Thep Asornwin (Ch.3)


sarNie Hatchling
If anyone has this one please share. This was one of the best boran lakorn ch.3 had made.

P'ek - Thep Asornwin

N'ek - Tipnalee

N'ek and P'ek picture from boran lakorn "E-Now"


sarNie Hatchling
This boran is really good. Thep Asornwin's mom fell in love with his dad who is a god, when he comes down to earth with his female friend who love to play at the waterfall close to the mom kingdom. The mom kidnap the dad female friend when she come down to earth alone believing that she is the dad lover. The female friend goes missing and Thep Asornwin's dad come to search for her. There he meet Thep Asornwin mom and fell in love with her at first sight. He take her to heaven, but when she become pregnant, heaven shake, and the god of heaven learn about the missing goddess and believe that the shake is caused by a god and serpent living together. To prove Thep Asornwin's mom innocent, he has to left her on earth if she is a true goddess she will find her way back to heaven where she never able to. For this reason, she hate Thep Asornwin dad for abandoning her and Thep Asornwin.

After giving birth to Thep Asornwin his mom run away because she can not accept the fact that she is a serpent. She want to live the life of a goddess or a human. Thep Asornwin uncle serpent raise him. When Thep Asornwin grow up into adulthood, he when in search for his mother and meet N'ek. He feel in love with her, but his mom hate N'ek and make up a story that n'ek mom poison p'ek mom. Angry with revenge, P'ek kidnap n'ek and the mom want p'ek to kill n'ek, but n'ek kindness and patience win p'ek heart.


Expired Sarnie
Interesting. I am interested in this now. Considering Ch3 boran are shorter, I think I can watch this.


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So this is the lakorn y'all mentioned in the ninmanee thread..
Oh, it sounds really interesting... I want to watch it now...
Help, anybody help :D

I actually like ch3 borans, like Fun said, they're short.. and good :)


sarNie Hatchling
I found the preview on Youtube. I love the song and all the characters.


This is a very good Ch3 lakorn! I have bits and pieces recorded on vhs. Basically just the ending parts! If anyone can kindly share I would love to download the whole lakorn.


this is a great lakorn. I rented it a couple years back. i wish the renting store didn't shut down so i can rent it again.


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I remeber this boran. Not entirely, but I remember singing the song when I was little. Yes, like emilie, my renting store also closed down :lmao: I wished I could have bought some boran vids. What a waste of it :cry:


sarNie Egg
I had seen this one once. too bad the renting stores throw out their old cassettes and now they use dvds so all the old series was gone.