the spirit of the sword


Expired Sarnie
Although I love Nicholas and Gillian, I fell asleep almost through half the drama.


sarNie Adult
I was more interrested in the love story between the princess and the bad guy than the leads...but overall, I like this drama ^^


Mrs. Kim Junsu
I wish they will do more screen on Gill and Nick but too bad...Its kinda boring but i usually fast forward to gill and nicks part..LMAO


As much as i adore nic, i must say this series is begining was good enough to capture my attention but throughout the series it's borring. ehehe...


Mrs. Kim Junsu
The writter of this series sucks azz big time. im serious...lmao. Seriously what happen to mom, grandpa and grandsons reunion?
They never get to greet each other..LMAO...I thought Nick and Gil was the main leads but how come they focus more and more on the other couple. I shouldnt have watched this series...:(


sarNie Adult
It seemed good... I started to watch it but stopped after episode 7 b/c got bored...

Who ever finish the series... Nic's mom is still alive right? Or is she dead?