Theptida Pla Rah 2 (Step Onward)


[font="arial]Theptida Pla Rah 2 (Step Onward)[/font]
[font="arial]If nothing changing OPENING CEREMONY NEXT MONTH (JUNE 2010)[/font]


You're Average Person :)
i thought part 1 was okay but was it just me or did part one skip alot of i be seeing some cute scenes in the ending credits but i never got to see them on the actual episode


sarNie Adult
Oh yay! I thought Art & Pat were really cute together in here. :wub: Thanks for sharing the news na ka.


Glamorous Diamond
Great to hear that there's going to have part 2 to it. I love Pat & Art. They're so cute together. Thanks for sharing the news.


Part 1 was hilarious in the beginning. I always thought the ending was iffy. Anyways, I love Pat's character in here, so I'll be looking forward to how they'll make the storyline and characters progress. ^_^


sarNie Juvenile
I cannot wait until this movie airs! I am soooo ready for this! I love them together and really loved part one! I think the parts that were missing from the end of the song will be in part 2 maybe hahaha hopefully.


sarNie Tombstone
They're so cute together, I'm excited to see this but I need to watch part 1 first. Thanks Alice.
u welcome TML i can't wait to watch this 2nd part too, oh u haven't watched the first
part yet and i can tell u that its a good one too. Pat and Art make such a cute pair.


sarNie Coma
sucks for pat, her and namfon are like the evening nangeks now. After her surgery, she doesn't look cute anymore


sarNie Oldmaid
Yeah I haven't watch part one yet, I watch a few episode but than I was so behind and watch other lakorn instead. I remember it was hallirious, Pat and Art sure looks cute together.