knocking on the door and waited. As the door swung open a guy walked out and Da threw herself all over him and started kissing him and then they walked in. As Mark saw what was happening he was so hurt that he started to tear.
Mark: (In disbelief) How could this happen? When did this happen?
He drove back home and didn’t say a word. Took a bottle out of the cabinet and started to drink. Mint came walking in from the kitchen.

Mint: (Grabbing his hand that held the bottle) I don't think that is the best solution.
Mark: It's ok. Thanks for tonight. You should get some sleep I will be alright.
Mint: (Hesitantly) Ok. Goodnight
Mark: Goodnight.

With that Mint walked up to her room leaving Mark in the living room to drink. It was about 2 o'clock and Mint woke up seeing the lights were still open. She walked down to see that Mark was laying on the couch drunk so she packed away the cup and bottle of wine and helped him walk up the stairs. They got to the room and Mint lay Mark down on the bed. She went to grab a towel and a bowl of water and started to wipe Mark down. She hesitantly unbuttoned his shirt revealing his firm body and wiped his body. All of a sudden she felt Mark's hand grip onto hers.

Mark: (Drunkely) Da...

Mint pulled her hand away and tried to get up.

Mark: Please don't leave me...
Mint: (Pulling away and trying to get away) I am not Da please let go.
Mark: (Pulling harder and made her fall onto the bed as he went on top of her) Please don't leave me, Da
Mint: (Pushing him off) Mark wake up and see. I am not your Da.
Mark: (Grabs onto her again) Don't lie. Please don't leave me. I love you...
Mint: (Startled) Mark...I'm not...

All of a sudden Mark pushed his lips onto her mouth and started kissing her. Mint tried to fight back but soon started to relax. Mark could sense that and moved on further kissing her more passionately and laid her gently on the bed as he was taking off his shirt and threw it to the floor. He started trailing kisses down from her mouth to her cheek as his hand found hers and held onto them. His kisses then trailed down to her neck as his hands started to explore her body and then it stopped. Mint opened her eyes and looked up to find that Mark had collapsed on top of her. She tried pushing him off her a couple of times and finally succeeded only to have him pull her back and hug her from behind while still sleeping.
Mark: (Murmurs) Da, Please don’t leave me. I love…
Mark dozes off again. Mint hearing those words cries herself to sleep.
Enjoy everyone...Hope you're not getting tired of this story :)


sarNie Egg
Thank you so much for the update! I'm looking forward to reading more. hehe glad he finally found out that Da has been cheating on him. 


sarNie Hatchling
sunnisa said:
Thank you so much for the update! I'm looking forward to reading more. hehe glad he finally found out that Da has been cheating on him. 
Glad to hear you are liking it. Yes finally his eyes has been open. Hold out for what is in store for Mark and Mint. :)