The Scent of Him


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“what are you doing after graduation Leyhna”
“I’ll be visiting the family in Thailand for a couple of weeks and then I’m back here for college.”
“That’s great. Have fun tell them I miss them and I truly wish I could visit as well.”
“Thanks Aunty Michelle, I will and I cant wait to start this new journey of my life. Its going to be amazing. Thanks for all your help over the passed 4 years. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
“If Hazel were here today then she’d be graduating with you.”
“We all miss her Aunty. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my best friend. Wherever she is I know she’s happy and you have to be happy too.”
“You two were like sisters weren’t you. I’m glad I can still confide in you when I miss her.”
“Aunty I will always, always be here for you. Your also like a mother to me.”

Both clung onto one another and wept tears of joy and tears of sorrow.

“Well Leyhna will you be going to grad night?”
“Yep, I’ll see you after graduation then.”

Grad night

“Leyhna look what we brought. Take a drink. Were finally out of high school can you believe that!”-Lance

“I don’t want to be the person whose life gets ruined right after grad night. I have plans for me and my future. I’m not going to ruin it with something so stupid.”

“come on girl, loosen up and have some fun just take a sip.”-Lance

“no thanks. I’ll be over here if anyone wants to have responsible fun.”

“responsible fun is never fun Leyhna.”-Lace

After grad night

“thanks for the ride, I’ll be okay from here.”-Leyhna
“are you sure I don’t mind dropping you home.”-Lance
“yeah I’ll be fine. I don’t know what it was but I just don’t feel like me.”
“hey friend I have to admit that Sprite you’ve been drinking all night wasn’t Sprite”
“what do you mean?”
“I wanted to see you loosen up and have fun so me and the guys we spiked your drink a little”
“A LITTLE!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN A LITTLE!? I told you I didn’t want to drink and you spiked my drink after all. What kind of friend are you?”
“Ah Leyhna come back. Its not safe for you to be running around the streets at this hour. Come back…come back…”

She was gone. Ran through the alley and disappeared into the darkness.

“Why didn’t I just let him take me home. I know he just had good intentions for me…but still I told him no and he went behind my back and spiked my drink…”

“Hey, little girl…what are you doing out so late…looking for a little fun?”

“Let go of me….let go of me”
“don’t be afraid I wont hurt you, unless you want me to.”
“Let her go now!” a voice shouted from the darkness
“or what?”
“or I’ll blow your brains out” Jahyson lifted his leather jacket to the side and exposed his gun.

“hey hey we were just looking for some fun” bad guys said while backing up (no names for them just bad guys lol)

“she wasn’t my type anyway” they said while pushing her down and running away.

Jahyson ran to her side gave her his hand “are you alright miss”
Without thinking Leyhna embraced the unknown man. Thankful that he had just saved her. Tears streamed down her face as she quietly sobbed.
They must have been in that position for quite some time for her legs were starting to go numb.
Leyhna tried to get up but the tingle in her feet did not allow her to fully move on her own causing her to fall back into his arms.

“I’m fine now thank you for your help.”
“let me take you home.”
“no I’ll be fine.”
“I insist. I’m a cop you shouldn’t be scared of me. I’m here to help.”

The ally was chilly, dark, and long. The moonlight lit patches of the coldness towards the brightly lit main street. It seemed to be the light at the end of the tunnel. A horrible tunnel she somehow had gotten herself into. It wouldn’t be so eerie if the full moon wasn’t blocked by the surrounding buildings. Despite what had just happened Leyhna couldn’t help notice how beautiful the night sky was tonight…and this mans voice seemed to comfort her in a way that made her feel safe. The scent of him was soft and warm and soothing though he was just a stranger and she was in danger she felt he would protect her with all his might. The only part of this mysterious man she could see clearly was his big beautiful dark hazel brown eyes. They glistened in the moonlight. She could almost see her reflection in them.

“Leyhna…Leyhna are you alright? I waited for you but when you didn’t turn back around I parked the car and came looking for you. Whose that? What happened!?” Lance said.
“Did you do something to my friend. You’ll pay for this.”

“no Lance I’m okay…thanks to him. He helped me get away…I’ll tell you about it in the car lets go.”

Jahyson now fully stretched to his build long and lean 6’4ft self. “I’m glad I was here at the right time. Take care of yourself.”

“What’s your name sir?” Leyhna said

“its Jahy…”

“you don’t need to know his name” Lance interrupted.
“You don’t even know who he is…he could be just another scum off the street. Who knows what could of happened to you if I didn’t come when I did. Lets go.”

“wait I….”-Leyhna
“lets go!”

A week later Leyhna was on a plan heading for Chiang Mai. The news of her incident in the ally worried her parents about her trip but she insisted that she was fine and no harm was done to her. They were hesitant but let her go anyway.

It had been nearly 1 year since I was last there. After the police found Hazels body Aunty Michelle wanted her to be next to her father. So we flew her back to Chiang Mai.
I haven’t seen the family since then. Hazel and I were best friends, cousins, but most of all we were sisters. We did everything and anything together. Except that one night I refused to go with her. Everyone tells me it was a good thing I didn’t go as well but I cant help think if I had gone I could have done something.
During our junior year of high school Hazel started to hang out with a different crowd. One I wouldn’t approve of. We had a big fight about it and stopped talking for several weeks. Until that night, she came over and wanted to apologize for the way she had been acting. I was glad we were talking and back to being Hazel and Leyhna. She invited me to a party that night but I had to say no. There was essays, homework and chores I had to finish. The last thing she said to me was “I love you sis…”

Leyhna was finally in Chiang Mai after what seemed like forever on a plan and then another and another…and of course there was the car ride as well.
Streams of tears flowed down her rice colored face, grazed over her dewy rosy cheeks, and landed perfectly into her gentle hands. Thoughts of her and Hazel grew louder and louder as she reached Hazels resting place.

“Hey sis. How have you been?…I miss you more and more everyday. I think about the things I’m doing and how you should be here doing them with me. We finally graduated! We made it Haze!
As she had this one sided conversation with Hazel her cry grew louder and louder.
“Haze I can’t hear you. I know you so well I already know what you would say to me. Why can’t you just say it to me. I’m starting to forget how my sis sounds. Have you forgotten about me too? “

“She’ll always watch over us. She’ll never forget.” A familiar mans voice said to her. He patted her back and tried to comfort her.

Leyhna quickly composed herself. The man could only see the back of Leyhna. She didn’t turn around to see the man.

“Are you friend of Hazels?” the man said
“No. I’m her sis.”
“I wasn’t aware that Hazel had a sis?”
“Well then you must not be a close friend of Haze then. We’ve been sisters for 17 years and counting.
Goodbye Haze. I’ll visit before I leave.”

Leyhna made her way through the cemetery and back to the car. Okay driver. Take me to grandparents.

Huh who was she? I’ve never seen her before and she said she’s Hazels sister? I’ve gotta ask mom about this. Jahyson pondered as he said his goodbye to Hazel.

That mans voice and his touch seemed so familiar. Have we met before? How does he know Haze? Why didn’t I ask?…

Leyhna arrived at her grandparents. The whole family was there to greet her. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, nieces, nephews, and even some people she didn’t even know.
Seems she’s all her grandparents could talk about. She was their jewel. All the grandkids were jewels but Leyhna in particular. She was the one no one thought would survive. And when she did she was treasured. She was so young then she vaguely remembered what happened. When she was 3 years old on a trip to Thailand with her parents on the way home while trying to board a plane back to the States Leyhna along with 1 other child were kidnapped and held for ransom. Within 24hrs the ransom was paid and Leyhna was back in the arms of her parents. But for that 24hrs no one knows what happened to her or that child.

“Leyh, grandma made your favorite dish. Yam neua and sticky rice.”
“awww grams do you know how long I’ve waited for your famous yam neau and sticky rice! I wish Haze was here with me.”
“We all do sweetie. Your grandpa and I think about her everyday. How about we visit her tomorrow?”
“Grams I visited her today. I told her I’d visit her again before I leave. How about we visit her the day before I leave?”
“why do you have to leave so soon. Why cant you stay here a little longer? I want to spend more time with you.”
“grams I’ve got to go back and get ready for college. When I’m done I promise I’ll come back and stay with you longer.”
“oh my that’s right you’ve graduated already. My how the time has passed. You’ve grown to be such a beautiful young lady.”
“grams while I was there I tried not to cry but I couldn’t help myself. I know you’ve told me not to go alone or to cry so much but I just couldn’t help it. While I was crying a man patted me on the back and told me she’d never forget us…his touch felt very familiar. I got kind of spooked because I was the only one there and I didn’t hear anyone’s footsteps. I did talk with him for a few seconds and left quickly. Do you think that was a ghost? Eeekkk grams I’m getting chills.”

“hahaha that must be Jahyson”
“WHAT! What do you mean Jahyson? The American killer Jahyson? Omg grams what if he’s after me? What if I accidentally did something to him and now he’s after me. Were not safe here we need to call the police.”

“no no what are you talking about. American Jahyson whose that?”

“you know the crazy killer in those American horror movies. I never thought he was real…until now. But here in Thailand? Grams…”

“Leyh why do you always talk so fast and get ahead of yourself? I’ll tell you more about him some other time. Right now just finish your meal and go to bed. We have a long day of fun tomorrow. You have nothing to worry about. No one is after you, you silly girl. Here I thought you were all grown up. But your still just the same child who loves to watch scary movies and sleep in the middle of her parents.”

“grandma don’t say that, its so embarrassing when you put it that way.”

Over the next few days I learned more about Jahyson. He was the love child of Uncle Charles (Hazels father) and his former girlfriend Jane. Uncle Charles was forced into marrying Aunty Michelle. The merge of Aunty Michelle’s fathers hotel and grandfathers hotel made it one of the biggest known hotels in the world. Wild Orchard International Suites. Grandfather said “hotel” was not home enough. He wanted all his clients to feel as if they were at home away from home. I do have to agree the hotel is very home like but also very sophisticated.
I had no idea Uncle Charles had a love child in fact I wasn’t even aware he was forced to marry Aunty Michelle. There love was so unconditional the thought never crossed my mind. Grams said with time they learned to love each other more and more. Uncle Charles did love Aunt Michelle with all his heart and everyone around them knew their love was the real thing.
After that Jane refused take care of Jahyson and staged the whole kidnapping 2 children. I was meant to die that is Hazel was meant to die. And in Hazels place Uncle Charles would have been forced to take care of Jahyson. At the last minute plans changed and I lived, Hazel lived. I remember vaguely about the kidnapping but the bits and pieces I do remember there was a boy next to me always holding my hand. Telling me not to be scared. I’ve always wondered who that boy is and now I know he was Hazes brother.

“grams I’m excited to meet Jahyson. He sounds like such a wonderful man. I’m sure Haze would have been proud to call him brother. I just still cant believe all of this, its so surreal.”

“well he’ll be here any minute I’m sure you two will hit it off great. Its hard to believe you don’t remember playing with him as a child. It could be the fact that he was always away at boarding school. The few times you 3 did play together were very short and brief.”

“Miss Leyhna and Mam I’m sorry to inform you but Jahyson just called and said he wouldn’t be able to make it tonight. He’s got some business to take care of and then he’s heading back to the states.” -maid

“I was looking forward to meeting him grams. Well maybe I can meet up with him in the states. Do you have his address and phone number. Wait does Aunt Michelle know about this?”

“Of course she does honey. She loves him like her own child. Now with Haze gone seems she cant help but worry about Jahyson even more.”

“I don’t understand why I didn’t know all of this. Haze and I were like sisters and I didn’t even know all this time she had a real brother. Where has he been all this time? He must be around 24 now. It doesn’t make sense to me no matter how hard I think about it. How could Haze and I not know about him.”

“I’m sure if you think hard you’ll be able to remember him. Here look, here’s a picture of you three playing with the rubber band jump rope. Remember he used to carry you and Haze over when the string got too high? I have a ton of pictures I‘ll have to find them for you.”

“grams do you think you would be able to find them by the time I leave? I only have 3 more days here.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“Ms. Leyhna Mam were here.” -driver

“Haze we were all jam packed into the van but the ride was so lonesome. Sitting there and starring at all those people smiling and talking to them none of them were you Haze. I wonder if you can hear me? I miss our times together, our talks, and our laughter. Our inside jokes and the way you always imitated Mr. Johnsons “get back to class.”
I’m going back home tomorrow. I wont be back for a while. I’m starting college soon. Don’t you worry Haze when I’m done I’ll get to the bottom of this. I’ll find that person. I’ll make them pay for what they stole from you and what they took away from us…love you sis take care”

Leyhna sobbed cries of thunder. She couldn’t take it. Everything was bottling up inside her and she finally let it all out. Cousin Allen took her back to the car to rest while the rest of the family paid their respects to Hazel and Uncle Charles.

“Grams am I too late?”
“Jahyson! I’m glad you made it. I thought you weren’t coming.”
“I thought I was too but I sneaked away for a few minutes. Where’s Leyhna I wanted to meet her.”
“Oh dear I’m afraid she cried a little too much so Allen took her back to the van. She’s probably resting now. She said she met you here a few weeks ago.”
“Oh that was her. Well I wanted to meet her face to face but I guess I wont bother her for now. Were family we cant escape each other. Grams if you don’t mind I’m going to say hello to my father and then I have to run.”

Everyone said their goodbyes to Leyhna the next day. She walked through the terminal and bid her farewells.

“I’m sorry Miss but your plane leaves for 8pm tonight not 8am.”

“What do you mean.” Grabs plane ticket
“oh wow I feel like such a klutz. I guess your right. Well do you have any flights going out that I can book right now?”
“I’m afraid not miss.”
“I see…well I’ll just wait then. Thank you.”

There’s no sense in calling everyone back for me. Its only a couple hours I guess I could just walk around Bangkok for a few hours. Maybe get some extra shopping done.
She called her mother and told her about the mixed times and that she wont be home as said before.
On the way out of the terminal she saw something sparkling from her side. It was a cute silver necklace with a diamond star pendant she had to have it.

“would you like me to wrap it up”
“oh no thank you its too cute I want to wear it now. Thank you.”
“thank you for shopping at Diamond Forever. Come back soon.”

“Jahyson put this on and remember to call for back up. You’ve worked far too long and too hard to blow this. We have posts everywhere if you run into any trouble. Everyone is a set up so don’t worry about hurting them. You take care of yourself first.”
Pam will act as Mr. Samma’s daughter. She’ll be wearing a purple pea coat and a moon diamond necklace.

“I got it don’t worry about me.” Jahyson put his gun back into the belt and headed out to meet the Dragons.

(Jayhsons decoy name in the Dragons is Jake..idk why its Jake lol and I don’t know why I chose Dragon…it just came to me)

“Jake you know the rules. If everything goes as planned your one of us. You already know how fond the boss is of you. You’ve become like another son to him. If you betray him now he wont take mercy on you, you‘ll end up in the gutter for sure.” bad guy 1
“I understand. Everything will go as planned don you worry about that.”

“You see that girl. She’s the one were going to get. Her name is Noi. She’s the daughter of this diamond company were after. If we get her everything will go as planned. She’s the key to everything. I bet boss will even let you have her…if you know what I mean hahaha” bad guy 1 chuckled.

“how do you know she’s the one?”

“We have an insider from that house. We know everything about her. Her likes, dislikes, height, age you name it we know it. We know she’s leaving to Paris for vacation. Spoiled rich kids they come and go as they please while we work dirty jobs just to support ourselves. Anyway all you need to know is she’s wearing a purple coat and has a diamond moon necklace on got it.”

“yes sir.”

“she’s on the move lets go.”

Meanwhile Leyhna took a cab over to a nearby line of shops.

OH wow look at all these beautiful scarves. I bet mom would love one of these. Oh wow look at this beautiful pea coat. they surely don’t have this style in the States. I’ll take it.
She tried on the purple jacket.

“Miss can you take that off its actually mines I just had to fix my necklace.”

“oh I’m so sorry I just assumed that it was part of this shops inventory. It is a beautiful jacket where did you get it. You don’t mind if I look in the mirror do you? I really do love it.”

“I cant remember where I got it but miss please take it off right now.”

Before Leyhna could move a muscle men charged towards her from every direction. She was grabbed and stuffed into a van. Her eyes were now covered and her hands and feet were tied like an animal. It had not hit her that she was being kidnapped until she felt her head hit the floor of the car and then passed out.

“Careful with her, she’s no use to us if she’s dead.” bad guy1
“sorry sir” bad guy 2

She didn’t know how much time had passed before she regain conscious. She laid their still as can be. Her eyes still covered hands and feet still tied like an animals.
They had taken her to an abandon house deep in the woods.

“captain what are we going to do. They have the wrong girl.”
“What the hell happened Pam!?”
“the necklace got caught underneath my shirt I had to take the jacket off. It was only for a second and then this girl comes and puts it on.”
“PAM this was your job and you let this happen.”
“I’m very sorry sir.”
“I’ll deal with you later. We need to figure out what to do. That jacket didn’t we put a tracking device on it?”
“we did”
“well what are you waiting for, track it NOW!”

“Look at her. She still looks so young barely out of high school I bet. She must still be a virgin. Jake its your lucky night tonight. Boss will let you have her for sure. I know he’s proud of you. You’ve become like a little brother to all of us. DON’T EVER LET US DOWN.”

“Jake..Jake..Jake I knew you had it in you my boy. You’ve made me so proud of. But now comes the other part of the plan. You must kill her.”

“WHAT BOSS!? I thought we were just using her as collateral. No one said anything about killing.”


“We know she’s not the real Noi. ONE OF YOU RATED US OUT! Just as easy as you made me proud you’ve also made me real disappointed Jake. I had such high hopes for you.”

“Boss what do you mean.”

“The only way to prove yourself to me now is if you kill her.” the boss said with an evil grin.

“boss if he wont do it then I will.” bad guy 1

“no your not the one who betrayed us.”-boss

“I’ll l do it boss. I’ll kill her to prove to you it wasn’t me.” Jahyson

“boss! boss! before you kill her lets have a little fun with her first.” bad guy 1

“yeah boss…she’s so gentle looking…it’d be fun to break her in” bad guy 2

“no let me have my way with her. I’ll teach her she should have never messed with us.” Jahyson.

“I think Jake deserves this one wouldn’t you say. Screw her then kill her Jake. Make me proud. EVERYONE WAIT OUTSIDE” -boss

Oh shit what am I going to do. This isn’t supposed to happen. Think Jay think! What happened to Pam she’s out cold.

“Jake we don’t hear any playing, should we come take over?”

“I’m just trying to figure out how I want her that’s all.”

“well hurry we don’t have all night. They’re probably on to us. Bad guy 1

“report back to me everything that happens I‘ll be waiting in the car” boss

“yes sir” bad guy 1

There’s no way he could fake this. He tried to think of every which way possible but everything left him with a dead end.
Jahyson walked over to Leyhna. Untied her legs and then her hands. Slowly he took off the coat.
Leyhna took the liberty now to smack the man and yelled for help.

“oh yeah he’s getting to her alright” bad guy 2

“I don’t want to hurt you”-Jahyson
“then let me go. Why are you doing this to me?”
“you got in the way”
“let me go please. I wont tell anyone this happened please please let me go.”
“I cant do that I have orders.”
“is it money you want, I’ll give you money however much you want please just let me go.”

“Pam can still play the part when everything has gone wrong. What a strong woman” Jahyson thought to himself.

The blind fold was still covering Leyhnas eyes. There was no sound of the city nearby. She could hear faintly a running stream possibly 100 yards away. Leyhna knew she must be in the woods somewhere. The wind rustled in through the cracks of the shabby bamboo hut.

Jahyson pinned her onto the cold wooden bed. One by one he began to unbutton her blouse. He tried to make every movement as gentle as possible. She was his colleague and his friend.

“Don’t be frightened its just me” he whispered to her.
“who are you and what do you want from me?”

In her mind all she could think about was her family. How only hours ago she was with the people that loved her the most and now she’s in this position like this. Was this the way she was going to die. All her dreams of the future flashed by. “haze where are you, are you watching over me? Please help me haze help me.”

“trust him sis…trust him” Leyhna heard Hazels faint voice say.
“Why is she telling me to trust him. How can I trust someone whose going to rape me and then kill me?”
“he’ll take care of you. Trust him sis. You’ll be safe.”

Leyhna laid there in silence. She wanted to fight for herself. She wanted to beat this man and run for her life but she knew Hazel was watching out for her and would never let harm come to her.

Jahyson had taken off all her clothes except for her intimates. He knew the right thing to do after this would be to marry Pam. No woman should have to be disgraced like this. Even though she was a cop this was not part of her job. He was her responsibility now. In his mind this was the woman he was going to marry regardless if he loved her or not. Love would come after.
With his intention of her being his wife he did everything to her as gently as possible. He knew this would be Pams first time since she never talked about having a boyfriend. He wanted her first time to be at least gentle if not special. Jahyson assumed Pams stillness meant she agreed to what was happening.
In the middle of his thrust into her untouched canvas the blind fold fell loose. Leyhna could finally see the man who was doing this to her. The man Hazel told her to trust. Jahyson did not look at her. He was ashamed of what he was doing to her violating her rights.
When he was almost through with her he finally looked down onto her. Leyhna looked into his eyes and a feeling came over her. A feeling like she’s meet this man before somewhere. And his scent…his scent was so familiar. Who was he?

“Oh my god. This isn’t Pam. How did this happen.” Jahysons brain rattled.

Though this wasn’t Pam his manhood didn’t allow him to stop pushing into her until he was satisfied. He finally noticed there was a silver necklace hanging on her neck. The pendant had been dangling not in the front but in the back. He grabbed the pendent and switched it around. His eyes filled with more gloom.

“what the hell is going on here. This defiantly isn’t Pam and this definitely isn’t the diamond moon pendent. Don’t tell me we grabbed the wrong girl.”

“Jake are you done in there. Come on man I know your having fun but we gotta go bro.”- bad guy 1

“yeah yeah let me just take care of one last thing.” Jahyson.

“If you live I will come after you, I will find you.”-Jahyson whispered into her ear and then BANG BANG.


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it's really good...and i want to ask...when you do a fan you need to put the stars that are doing it??? cause i started a fan fic...and didn't know what to do about


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I see that your indecisive about the title so how about a compromise?

Her Touch, His Scent

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it's really good...and i want to ask...when you do a fan you need to put the stars that are doing it??? cause i started a fan fic...and didn't know what to do about

well it is a "fan" fiction so i guess stars would be nice. but my personal opinion is that no you dont need to have stars in your stories. having them is just an added effect to me.

I see that your indecisive about the title so how about a compromise?

Her Touch, His Scent

I'll come back and read your story--need to go eat my noodles. (I'm so hungry :blush: )
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it's been ages since I last visited this section lol too lazy to update my fics so here I'll be reading some fics for now :)
why'd you stopped there, moh??? I demand for more!! lol

the title sounds hot to me... The Scent of Him...
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