TheGurlo22's Creations <3 [UPDATED October 1st]


sarNie Adult
Hi, I'm a beginner at making artworks :)
I'm not that good because I don't have photoshop (which is not good)...I just wanted to share some of my artworks.
It might not look good, but oh well :) THANKS!!!

These are for my fanfics :)

Theses are the ones I made for fun :)

Sorry for putting too many pictures up :)
I just wanted to share them :D


Staff member
ur artwork is quite good already..
very colorful artworks.. lol.. i see you super love bie.. XD


sarNie Adult
Your artworks are so colorful. I like the glowing effects you got going on.
The lightening effect on the first one is really cool.


sarNie Granny
These are soooo cute. I still have to read your fanfic, looking forward to it ^^


sarNie Adult
Thank you for the nice comments you guys made :)
I stay at my computer 24/7 just making artworks everyday
Here's two more that I made...



sarNie Adult
Here are other simple artworks that I made
This school year for middle school, they put me in photoshop class,
which I am so happy to be in..
My uncle is going to install adobe photoshop in our computer soon :)
so yep...Thanks!!!



sarNie Adult
Wow.YOu're improving so Fast<3
i Love yourr artworks:)
tehehe,i dont have photoshop:(
cant wait to see moreeee.


sarNie Adult
Hi, I've been so busy lately with
my homework and stuff..
i might not be able to make as much artworks and fanfics as I used to
but oh well, enjoy!!!
Thanks :)