"The Replacement"

"The Replacement"
By: tinapopiinakatsuloves​

~Thanks too Kutefirstlove haha
Chapter 1
“ah, Dad and Mom this is Jojo My Girlfriend that I was talking about last times” Say Lom
“What? Your girlfriend?” ask Lom’s Mom
“Hi, I’m Jojo” said Jojo looking at Lom’s Parents
“…Jojo let’s go I think we are late for the meeting” Say Lom
“Uh… sure” Jojo Look at Lom then to the parents “Good bye we got to go”
“Bye mom and dad” Lom Hug his parents and hold Jojo Hand and left. At the car Jojo walk to her side , and Lom follow her
“Aw, what are you doing on my side you side it that way?” ask and say Jojo, Lom reach out for her hand
“Jojo, Sorry about my mom saying that out loud ok, she was just surprise and—..” Jojo interrupt him
“No, it’s ok I don’t mine” Jojo Smile at Lom and Lom smile back “ok let’s go before we are late”
“Ok” Lom went to his side and got in the car and both left to work.
At Work
“ah, the couple arrive” Said a Worker Looking at Jojo and Lom Holding hand walking.
“Lom, we got something we need to show you?” say one of worker
“Ok, I’ll be right there in a bit let me take my stuff and my lovely girlfriend to her room and my room first”
“Yes” Lom and Jojo Left
“Lom, you can just drop me here, I can go by myself, you hurry to go see the new idem we made” say Jojo
“what? But I want to take you to your room, and DROP you there and…”Lom pause
“and? And what?” Jojo Look at Lom
“Come closer so no one will here me” Lom look at Jojo and jojo came closer “and I want a kiss” he whisper to Jojo ear
“I was just kidding” Both starts laughing “Ok well, I better go”
“Can I ask you something?” Lom look at Jojo
“Yeah? What is it now?”
“Can I have a hug before going?” Lom look and wait for Jojo answer….Jojo Look around
“Yeah” Jojo Gave Lom a hug
“Thanks now I have more energy”
“Ok I’m going” Lom left and Jojo went to her room
At Jojo’s working room
Jojo open the door
“uh, hi there maybe I help you?” ask Jojo a girl turn and look at Jojo
“You are Jojo?” ask the Girl
“Yes, I am”
“Well, may I ask where is Lom?”
“He’s at the meeting room”
“well, Can you take me there?” as the girl walk close to Jojo
“Uh, not right now cause they’re having a meeting about the new idem we made”
“Do you know who I am?” ask the girl looking at Jojo
“uh, miss I don’t know”
“Well, I’ll tell you I’m Lom’s girlfriend”
“You are Lom’s girlfriend?”
“Did I just say that I’m Lom’s girlfriend? Well, just take me to Lom’s room”
“I don’t think I can do that”
“Jojo, are you in there?” someone call from outside
“Uh, come in” Say Jojo The girl came in “ah, Amber”
“Who she?” ask the girl
“Uh, Jojo who she?”
“ah, amber she’s….”
“I’m Lom’s girlfriend, name Lisa”
“what? Lom’s girlfriend?” ask Amber looking at the girl to Jojo
“Uh, yes”
Knock knock
“Jojo, can I come in?” ask Lom from outside
“is that Lom?” ask Lisa she ran to the door and open
“Jojo, let’s----“
“LOM!” Lisa Hug Lom
“Uh…Lisa?” Lom look at Lisa
“Yes, I came here to see you I miss you so much!” Lisa hug Lom harder
“uh, it’s nice seeing you again” As Lom remove Lisa arm away from him and ran to Jojo
“Lom who is she?” Lisa ask looking at Jojo
“She’s my girlfriend” say Lom Smiling at Jojo
“what? Your girlfriend?” why didn’t I know about this?”
“you’re not suppose to know ha-ha” Lom laugh and put his hand on Jojo waist and Lisa looks at it
“Uh, Lom but this girl say that she’s your---“ Jojo Stop amber
“My what?” Lom look at amber to Jojo
“it’s nothing I forgot” say amber “well, I’m going starts going bye, bye Jojo”
“Bye amber” say Jojo as amber left the room
“uh, Lisa do you want to join Jojo and I?”
“uh, sure” they left to eat
End Chapter 1


sarNie Juvenile
iisayys;ahahha, LOM???.
you just totallyy fall iin LOVE wiith hiim after watchiing "Wayupak Montra," huh?.
not bad ii guess.
but what about MARGIE?.
you got to be his gf&&not MARGIE?.
awww, poor MARGIE!!!.
lolz, ii kiidd ii kiidd.
good onee though.

Chapter 2 is Now up
Chapter 2
At the place they went eating
“Uh, Jojo what do you want to eat?” ask Lom
“Uh, like always”
“OK” Lom smile at Jojo
“What about you Lisa?”
“Uh, I’ll eat what you eat Lom”
“Ok” Lom order “uh…Jojo I’ll be right back alright, I need to use the restroom” Lom Hold Jojo Hand
“ok” Jojo smile as Lom left his seat and walk to the restroom
“uh, Jojo maybe I ask you a question?” ask Lisa
“Yeah, sure you may”
“Well, how long have you and Lom been dating?”
“Lom and I been dating for 4 years now”
“what? 4 years now?”
“Yeah, something wrong?”
“are you two thinking for marriage?”
“Uh, Yeah we have…. We are doing it during the summer”
“what? Summer?”
“yeah, something wrong?”
“no” Lom came back
“uh, have your food and drinks” say the server
“Thanks” say Lom “uh… ok let’s eat” about to eat “Uh, Lisa today we are having a party at my place want to come?”
“when?” ask Lisa
“Uh, at 6:pm”
“you should come Lisa”
“ok I will”
“Well, Lom I got to go cause I might be late” say Lisa
“you got something to do?” ask Jojo
“well, it’s just families meetings”
“Oh ok”
“bye bye” Lisa left
“Jojo, wait for me today ok I’ll come pick you up ok?” Lom Hold Jojo’s hand
“.. Sure ha-ha” both laugh
At Lisa car
“What? Marry?? I got to do something” say Lisa
Back to Work
“Jojo, see you in a bit” Say Lom
“ash~ ok”
“Can I ask you something?”
“but you got to come closer!”
“yeah” Jojo came closer, and Lom Fast gave Jojo a Kiss on her cheek
“Lom?” Jojo starts to look around and back to Lom
“bye” both left to work and then home
Times for the Party
Beep Beep
“What? He here already?” Jojo ask amber she look outside, and Saw Lom he walk out of his car to her door.
“yeah, I guess u could say that” answer Amber
Knock knock Amber answer the door
“Hi, is Jojo finish?” Lom ask
“Uh, in a bit” reply Amber “well, come in” Lom walk in
“Jojo are you finish? If you are come out” say Amber
“I am” Jojo walk out
“Whao? You forgot something” say Amber looking at Jojo
“What?” looking at herself
“Your, necklace”
“Oh, ha-ha thanks Amber, can you hand it to me?” Jojo ask as she was fixing her shoes on,
“Here” say amber , just then Jojo feel someone touching her neck
“Ambe---“ Jojo look up and saw Lom with the Necklace trying to fix it for her” “aw.. Lom you scared me”
“Sorry, did I?” Lom look at Jojo
“Let’s go” say Jojo
“Amber are you here?” yelled a man
“aw, I’m here” Amber reply the man walk to Amber
“ah Amber who he?” ask Jojo
“ah, a friend I told him to pick me up today for the party so you and Lom can have time together ok I’m going to starts going ok hurry and come ok” Amber Left
“eh… eh, wait Amber” Jojo About to walk over but Lom Pull her back
“Where are you going?” ask Lom
“well, she didn’t give me my necklace yet”
“Well, thought u saw it? It’s in my hand” Jojo look
“oh yeah” Lom put it on Jojo Neck
“aw you are so pretty today”
“Just today?” Jojo Look at Lom
“no, always”
“Well,..” she look at the time “oh, let’s hurry before we are late” Jojo pull Lom hand, But lom pull her back
“why are you in the hurry?”
“well, we might get late!”
“The party doesn’t starts until 7”
“Well, aleast go over there early because you are the main person people want to meet cause it’s your party”
“ok as you say” Both walk to the car and drove to the party
At the Party
“Aw, my son is back hold on a second” Say Lom’s Mom as she walk to Lom and Jojo “Lom?” Lom’s mom Pull Lom’s arm “Didn’t Mom told you not to bring her here?”
“Mom, but she’s my girlfriend and I’m going to tell everyone about her today”
“No, take her back now”
“mom? Why are like this?”
“Why not another girl?”
“Uncle Daughter is here too better know what you are doing”
“Yes” Lom walk back to Jojo
“something wrong?” Jojo look at Lom but Lom didn’t answer Jojo and just Down
“Please let Lom come up here to say something” Say Lom’s parents , Lom walk up
“amen, Hi everyone I’m Lom, nice to meet all of you, well, what I’m going to talk about is about my company what we made new, all the new idem we made” Lom smile and everyone clap “This Picture show the love of two person, so strong no one will break into their love, the only thing that can break their love is one of them, about this picture right here is about a single person that still need love” Lom kept talking and talking “Well, everyone as you see this idem right here is something really special for me cause it’s just the only one made … and I made it myself, it have a lot of mean in it but I’ll tell you one, it’s a strong love from me to the one I love for 4 years now, and I would love to call her up here” Lom turn and look at Jojo “Jojo” He call
“what?” Say Lisa “What? No this can’t happen” looking at Jojo
“Come on Jojo, Lom calling you” say Amber , Lom came down and hold Jojo’s hand and pull her up there with him
“This is Jojo, and we are getting married soon so please come if you can thanks” everyone clap, Lom smile at Jojo
“Lom come with me” say Lom’s mom
“I’ll be back Jojo” Lom follow his mom
“Lom, didn’t mom say that not to do that?”
“Mom, I’m sorry but Jojo and I been dating for 4 years it’s not like another girl going to get a chance with me”
“Lom, you go and change you word now”
“Mom, I can’t do that cause I already say that”
“Well, what about Lisa?”
“what about Lisa? She’s just a friend”
“Lom, Mom want Lisa Not Jojo” Lisa pop up and running toward Lom’s mom and Lom
“Mom, please don’t force Lom like this it’s ok if Lom just take me as a friend” say Lisa Holding Lom’s mom hand
“Lisa, don’t worry cause Lom’s will go and take his word back and say you are the girl he want to marry” say Lom’s Mom
“Lisa, I’m really sorry but Jojo and I’ve been dating for 4 years now”
“I understand” Lisa starts to fake crying
“Lisa, don’t cry if you cry you won’t be pretty anymore” say Lom’s mom “Talk with Lisa, mom will, be back” mom left
“Lisa, I’m really sorry but I really can’t just let Jojo go and go for you when we don’t have feelings for each other” say Lom
“I understand”
“thanks for understanding” as then Jojo was then walking towards Lom and Lisa
“ah.. Lom help me” Lisa starts to act hurt
“What happen? Lisa are you alright?” lom ask
“ah, it hurt, hurt a lot?”
“Lom, She fell and hug Lom really tight
“Lom?” Jojo look at them
“ah, Jojo” Lom about to walk to Jojo but Lisa hold onto Lom
“Lom, it hurt a lot”
“uh, is Lisa alright?” ask Jojo
“I don’t know she just say it hurt”
“Jojo, uh.. what are you doing?” amber yell looking at Lom and Lisa
“Ah… Lisa is not feeling well” say Jojo turn her bac on Lom and Lisa
“ah…. Lom it’s ok I’ll take care of Lisa you go and Jojo go ahead” say amber walk and grab Lisa
“What? No I only need Lom” say Lisa trying to reach for Lom but he walk to Jojo
“let’s go Jojo”
“Come,” Lom hold her hand and both walk away
“hey, you why are you holding me?” ask Lisa pushing Amber
“well, my name is Amber and you shouldn’t be messing with them cause they really understand each other and don’t waste your time, trying to make them broke up it’s not going to work” Amber walk away
“huh, I’ll do whatever I can, Jojo don’t be happy”
“Lom, where are you taking me?” ask Jojo walking about Lom
“here we are here” Lom looking around
“uh, where is this?”
“my house”
“Yeah, it’s your house I know”
“well” Lom bend down on his knee and bring out a ring “Jojo will you married me?” Jojo look at Lom
“Yeah will you? Answer me”
“Yes” Lom put the ring into Jojo’s finger and got up and both hug
“I love you” say Lom Hugging Jojo
“Same here I love you too” Jojo smiling hugging Lom
“uh.. the party is almost over I’ll take you home ok”
“I love you” Both hug again
“love?? No this can’t happen” Say Lisa walking away
End of Party
“Come in Jojo let’s go” say Lom
“Ok” both got in the car driving away
“ah.. I’m so happy” say Lom
“Cause you say yes, if you say no I will be so sad”
“aw” Lom’s phone ring
“excuse me ok” (lom’s still driving) “hello? What? What happen to mom? I can’t now what?”
A car came to Lom side of Lom’s car
“LOM watch out” BOOM
End of chapter 2

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sarNie Juvenile
i like it!.
it's cute.
i like the part when JoJo feel something touch her neck.
just remind me of vampires.
eeheeee, anywayy update soon.
CH 3

Going back to what happen:
So Lom told everyone that he's going to Married Jojo, and Lise, and Lom's Mom doesnt Like Jojo.
They just finish the party about to go back home so Lom's taking Jojo home but they got into a car accident.



"Lom, watch out" Boom
"Lom?Lom?LOm" Lise Yelled so Loud in the phone
"What happen Lise?" Lom's mom ask
"I don't know He's not answer"
"did something happen?"
"well.. there was a loud noise"
"Lom's Mom they just call from the hospital" say a maid running with the phone
"What?" she go tthe phone and talk "Hello?" Lom's Mom Listne and supries "No" She drop the phone
"What? happen?" ask Lise
"My son, he got into a accident, get the car" They all drove to the hospital

They got to the Hospital
"Hi, we want to see Lom, what room is he at?" ask Lise
"Room 300"
"thanks"everyone was going ot go but the doctor reach them
"Doctor how's my son?" Lom's mom ask
"He's ok don't worry he was hurt"
Jojo's friends reach there
"Doctor how Lom's and Jojo?" amber ask
"Lom's ok but---"
"What happen to Jojo?" Amber grab the doctor
"But The person called Jojo we didn't find her"
"What?" Amber let go and slow walk away
"Amber are you alright?" Key ask holding Amber
"Im sorry" the Doctor leave
"It was Jojo who about to Killed Lom" Lom's mom yelled
"What are you Talking about? They didn't find Jojo" amber yelled
"THat's good if she dies" Lise say
"Shut up" Amber Slap Lise and Lise was about to slap back but Key Hold amber and lise back.
The Nexts Morning
"Agh...." Lom make a noise
"Lom?" Lom's mom ran to him and help him up "are you alright?"
"Mom? I'm alright"
"That's great thanks to god"
"Where's Jojo?"
"Jojo? Son you were about to die cause of the woman and you still called for her?"
"I need to find her!" Lom trying getting off the bed and LIse came in
"Lise help me" Lom Hold her hand"
"oK what?"
"Help me find Jojo"
"yes, na~"
"Lise you going to say yes?" Lom's mom ask
"Ma? try to understand!"
"oh ok"
Lom go back and rest i'll go look for her ok"
"Ok" Lom went back to rest

AT a little village
"Brother, when will you bring me a fish?" ask Tommy
"When? one day just wait" REply Golf
"one day"
"Ok, uh... Brother i need to pee"
"Go pee, you dont need to tell me!!!"
Tommy ran to pee behide a tree.. "AHHHHH" Tommy ran so fast back to Golf
"What? what? Happen?"
"there's a girl over there , she---"
"What? a ghost girl?, run" Golf starts running and Tommy ran after him and grab him
"Golf let me finish, before i pee i saw her she was saying a name"
"Who's name was he saying?"
"It;s a she!"
"oh ok"
"I dont know i was to scared so i ran over"
"Oh ok"
"Let's go back and take a look"
"ok" Both walk back and look at the girl
POKE (Golf Poke her with a stick)
"ah~ tommy is she alive?" Golf ask
"I dont know i think she is"
"Pick her up"
"Ok i will then" Golf Grab her arm and turn her "AHHHH"
"What happen?"
"I dont know look at her!"
"SHe's alive" Tommy help her up
"AHHH who are you!?" Jojo yelled
"Uh... I'm tommy you?"
"where am I?"
"you are in my Village"
"Oh, how?"
"I don't know let me ask you how?"
"I dont know, i was with Lom....LOM where Lom?"Jojo look up
"Lom? who's Lom?"
"It's my friend"
"We dont know all we know is we found you" say Tommy
"oh well.. follow us"
"oh by the way this is my older brother Name Golf, GOlf say hi to her"
"oh, uh... hi?" Golf smile at her , jojo nodd
They took Jojo to the little village and then to their house
"Hi, I'm Golf's Mom and you are?"
"I'm Jojo"
"aw, here take these clothes and change ok"
"ok" Jojo went and change
"Golf, take Jojo around and show her around"
"If someone ask who she is say she's your girlfriend"
"What? girlfriend?why?" Golf Yelled
"why can't it be friends?" ask Jojo
"Golf you know how it is? in our village"
"What is it in your village?" ask Jojo
"ok, well... let's me tell you jojo in our village, if there's something new in our village everyone want it to be there, so they'll do anything to get it, that's why i told My son to say that you are his girlfriend get it?"
"yea, thanks for telling"
"No probelm ok golf go ahead"
"Ok, follow"
"ok" Jojo Follow him
BAck to the hospital
"Lom my son eat this"
"no, mom i want to see Jojo"
"yes, ma"
"She may be dead by now"
"Ma, why do you hate jojo so much?"
"Ma, dont like her"
"YOu wont understand"
"Sorry, for the we need to talk to Lom if you As Lom's mom dont mine" say the Doctor
"Ok" Lom's mom left
"Uh, if you can, cna you tell us what happen? what that times before the carr accident?"
"uh.. well i drove my girlfriend home and Lise called so i pick up and when i know i heard my girlfriend yelled "Watch out Lom" and then Boom"
"Anything else"
"uh.....I dont know but there was something but i cant think of it"
"Can you carefully think of what it is?"
"Well.. if we show your something are you willing to tell us what happen?"
THe Doctot took out a ring
"Lom watch out" Boom
"JOjo, hold on" Lom's hold onto Jojo's hand
"Lom help me"
"Jojo----" BOOm something hit Lom on the head and he slow let go of Jojo's hand"
End of flashback
"yes, a ring before we got you, you were holding a ring but we grab your hand and the ring was drop into the deep"
"What? that ring is my girlfriend ring when i got her"
"Ok,clam down"
"I need to find her"
"Dont worry we;ll help you"
"get some rest we'll find her for you ok" Lom's lay in bed

Back To Golf and Jojo
"Gold? what is this?"
"My name is GOlf not Gold"
"That's some kind of fruits"
"oh is it, can we eat it?"
"no, it's poise"
"oh ok"
"Hey, Golf" SOme Guys came out
"What do you guys want now?"
"Didnt we say not to walk around like this?"
"what? im just walking nothing much"
"But remember what we told you?"
"No? ha~ we told if you dare to walk outside today you are die!!!"
"Not really but yeah"
"Golf's who are these peoples?" Jojo ask
"What? who's this cute girl?" THe guy walk over to Jojo's
"Go away from us" Say Jojo
"What? Whao that cute girl just told us to go away" say one of the guy
"Hey, be quiet" Say Golf
"What? dont tell her to be quiet" The guy walk over and grab jojo's Hair
"Let's go" Jojo push the guy away from her
"Hey, you guys came mess with me but not her" say Golf
"well.. who she to you??"
"She's----" Golf look at Jojo
"I'm his girlfriend" say Jojo (Golf look at Jojo,a nd she smile)
"whao she's a tough one"
"Hey, since when did you got a girlfriend?"
"Since today" jojo answer
"Bring her to the boss"
"Let her go" Golf yelled
"Let go" Jojo Yelled and kick the guy, GOlf grab a stick and hit everyone fell to the ground and grab Jojo's hand
"hurry let's go before they all get up" Gold pulled Jojo
"Hurry they ran this way" The others follow
"(sign) That was closed" Golf turn and look at Jojo and Jojo look up
"Uh... are you ok?" Jojo ask?
"uh... why are you so closed to me?" GOlf ask
"me? no i'm not"
"Yes, you are"
"No, i'm not you are the one coming close up too me look" OGlf look behide him so much space
"hehe, it's ok your pretty cute and funny"
"Cute and funny?"
"yeah" Jojo starts to giggles a little
"Shhh~ they are coming back"
"Hurry seach around here"
"uh.. Golf~?"
"Golf!" Joj wishper
"Shh be quiet"
"There's a bug on my shoulder AHHHHH~" Golf cover her mouth
"What;s that noise?" the guys ran towards the noise
"Shhh~ they are coming our way" Jojo hold On Golf's shirt tight and closed her eyes
End of Ch 3
thanks for reading !!!
thanks for reading i'll uapdate it tomrrow morning alright?? ok ahah thanks for reading
Ch 4 update
Jojo Hold onto Golf shirt so tight and closed her eyes
after 5 min Jojo open her eyes and look around
"are they gone?" She look around again and then look at Golf, Golf staring at Jojo "Golf?" Golf just kept on staring at Jojo
"Why? Why is she looking at me?" Golf ask Himself inside "Oh My God, she's still looking at me!!"
"Golf!" Jojo called him
"huh? what? are they gone?" Golf ask Jojo
"Why, why are you so..." Jojo Look at Golf
"What? what's wrong with me?" Golf ask Jojo, Jojo point to his face "Something on my face?"
"Yea, you are turning red"
"Really? no way" He touch his face and then look at Jojo again
"Where are they fine them" Yelled one of the bad guy
"Shh~" Golf look out the waterhole, so they been in the waterhole for 2 hours....

AT the hospital
"Jojo? Doctor i want to see Jojo"
"sir, don’t worry we are packing today, so we'll go look for her ok starting tomorrow"

"Lom I came to help you" Say Eunhyuk
"Oh Eunhyuk? Hi"
"hey Brother how you been?" ask Eunhyuk
"Not great at all cause......"
"Sorry, uh... I'm have to much busy at my village so I couldn’t come to your party"
"it's alright, just help me"
"help you!?, I'll always help you"
"Help me find my girlfriend!” Eunhyuk Look at Lom
“Your girlfriend?” Eunhyuk ask so surprise “Lom how come I never know that you have a girlfriend? Are you talking about ..lisa?
“No, not Lise it’s----” The doctor interrupt them
“Son, you will have to go out for a few min cause we need to talk to Lom” say the doctor
“Ok, Lom I’ll call you later I got to go now ok”
“ok bye”
“Bye” Eunhyuk left
“Son how are you doing?” ask the doctor looking at Lom
“I’m doing find”
“that’s good to hear, well.. Before you go find your friend that was lost …. We have to let one of our helper in here got with you …. Is that ok?”
“Uh…. Sure .. But what is she/he going to do?”
“She’ll follow you and take care of you cause if anything happen she can help”
“ok, may I ask who she is?”
“It’s May , she’s that one who’s going to take care of you!”
“Ok, when will she starts working?”
“Starting tomorrow when you go home”

In Eunhyuk Car
“What? I didn’t know Lom has a girlfriend, he must have good taste… hehe oh well… got to send this to the office and go back home” Eunhyuk Left

At Golf and Jojo
“Hey Golf…. They already left can we go home now?” ask Jojo
“Yea, sorry to keep you wait”
“Hurry it’s very cold”
“Yeah, it is” Jojo starts to run…. (Now it’s like around 11:30 Pm Dark) “ Hey slow down” Jojo slow down
“Hey…. Im hungry”
“Same here”
A light then headed Toward Jojo and Golf’s way
“Golf? Where are you?” a voice calling
“golf,… someone calling your name” Jojo say
“yea, I can heard”
“well…. Who is it?”
“I don’t know”
“maybe it’s your mom”
“no, my mom is scared of the dark”
“oh… then can it be a ghost?”
“Jojo, don’t say that!”
“are you scared of ghost?”
“.. Uh.. No” Boom A hand land on Golf’s shoulder
“Golf?” Jojo look at Golf
“Jojo?…” Golf… made a little sound
“Jojo…!!” Golf’s starts to yell and ran behide Jojo
“Golf, it’s me!” Say the girl
“Who? Who are you?” The girl face the light to her face
“Oh.. Who told you to come around at night saying my golf and then touch me!” Golf walk out
“Sorry, I was so tired that’s why I grab you”
“Golf… is everything alright?” Jojo ask
“Who she?”
“Oh, Margie this girl here.. Her name is Jojo… Jojo this is my older sister name Margie!”
“Hi jojo” Say margie
“If you need any help just call me ok”
“aw, let’s go home cause it’s kind of late…. Ok cause I have work tomorrow with….”
“With Eunhyuk?”
“Hey! You! Oh well.. Since we have a new girl here I’ll let you go… ok let’s go home Jojo”
“Oh, ok” They all went home

At Lom’s
“Hello?” Lom answer
“uh…. This is Eunhyuk… my friend how are you feeling?”
“Oh ok…. Well… did the doctor say anything? When I left??”
“well.. I was plainng to go look for my girlfriend so the doctor wanted to let one of the helper to go with me only and that’s all”
“Oh no much ok, don’t worry Lom I’ll help you as much as I can ok!”
“Ok thanks Eunhyuk I don’t know what to gives you”
“No, need too Lom as long as you find your girlfriend then that’s already good new and yep”
“well.. You should go with us to find my girlfriend!”
“I would love too… but I’m sorry I got to work to do at the village …. So I’ll catch up whenever ok sorry”
“It’s alright”
“well.. I got to go now ok I’ll call next times ok bye Lom hope you find your girl!”
“alright thanks and bye… oh yeah tell.. Little Golf I say Hi”
“Ok bye” Both hang up

The Next’s Day

“AH~” Girl screaming
“ah….. Hurry I’m late to see him” Say margie
“Margie it’s just Eunhyuk!”
“That’s why I’m in the hurry”
“Ok?” Golf’s mo walk away
“Who’s Eunhyuk?” Jojo ask
“He’s the Hottest Guy in the village!” Margie’s friends answer Jojo
“Jojo want to come along?” ask Margie
“No, I;m fine!”
“Ok… well tell ma I’ll be home a bit late ok!”
“No problem” Margie left
“Margie!!” Golf ran from his room to the living room “Where’s margie?”
“She left why?”
“She… she took my wallet!”
“Oh… here!” Jojo hand him a wallet!
“is this mine?”
“I don’t know someone drop it and I found it!”
“Oh?” Golf open it
“is it yours?”
“Amen,…. where Margie go?”
“she left to see hyuk”
“This guy!”
“Oh, oh well”
“Uh… who’s this?” Jojo bend down and grab it “It’s a picture.. Aw she’s so cute!” Golf look and grab it from Jojo’s hand “Who is she?”
“do you like her?”
“No, we are just friend” Golf starts to blush
“ok! Well.. I guess I’ll go over here then” Jojo walk pass Golf
“Golf !!! Where my wallet!!!” Golf’s mom threw a bucket out from the room
“Watch out” Golf yelled Boom! It hit Jojo on the forehead! “Ah~”
“Golf, are you hurt mom sorry” Golf’s mom ran out and look at Golf “are you ok?”
“:LOOK!” Golf point down
“AH~ Jojo…. Are you ok?” Both Help Jojo up and sit on the chair
“are you ok? Golf ask
“It’s alright”
“I’ll go bring you a wet towel” Golf’s mom ran to the restroom
“are… Are you alright? You’re bleeding very bad!”
“Am I? well, I feel ok!” Jojo got up
“Whao!” Golf caught Jojo.. (Caus eshe faint) “Uh.. Jojo?” Golf stared at Jojo …..

End of Ch p 4​
Ch 5

"hey are you feeling better now?" Golf's Mom ask
"uh im fine" reply Tina
"hunny you were bleeding very bad"
"very bad? how bad?"
"So bad"
"How long have i've been laying down?"
"about 5:hour now"
"that's so long"
"It's ok take your sleep and rest"
"where Golf?" Tina ask
"He's...? i dont know when you feel down he was looking at you and then pick you up and put you on this bed adn left out"
"is he mad or something?"
"auntie are you guys home?" a girl knocking
"oh, hi jang" say Golf's Mom
"is older brother golf home?"
"no he left!"
"What? left"
"You need something?"
"well, he say he'll go with me to go see eunhyuk when he come back home!"
"Oh well, he left sorry"
"It's ok"
"uhggg?" Tina make a sound while walking up to Golf's mom
"oh who she?" Jang ask
"she's jojo, she live with us for now on"
"oh that's cool, hi im Jang haha"
"hi, jang"
"oh jojo want to go out have fun?"
"Uh, I'm Sorry ok i cant now"
"why are you working?"
"then let's go watch eunhyuk cause he's coming home"
"no, it's ok"
"Come on, say im asking as a very close friend ok?"
"Ok" jojo follow Jang out
"oh, he here hurry" Jang run fast to catch up to the others girls, "ah Eunhyuk!!!" Jojo then walk away
"Sorry girl Eunhyuk didnt'e come back until tomorrow ("awww" all the girl)
Beep Beep (a car coming)
"Watch out!" Eunhyuk yell and grab Jojo by the waist
"girl nexts times watch where you are walking and where you are going!" yell the diver
"Aw, are you ok?" Eunhyuk ask
"uh, I'm ok thanks and I'm sorry" Jojo Reply
"it's ok, uh, can i ask what's your name?"
"My name is----"
"Ah Eunhyuk" all the girl run toward Eunhyuk and Jojo
"ah, sorry i got to go" Jojo walk away and the girl came surrounded Eunhyuk. As Jojo was walking, she saw golf at a lilo pond she ran so fast toward him
"Jojo? what are you doing here?"
"is this your secret place?"
"no, but are you ok now?"
"yes, im fine"
" are you always happy no matter what?"
"what? why are you asking me that?"
"since the day i saw you, you're always happy"
"oh? no i got this thing stuck in me but i cant really do much"
"tell me do you like her?"
"You? You know jang?"
"yesh, just for 1 hour and 30 min"
"Yeah, she was looking for you"
"yeah, something about Eun? dont know how to say his name!"
"oh yeah i promise i'll take her to go see Eunhyuk but i forgot"
"So did you went with her?"
"Yeah, but i took off"
"i dont know, i dont even know who eunhyuk is why would i stay! so tell me do you like her?"
"yeah, i do, I've been liking her since middle school, but she never see me cause she always seen me as her older brother only, i dont like it, i want to be more then that to her.!"
"oh ok, well tell her"
"it's not that easy"
"Well, yeah it's true but yeah"
"so tell me about you and Lo? lou?"
"It's Lom!"
"yeah, tell me how you two got together!"
"well, it starts out in high school, i dont really talk to anyone but my teacher . he came new to our school, we then just starts hanging oout and talks and yep that's all and then he ask me out i say yes, and we were about to?"
"about to?"
"anywys let's go homw!
"ok" Golf and Jojo walking home.

"Jojo, why? why are you doing this?" Ask Lom
"Sorry Lom, i didnt want to get hurt the second time!"
"I.. I'm sorry"
Boom (Wake up )
"ash, that was just a dream!" Joj turn to look at the time (3:30 am) "That's early what about i go and take a walk" Jojo got out of bed and walk past GOlf's room
"What? joj? what is she doing at this times?" Golf got upa dn follow her
"ash... i miss him! Lom where are you!?"
"Jojo are you alright?" Golf ask right behide her
"Golf? oh yeah i am"
"Lom? Do you really miss him that much?"
"uh... n..."
"Dont lie to yourself"
"Yes, i do"
"Dont worry Jojo I'll help you ok"
"how are you going to do that?"
"I'll help you find him ok dont worry!"
"uh, let's go back before you catch a cold, and i'll make uh so hot chocolate ok"
"Catch a cold? ok" Both went home and Gold made hot chocolate for both and went to sleep on the sofa

(at lom's house)
"hello. eunhyuk?" Lom
"is is ok if i come visit?" eunhyuk answer
"sure anytimes you want"
"My son you are still hurt dont go anywhere ok!" Lom's mom
"No, mom i got to find her"
"what? jojo? forget her, ma will find someone better then her and smarter someone who can help you!" lom turn so fast to look at his mom
"Ma, how can you say that? cant you just accpet what i want?"
"mom, will always accpet everything you want but not her!" Lom's mom ran up stair
"may can you pleae pack my stuff for me and get your pack to and we re going to visit my friends place"
"Ok" may went to Lom's room and starts packing
"jojo, dont worry our Lvoe will bring us back together!"

(back to Jojo)
"oh auntie are you home? Eunhyuk yelling from outside
"No, she's not home" Jojo open the door
"you? you live here?"
"yes and you are?"
"oh, well I'm Eunhyuk and i want to see auntie"
"she went out sorry"
"hey uh remember me?"
"No, im sorry"
"jojo, who is it?" margie ran out "Ah Eunhyuk hi there is there anything i can help?"
"I can to see you mom but she's not home so i'm going back thanks"
"Wait come in and sit cause my mom just call and say she'll be back home in a bit so please come in"
"Really?? ok can i?"
"Yeah, come in" Eunhyuk came in and sit down
"Uh,... Margie can i ask you something?
"Yesh, what is it?"
"When and how did she live with you guys?"
"uh, i dont know ask golf haha" she wlak away in the kitchen
"Oh? Eunhyuk hi" Golf walk over and hold hand " so what mad eyou came over today?"
"Uh? ic ame to see your auntie cause she say someone is not feeling well!"
"oh, i think she's talking about----"
Knock knock (golf open up)
"Mom do you need help?" Golf give his mom a hand
"Thanks, oh Eunhyuk you are here"
"yes, can i help you?"
"well,yes, this is jojo please add her to our list in the house thanks"
"that's all?"
"didnt you say for me to come check on something that is sick?"
"Yesh, i did"
"who is it then?"
"well, that's just an excuse for you to come faster and yep"
"Oh mine haha ok well then i'm going to take my leavn"
"no, wait please take and eat and drink with us today!"
"uh, it's ok"
"Eunhyuk if you dont eat i'll feel bad" say Golf's mom
"ok auntie i'll stay then"
"Where's margie?"
"She's over here" Jojo answer
"Oh, ok thanks jojo you are so cute"
"uh ok" golf Walk over
"Do you need help? Eunhyuk ask
"no" jojo reply
"EUnhyuk i need help!" Margie Yell
"ok i'm coming!" Eunhyuk walk over to Margie
RIng ring
"Oh? Jojo can you answer my phone?" Eunhyuk ask
"Sure" Jojo grab the phone
"hello? euhyuk when sure i come?"
"hello, eunhyuk is busy please call in a bit later thanks ok!"
"Jojo?" Lom eye went big , "Jojo?" Eunhyuk grab the phone
"Hello? lom?"
"Eunhyuk who was that, that girl who answer the phone?"
"It's was--- ah margie turn that down i cant hear my friend"
"Eunhyuk? sorry the numher you call is now cant be connet sorry try again later"
"Sorry didnt something happen?"
"I got to go now" Say Lom

"Golf, come eat" jojo ran to Golf's room
"aah, got it coming"
"uh... kids i want to go on a vacation do you think you kids can handle the house?" Golf's mom ask
"Ma, we are not kids anymore" Golf reply
"uh, sure we can" Jojo reply
"What about you eunhyuk?"
"I dont live in this house i dont really know what to say"
"Oh, you are like my kids too so just answer it"
"yeah i ask we can"

"let's me help you wash Jojo" Say GOlf
"do you want to?"
"Yeah i havent washes dish for so long!"
"ok" both starts waching the dishes
"are you ok?" Golf ask
"oh it's just a cut?" say Jojo
"Oh ok, here wash your hand and follow me!"
"ok" Jojo wash her hand and follow Golf to his room
"here gives me your hand!" jojo hand her hand to Golf
"aw, is it going to hurt?"
"no... welll just a little bit"
"then it's ok"
"No,just go with the pain ok"
"ok.(for 30 min sitting doing nothing but looking at each other)"
"GOLF!" Margie yell
"What?" Golf put a bandge on Jojo's finger
"what are you two doing?"
"Whao, bro you are all red!"
"Really? maybe it's just too hot!"
"No wait it's very cold"
"Oh well.. have fun"
"What? where you going?"
'I;m going out!"
"with who?"
"with my friends"
"No, did you ask mom?"
"Go ask her first!"
"but im not a kid anymore"
"but you are still a girl!"
"ok whatever"
"ash this girl. are you ok?"
"yeah, i just feel a little cold!"
"Cold? are you sick?" Golf put his hand on Jojo 's frehead and jojo stop him
"i'm fine sorry i'm going to leave good night"
"aw, good night" jojo wallks to Golf's door and fell down "wait are you sure you are ok?"
"Mom, Eunhyum and Margie just left you cant do this to me!"
"Im not"
"Get up can you?"
"Yeah" Jojo try to get up
"Ok are you feeling better?"
"Yeah, thanks" Jojo walk out and Golf turn away boom "Jojo?" He ran out and saw jojo on the floor "ash?" He pick her up and lay her down on his bed
"grrr,,,, she is sick!. oh well i'll just warm her up and make her something to drinks" after 1 hour "hey are you feeling better?" Jojo got up
"drink it and go back to sleep!"
"am i sleeping on your bed?"
"then where are you going to sleep then?"
"i'll just sleep here!"
"No that's baed"
"Ok well, first drink first!" Jojo drink up "ok now go to sleep!"
"No, what about you?"
"Dont worry just go to sleep"
"Dont worry i'll watch you and take care of you!"
"ok" Jojo went back to sleep Golf Grab Jojo's hand and hold it and put his hand on his bed and fell asleep
"I wish the girl i love would sleep with me like this and if we do i'll love her forever!" Say Golf Having tears
"uh.. Golf who are you talking to?" Joj ask
"what? arent you asleep?"
"what? my god"
"It's ok no need to call God, and your hand it's so warm" Golf remove his hand
"uh... sorry"
"It's ok"
"Good night" golf lay down on the ground
"good night"

The Nexts morning
Golf's bed
'Ah~ so tired" Say Golf "that was a nice sleep, where Jojo?" he look at the bed and back at the ground jojo was right beside him "when? when did she get down here?" Golf just stared at jojo "i wish my girl would do the same thing!" Golf smile and grab the blanket and cover Jojo with and he left the room to the restroom.

Ch 6

"Golf!" Golf's Mom yelled
"Yea?" Golf answer
"where? Margie?"
"she left yesterday night!"
"She's not home yet?"
"I dont know"
"I got to go find that girL"
"Ok clam down ok"
"AH~" Golf's mom ran out the door and Golf turn back
"Ah~" Golf bump onto Jojo "Oh you feeling better?"
"yeah, thanks"
"No problem!"
"Well.... didnt your mom cant back?"
"yeah, but she got to go back and find Margie"
"Oh? she didnt come back home yet?"
"Oh, do you want anything to eat?"
"yeah sure"
"Ok.... what do you want?"
"Uh, i dont know"
"Ok i'll just cook you some egg, with whatever ok?"
"ok sure i guess" Jojo left to go cook
(after 30 min)
"Here, eat up ok" Say Jojo (Egg, rice, with mini hotdog)
"Sorry i couldnt find anything"
"Oh? it's alright"
"cause there's nothing"
"It's ok we'll go buy food later ok or after i finish eating ok?"
"Oh? I think Margie Home" Jojo ran to the door and open
"Hi, is Golf home?" a girl ask
"You are?"
"I'm GOlf;s friend"
"Oh wait ok! come in " Jojo walk over to Golf "Golf?"
"There's someone over at the door waiting for you"
"I dont know"
"Uh... ok i'll go check" Gold walk over "Peak?"
"Golf?" Peak ran and hug him and jojo pop up and walk back
"Peak? why are here?"
"golf! I should have listen to you!"
"I Didnt listen to you, sorry for running awat!"
"Peak are you alright?"
"Golf, i want us to be back to how we are!"
"what? are you alright?"
"Golf, is everything ok?" Jojo ask (Peak stood up and look at Jojo"
"Golf, who's this?" Peak look at Jojo and then to Golf
"She's a friend of mine!"
"Hi, there I'm Golf's Girlfriend! Nice to know you!"
"You're Golf's girlfriend?" Jojo ask
"well, Peak i think you should go home" Golf say
"Why? I Love you"
"We cant be go the same way like we use to anymore"
"No! we can"
"I'm sorry but i already have someone else that have replace you!"
"What?" Peak ran out the door
"Golf? is everything alright?" Jojo ask looking at Golf
"Sorry, she's my ex's girlfriend"
"Oh? did something happen?"
"it's ok if you dont want to explain"
"well.... it's ok, well she..."
(Golf Look at Jojo in the eyes and then turn away)
"She cheated on me! she ran away from me, and say im not rich enough to support her in the future!" golf looks alway
"Golf?" Jojo walk up to Golf
"Dont feel bad it's the past"
"Yeah, oh let's go to the store"

"Lom?" Eunhyuk yelled "You finally came! what do you think?"
"It's alright!" answer Lom
"Lom, i'll take your things to the tint" say May
"thanks May"
"No problem" May left to the room tint
"So Lom want to go look around?"
"well.... first is there any Information i can help to find your girlfriend?" ask Eunhyuk
"her name is(Beep beep)" LOm and Eunhyuk turn and saw Golf;s mom
"Uh... Eunhyuk have you see my daughter?"
"no, i havent why?"
"Uh. she been gone from yesterday night!"
"oh? no i havent!"
"ok thanks" She turn and saw Lom "Hi, are you new in the village?"
"No, i just here to visit!"
"Oh, realy come by ok!"
"BYE" Golf's mom left
"Who, is she?" Lom ask
"She's Golf's mom, everyone loves her.. cause she always go out and gives out food"
"Oh that's cool"

"Golf's Let's get this!" Jojo Grab a hoodie (it's a couple hoodie)
"What does it say?" golf ask
"Forever us!" say Jojo
"that's cool"
"Yeah? can we get it?"
"Yep sure two?"
"ok let's go home since we got everything we want ok!" Both walk home
"Lom this is the market that everyone comes to, see if you want anything? ok?" say eunhyuk
"thanks eunhyuk" say Lom
"No Probelm"
"May, see if there's anything you want too ok!" say Lom
"thanks" May walk and check out the store
Lom turn and saw half or Jojo Face
"Jojo?" Lom take a look again "Jojo, that;s Jojo!" Lom Ran after "Jojo, wait for me!!"
"Lom? Lom!" Eunhyuk and May ran after Lom and Grab him
"what? wrong?" May ask
"uh,mmmm Jojo!"
"What?" May look at Lom
"I saw Jojo!"
"Jojo?" Eunhyuk look at Lom
"yeah, She's my girlfriend i think i found her!" Lom Look at Eunhyuk and May
"Lom clam down we'll go find her later ok just clam down!"
"ok" Lom, may and Eunhyuk what home

"Uh.... where is eunhyuk?" margie ask
"he's over there!" say eunhyuk Worker
"oh thanks!" Margie walk over to Eunhyuk "Eunhyuk did my mom ask about me today?"
"Yeah, i think she went home!" say Eunhyuk
"Oh thanks!, who's this girl?" Margie Look at May
"Oh, she's Lom's Helper!"
"Uh... LOm!" Lom look over and walk over "this is my Friend Lom, he came here to find his girlfriend!"
"oh really?"
"Well, nice knowing you Lom"
"Oh, Lom this is Margie she's was the Woman earlier Daughter!" say Eunhyuk
"Oh really?" say Lom
"well.. Lom can i be a friend of your's?" ask Margie
"Well.. hope you find your girl!"
"no problem"
"ha" all four laugh

Golf and Jojo got Home
"Golf have you seen your sister?" His mom ask
"Mom, i havent she's still not home?"
"I'll take the food in" Jojo say and went inside
"MA" Margie Yelled
"Margie? that girl going to get in trouble" Golf's mom ran out
"Ma...!" Margie ran up
"You bad girl where have you been?" Golf's mom hit her hand
"Ma. you dont know i meet a new guy today he was so cute i think im in love!" say margire
"What? you fall in love with every new guy!" Say Golf
"WHat? Golf you shut up!"
"Oh, it's true!"
"No, its not! anyways ma he has the most handsonest face"
"Really? what's his name?"
"What? I meet him too! he's a nice guy,.... Margie you got to do everything to get him ok!"
"Reallly? mom?"
"Yea, i like him, i think he's someone who can help you in the future!"
"Thanks mom!"
"No problem hurry go change... remmeber today is Valentine day ok.... Mom going to invited everyone so be the prettiest one ok!"
"Ok mom" Margie ran inside the house
"GolF!" Gol'f mom called
"Get too ok"
"Ok" Gold went inside
"ah! I'm so happy" Margie came in and bump onto Jojo "Oh im sorry" Margie help Jojo pick up the paper on the ground "here sorry ok!"
"It's alright"
"Oh, did you meet the new looking guy today?"
"well.. come here i need too dress you up for today valentine day ok!"
"Oh? no it's ok"
"No you cant do that... my mom will get mad!" Margie Pull her hand

"Eunhyuk, son!" Golf's mom ran over
"yes, Golf's mom"
"well.. rmemeber today is Valentine's day brin all you friend over to my place ok!'
"Yes, i remember and i will"
"dont forget to wear a mask ok!"
"Lom, son please come ... join us!"
"I will dont worry"
(Back to the house)
"Oh, Margie this is too much make up" Say Jojo
"no it's just perfect, ther done" Jojo look in the mirror
"oh it's ok"
"Ok? no it's pretty wait i'll be back ok,.." Margie walk out and golf walk past and walk in
"uh... are you finish?" Golf look at JOjo
"Uh.... Yeah, but i think the make-up is too much!"
"Come here let me help you" Golf Pull Jojo hand and fixs the make up for her "There you go" (jojo open her eyes and (Less make up))
"Wow! Thanks"
"Golf? what are you doing?"
"well, i want just helping"
"Oh no it's not good anymore"
"It's alright i like it thanks golf and Margie" Golf walk out
"No, oh well... we dont have enough times, oh and wear this...uh... (whisper) Golf got this for you and also the mask! dont take it off until you think you found the right guy for you on the dance ok!"
"thanks!, oh wait tell me the rule"
"Sure, 1: we'll let everyone come in and sit and then we;ll let the girls that my mom pick come out one by one so everyone see the dress and styles they wear and then everyone will dance untill my mom say something and .... all girls and boys will walk around and look each others in the eyes... and pick the girl/guy that they think it's for them on valentine's day! get it?"
"oh ok a bit"
"that's good it's a bit... oh no hurry we got to go it's times..." Both left the room
"Son are you finish?" Golf's mom came in
"Ma?" Golf's look at His mom
"what's wrong?"
"Mom, do i really have to do this?" Golf ask
"Something wrong?"
"well, it's nothing i dont want to dance"
"oh, dont be silly Golf's Hold mom hand and let's go,... you got to stand for your father places!"
"yeah, i know thanks mom" Golf's mom and GOlf walk out"
"everyone we will now see all the girls and boys ... walk out!" everyone clap (all the girl came out!)
"What? wait where Jojo?" Golf's mom ask
"What?" isnt she after Margie?" ask Golf's Mom's Friend
"Well... i dont know i think i need to check on her"
"Here's our last member girl for the day!" Jojo walk out with a White Dress witha white High heel shoes, with her hair curl (at the end) and her mask on (everyone clap)
"ok everyone now that we did finishing looking lets have fun" everyone starts to dance
"Golf?!" Jojo whisper , GOlf turned and walks to Jojo
"Im Scared!"
"What happen if someone got me and i dont know what too.. do?"
"Dont worry!"
"It's ok just clam down!"
"all you got to do is look into the guys eyes and if you dont like it... you can refused to take his hand and go for a different and if you think you like him then gives him your hand .... ok?"
"Ok thanks"
"Ok go back"
"OK thanks" Jojo Gaves Golf a hug and left. Golf smile and walk back to his mom
Everyone dance having fun, there Jojo go dance and moving.... and Eunhyuk and Lom came...
"Oh,,,, Eunhyuk ... you guys finally came nice mask" Say Golf's mom
"thanks where margie?" ask Eunhyuk
"She ,... in there dancing somewhere"
"Oh ok thanks Lom's let's have fun" Eunhyuk and Lom went in and dance along.
Jojo and Lom's eyes meet .... they both starts dancing togther
"She, makes me miss Jojo so much!" Lom thinking to himself
"Aw.... why is does he make me remind of Lom so much" Jojo thinking to herself
"everyone pleaes stop and look to the person on your left and right..." Jojo look at the right to her Left
"please girls pick on and refused one!" Jojo look at them again....
"oh... i dont know!" Jojo thinkning to herself Both men bend down on their knee and hell out their hands and wait and see who she pick (everyone already pick but jojo) Jojo was thinking to herself.... that who should she pick? the left or right?
"Let's see which one she's going to pick" Say the people and jojo pick the right one "And The right one is the winner!, ok all couple please go to the room number here and go in and see each others face... and if you refused to be with the girl/guy please come out!" Jojo walk in room 2 with the guy she pick
"Pleae follow the rule!"
Rule 1 dont talk, 2 look at eac other 3 1 finger 2 finger and 3 finger and take off the mask and look at each other 4 if you dont want the person go out 5 that's all have fun. Jojo and the guy she pick look at each other and 1 finger 2 finger 3 finger Both grab the mask and took it off...
"You?" Both said

End Ch 6 ^_^ Thanks for reading !!!
ch 7

"You?" both say Looking at each other
"Why? are you here?" Jojo ask looking at Golf
"Well... i'll tell you later!" Gold reach out for Jojo's Hand and she move her hand back
"uh..... arent you suppose to stand as your father place?" Jojo ask Looking at Golf in the eyes
"Well, yes but my mom she told me to come down and help" Golf Laugh
"Oh we only have 30 more min to think!" Say Jojo looking at the times
"Well.... i was scared!" Golf Look down
"I was scared you'll pick the left and not me!"
"I didnt know it was you!"
"Well, now you do!"
(In Room 1)
"Well.... Jang why are you here?" Eunhyuk ask
"Well..... i havent seen you for so long!" Eunhyuk Look at Jang
"Yeah, we havent how you been?"
"I;ve been Good! You?"
"Well... we only have 28 mins what do you think? Yes? or no?" Eunhyuk look at Jang in the eyes
"well...." Jang turn around " I really want to be with you but im not sure about my answer" Jang thinks to herself
"Uh.... 26 mins!" Eunhyuk Reach for Jang's Hand and she turn around "What's your answer?"
(In Room 3)
"Uh... LOm?"
"Hi" Lom say it so shy
"Well.... this is kind of weird!" Margie say while turning around
"Uh.... so are you suppose to think if you want to be with me or not?"
"Well.. yes but i dont know the answer" Lom Laugh
"Well...you only got 20 more mins" Lom look at the Times "Well first what do we do if you say yes?"
"we spend a week together!"
"Really? that's Cool you're not that bad looking.." Lom Laugh again
"haha, you're funnie.. but if i refused then we dont get a week together and you're be a dummpper !!"
(In Room 5)
"Well.... the name is May"
"Hi, my name is Mark!"
"Well... we just know each other.... more to know each others more?"
"So? i'll take you are a Valentine Mate"
"yeah" Both High five and on the others room (1,2,3)
"I Say Yes" Said Jojo, Margie, and Jang
"Ok that girls are about to come out and here they come if you reject to be with the guy please come out!" Room 4,6,7,8,9,10 came out "Wow... seen like we got some room that are ok! we will like to see those couple please come out!"
The group came out!
"Room 1 is Jang and Eunhyuk Please get in the car and have a fun week" They drove away "Room 2 please come out! (Jojo and Golf came out) Golf and Jojo please get in the car" both drove away
"What? jojo?" Lom turn "no!" He ran out but Margie grab him!
"Where are you going?"
"I got to go find that girl!"
"WHat? you cant let me like this in here!'
"Ash.... sorry!" Lom clam down
"Lom and Margie please come out and get in the car" Lom Drove away
"Last but not least May and Mark please come out and repeat as the others couple did thanks have Fun" Mark drove away .

(The Eunjang Couple)
"Ok first let's just intro each others and yepp ok?" (Their're at the Beach)
"Ok since i'm the guy i'll starts, My names is Eunhyuk Lee, i'm the the Son of Lee lee."
"I'm Jang Gui Im daughter or Gui Feng Jing."
"well... I've never fall in love before.... and im planning to fall for someone.....cute, young, shorter then me, and more!"
"I've fall in love before and that guy I've always look after him! he dont need to be anyone... and i dont mind as long as he loves me then im good!"
"That's cool"
"well.. who's is he?
"wel... i cant tell you!"
"Oh? do i know him?"
"Yeah, you do!"
"That's cooll, well i hope he'll accpet you!"
"Yeah same here and thanks"
"No problem! so since we are going to been times together let's just go have fun ok!"
"Ok" EUnhyuk reach for Jang's hand and smile at her and gives her a BIG Hug and Jang smile
"Ash, Eunhyuk I've akways love you since high school! this is one best times of mine to tell you but i cant'!" Jang say to herself

(at the Jogolf Couple!)
"Whao! I dont know where we should go!" Say Golf
"I think we shoould go to the Beach!"
"yeah that's what i was thinking"
"Ok let's go there!"
"Let's just say i'm asking as we are dating ok!" Golf' Looks at Jojo and Jojo smile
"Ok i guess" and they both went to the beach
"Wow it's so pretty"
"It's prettier then last year i took her here!"
"Who? your girlfriend?" jojo ran up to Golf
Golf smile "No, just a friend"
"What? Right tell me" Jojo tickles Golf
"Ah dont I'm ticklies"
"What?" Golf ran and Jojo ran after Golf
(at the LomMar couple)
"Uh... Im Sorry about earlier!" Say Lom
"It's alright!"
"Welll... i want to take you to a place.... like the beach?"
"Well... tell me! is there anyone you like?"
"I Like Eunhyuk.."
"What? really?
"Oops... i forgot that he's your friend!"
"It's alright!, he's a good and nice guy!"
"Yeah i know ....."
"So any brothers? or sister?
"Yes, just one young brother that takes care of me and my mom"
"Oh ok"
"what about you?"
"I only have myself"
"Oh really?"
"so can i ask? who's that girl you looking for?"
"She's my girlfriend" Lom look at Margie as she turn away "Well... let's not talk about her ok! now it's about you and i let's just go have fun ok?"

At the Beach
"Aw.... this is the best day ever! Thanks Eunhyuk" Jang smile and laughing (she's all wet)
"Np" Eunhyuk and Jang just stood there looking at each others (as) they move closer
"Eunhyuk I found you!" Lom Yelled and looking at them
"Whao!" Eunhyuk Push Lom
"WOW!" Lom smile at Eunhyuk "you're all red"
"Shut up sorry Jang"
"No it's ok"
"Why are you here?" Eunhyuk ask Lom
"well.. me and my mate for the Valentine's day came here"
"EunHYUK!" Margie ran over "hi"
"aa hi" Eunhyuk wave at her
"so is this you mate?" Lom look at Jang
"Yeah, her name is Jang,...." Eunhyuk Hold Jang shoulder
"well... nice knowing your name Jang my name is Lom... I'm Lom"
"Nice knowing you!"
"Hi Jang you are eunhyuk Valentine date?"
"What? That's cool"
"well.. what happen to Golf them?"
"I dont think he's coming here"
"Cause he----"
"well... let;s just have fun ok and Lom and I will treat later ok!"
(at Golf and jojo)
"So ar eyou having fun?" Golf ask Jojo
"yeah! Why?"
"tell me the reason why you are not having fun?"
"Well... it's nothing!"
"What? there's got to be something!"
"ok..." Jojo turn
"Wait!" Golf Hold Jojo's hand
"Uh.... can I ... Can i trust you?"
"yes i Cross my heart!"
"well.. this was the place i took my girlfriend here .... she was havin fun.... it bring lots of memo of us...she say that she'll always be here when ever i need someone to talk too... and this is the place she broke up with me too."
"Sorry to hear that!"
"yeah, it was pain and then i meet Jang here she bring happiness too me.... i then starts to likes her but i found out that she like eunhyuk not me so im going to gives up on her"
"Jang? eunhyuk?"
"DOnt worry you got me!" Jojo put her hand on Golf's shoulder
"Yeah? I those word does work but thanks"
"What? really trust me!" Jojo Hold golf's hand and smile " i will do anything just to keep your world happy ok!"
"OK" Golf's smile "well... smile! i like it when you smile!" Jojo say and Golf smile
"hehe.... you're funny" Golf put his hang on Jojo's hair "you have pretty hair"
"Really thanks" JOjo hold her finger
"What's wrong? something wrong?"
"My finger it hurts!"
"Which one?" Jojo the finger that the ring was on (but there's no ring)"Oh pain?"
"Yeah but it's alright"
"You sure"
"Golf!!" Jang yelled Running toward Golf and Jojo
"Oh? Jang?"
"Hey Jojo!" Jang smile at her
"are you Golf's Mate for ..."
"that's cooll"
"who are you with?" Jojo ask
"Uh... eunhyuk"
"that's cool"
"Is that Margie?" Golf ask
"yeah, she's with Lom"
"Lom?" Jojo ask
"You mean Lom Prak Lin?"
"Golf let's go!" Jojo Pulled Golf's hand
"What? right now?" Jang ask
"Yeah I'm sorry" Jojo Pulled Golf's arm
"Uh.... Jojo are yoou alright?"
"No, my stomach hurt"
"Ok" Golf and Jojo left and the others reach jang
"Was that Golf? and Jojo?" Eunhyuk ask
"Yes but Jojo say her stomach hurts"
"Was that my brother?"
"With Jojo"
"Oh ok"
"Who?" Lom ask
"Lom you are slow"
"Yeah, i am"
"you just miss my brother he just left!"
"really? sorry"
"it's alright we'll meet them later!"

"Jojo are you alright?" Golf ask looking at her
"well.... your stomach? ok now?"
"So is there something wrong?"
"Then why did you ran after knowing that Lom is here?"
"welll.. it's a long story"
"Ok" Jojo told Golf what happen "really?"
"yeah please help me"
11:00 pm
"hey Margie" Golf yelled
"AH~ Golf" Margie ran and hug him
"Ah.... dont miss me so much, hi everyone!"
"This is the brother i was talking about LOm"
"Hi, Im Lom"
"Hi, I'm Golf!"
"Nice name"
"well where Jojo?" margie ask
"Jojo?" Lom ask
"Is she small?"
"No really"
"where is she right now?"
"She's in my room"
"You two sleep in the same room?" Magrie ask
"Well... come by sometimes ok!"
"Hy where do you think you are going Golf?" Jang ask
"Back to the rooom"
"so are you are here then?"
"to get something to eat"
"well.. see you at 2:00 am ok"
"Ok cool" Golf Left
at Golf and Jojo room
"Hey i'm back" Jojo sitting in the dark "are you alright?" Jojo look up with years in her eyes
"Golf?".... She starts having more tears
"are you alright?" Golf put the food down
"I just notice it right now!" Golf came closer to Jojo
"I lost my ring!"
"yeah did you find a ring when you found me?"
"no..." Jojo starts to cry "well.. just clam down ok" jojo crys even more "uh....." Golf Grab Joj's by the arma dn pulled her into his chest and hug her "Dont cry i'll help you find it ok!" Jojo sniff...
"uh..... im sorry"
"what? why are you sorry"
"cause my tears got on your shirt"
"that's alright... want to eat?"
"Yeah" Both went to the table and eat
At 2;00 am
"Coming!" GOld ran to the door and open "hey"
"Hi, we came to sleep over is that ok?"
"No!!! that's not ok... cause i only have to two room... one for me and one for JOjo" Golf say
"it's ok golf we'll sleep on the living room" say eunhyukl them
"Boys can sleep with me girls can sleep with jojo" they all came in
"Uh.... where jojo?" Lom ask
"She's taking a bath" Golf reply
"Oh that's cooll"
"Hey lom... i need to talk to you" say Margie
"sure" both went out side " is Jojo the girl you looking for?"
"well... yea and now i think i found her i'm going to take her with me"
"well.. that's all"
"Ok" Both went back inside
"oh wait ok ill be back you guys" Say Golf walking to his room (where Jojo is taking a bath)
"Uh.... where GOlf?" ask Margie
"he went to his room"
"uh... Lom?" Margie look at him
" forget it"
"Eunhyuk here eat this" Jang gave it to Eunhyuk
"ah.... thanks it taste so good"
(Golf's room)
"ah where did i put it?" Golf seach Jojo cmae out
"ah" Jojo Yelled and Golf caught her
"are you alright sorry"
"Im alright thanks " Golf hand's was on her waist, Gold leg go.
"Uh sorry"
"i'll be leaving "
at the living room
"Hi, everyone"
"Jojo!" Jang yelled
"Jang you are so cute" Eun say Jang smile
"well... what are you two doing here?" Jojo ask
" No it's 4"
"4? who?'
"Eunhyul. marige, I and---" Lom interuut
"LOM!" Lom look at Jojo
"Hi? You were gone this whole times and you only say hi? dont you know how much i love you and misses you... after all those memo of us ...?" Lom say with tears jojo just stood there and look and Lom grab Jojo by the arm
"Lom clam down" Eunhyuk stopLom and Lom releasd Jojo;s arm
"Sorry" Jojo say as she starts to have tears
"What? sorry?" No I should be the one saying sorry i left yyou... and im sorry about my mom!" Lom got up
the door open and margie ran out
" margie?" jojo yelled
" someone run after her!" say jang " lom.... go!" lom jjust stood there look at jojo
"jojo... i love you!" lom say " answer me!"
" im sorry!" jojo answer " i've already gave my heart to someone else!"
lom was sad and ran after margie
to be con ch 8


sarNie Granny
awh, this is sad for jojo, lom, n margie. nice update btw.
Ch 8

Lom ran after Margie and Golf came out
"Did something happen?" Golf ask everyone... but they just stood there "Jojo? are you crying?" GOlf walk near Jojo and she push him and she ran out
"Oh? Golf Margie ran away and Lom's after her" say Jang and Eun
"What?" Golf Ran after Jojo them ...
"Oh? i guess something is wrong!" Eun look at Jang
"let's go after them!" Jang say and both ran out
"Margie wait!" Lom got her arm "Why? why are you running away?"
"I dont know .... my feelings told me too!"
"what? Your feelings?"
"Yes,," Margie look down and tears
"I'm sorry if you have feelings for me ok i cant do this to Jojo .... no onw can replace her!" Lom let go of Margie and walk away
"I need to Tell Lom Im sorry for saying that!" Jojo say as she was runnning (It's raining)
"But Lom.... Jojo doesnt love You anymore" Margie say
"No, im sure she does, she's just using those words to hurt me cause of my mom, Jojo she's not like that!"
"Lom, you got to listen she doesnt it's been months!"
"What are you talking about... it's just month... the month may change ... as much as it want but feelings doesnt get it?!" Lom look at Margie
"Lom..... i got to tell you this... when i first times saw you i know you are the one for me! also this feeling that i have for you is for real!"
"Margie please understand i cant love you!"
"Do you believe me?" Margie heel her hand up to Lom
"Do you?"
"I'm sorry,i've already gave my heart to someone else!" Jojo's word was repeating in Lom's Mind
"Lom? do you?"
"I do"
"Please forget about Jojo, and hold my hand"
"Im sorry" Lom walks away
"LOm" Margie ran after Lom and Hug him from the back
"Please let go.." Lom Hold Margie's hand and pull it off from him. Margies starts to Cry and slowly fell down and Lom turned "Margie" Lom rna and grab Margiee and took her away
"LOM!" Jojo called out " where did he go?" Jojo look everywhere BEEP BEEP BOOM
"Where is Jojo?" Golf, Eun and Jang call out
"Ah is that her>" Jang point at
"JOJO!" Golf ran over and grab her and took her away to the hospilte

The Nexts morning
"Uh... are you feeling better?" Golf ask
"where am i?" Margie answer
"well.. somewhere you dont need you worry!" Golf put his hand on Marige Shoulder " well i'll go get you some water" and margie hold his hand
"Where Lom?"
"He's at Jojo's room"
"Uh... are you feeling better"? Lom ask Jojo
"Who are you?" jojo look at him
"well... im your boyfriend!"
"No.... i dont have any boyfriend go away"
"What? no i am Jojo listen"
the Doctor came in
"Excuse can you please go out thanks!"
"What's wrong with her?" Lom hit the chair
"Is Jojo alright?" Golf ask and lom Hit Golf facce and he fell down
"it's you!"
"OH... Golf are you alright" Jang and eun came over
"Yeah thanks" Jang help Golf up and Eun hold Lom
"we are all guys so let's talk it nicely" Say Eun
"well,,,, i want to know what he did to Jojo"
"Well.. the doctor say she may ost her memo why what happen?" say EUnhyuk
"She dont know who i am!" Say Lom with tears
"What?" Golf look at Loma nd Eunhyuk
"Jojo lost her memo?" Jang ask
"Idk she doesnt know who i am"
"Just clam down she might just be acting!" Say Jang
"What do you mean acting!" Lom Yell
"Lom clam down"" Eunhyuk claming him down,, the doctor came out
"well... everything alright"
"yes, she lost her memo so it might takes times to make her remember eveeerything again"
"Well,....that's all please slowly talks to her ok" The doctor left
"Jojo9?" Lom ran up to Jojo and hold her hand
"Who are you? and why are you holding my hang hand?" Jojo pull her hands away
"Im Lom... You boyfriend"
"No... you are not my boyfriend my boyfriend he doesnt go crazy for me like this!"
"Jojo... rmemeber me?" Jang ask
"Im Jang your friend"
"No... i dont have friend"
"What?" Jang walk back
"Jojo, im Eunhyuk"
"Oh... you look cute!"
"hehe thanks"
"Can i ask you something cute boy, and friend and boyfriend?"
"What?" all three answer
"who's that guy out there?" Jojo point to Golf
"He's Golf"
"Tell him to come in here"
"Golf come in here" Jang pull golf in the room
"This is Golf..."
"HI, Golf" Jojo walk up to Golf and Hug Him
"do you rmember me?" Jojo Hug him
"I love you!"
"What? are you saying JOjo?"
"What? Jojo? Im not jojo"
"What's wrong with you?"
"no... you're not here for me? then why are you in my room?"
"I hate you!"
"Im not jojo Get out" Jojo push then all put of the room
"Why is she like that?" Jang ask Eun
"I dont know" Eun reply
"Let's just leave her "Lom walk away
IN the Room
" Why are they calling me jojo? Im not jojo!" She turn and look at the mirror what happen to me? ahhhhh" Yellled " This is not my body ... ahhh"

To be con ch 9 (Sorry it's kinda dumb hahah)