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Arthit Nirankul could be described as the dream guy for every girl. He's good-looking, tall, considerate and a perfect gentleman. Payut Nirankul is everything Arthit isn't. Or so he likes for people to believe. He's taller than his brother by a few inches, older by seven years. While he is also good-looking, there's just something dark about his character. Unapproachable while Arthit is friendly. They're relationship is anything but familiar. Payut has always secretly resented his brother. An unhealthy feeling that leads Payut to want to best Arthit in everything, including stealing the woman that Arthit is in love with.

Lana Sirikit, a new graduate, has been with the Nirankul's company for less than a year. She had the position of secretary to one of the top executives before Payut took notice and hired her on as his secretary. Everyone took notice of this causing jealously and envy amongst some of the other employees. While Payut found her attractive, he was impressed with her work skills. He didn't take notice of her until Arthit does, which leads him make a move on her. When he realizes that she doesn't want anything to do with him and that she might actually like his brother, he takes her as his. Embarrassed and ashamed, Lana quits. To her dismay, Payut doesn't end his torment of her. He continues to come by and see her until she finally leaves to stay with her aunt in the country.

Two months later, Lana is back and pregnant. Her mother demands to know who the father is, but learns about Payut's visits from the neighbors. She drags Lana to the Nirankul's resident and confronts the family matriarch. Payut's grandmother doesn't know what to make of it, especially when Payut denies that he ever had anything to do with Lana. Arthit is disgusted by his brother's attitude and irresponsibility. He goes to see Lana and proposes to her, saying he would claim the baby as his. Before Lana could answer, Payut appears and puts a stop to Arthit's good intentions. He demands that his brother stops acting like a fool and leaves what is his alone. The two end up fighting. Lana tries to put a stop to it by pulling Payut off of Arthit. She steps in front of Arthit and informs both brothers that she doesn't want either of them. She goes to her room, not caring what happens.

Payut forces Lana to marry him. While he cares for her, he didn't know how to express his feelings. Often times he would be gruff with her. Two weeks into their marriage and Lana has a miscarriage. This causes Payut to be absent front their marriage and Lana's presence. He goes abroad for five months, while Payut's grandmother takes to Lana and helps her adjust to society.

When Payut returns, he hears of his wife's appearance into the social scene. After months away, he finally returns home and confronts the new Lana. While his grandmother wants happiness for the two, she plays protector to Lana. That is just the beginning to their story.

Chapter One starts tomorrow.


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Chapter One (Re-write)

Lana looked out the window in time to see Payut getting into his car. He glanced up but didn't acknowledge her presence. His car quickly pulled away, down the drive. She felt lost and desolate. her thoughts going back to the night that changed everything.


To most people, Payut could come off as a dictator. He had a strong personality. He was a abrasive and condescending. But to the very few who actually knew him, he could be reasonable and even charming. Tall, dark and handsome, he was quite the catch.

At time, Lana found it surprising that they had a great working relationship. When she received word that she was given the opportunity to work Payut, she was stunned. What was just a temporary arrangement turned out to be a permanent one.

As one of the youngest employees, Lana always worked twice as hard to earn the respect of everyone. Her appearance immaculate, with her professional attire and her hair in a bun. Her face devoid of any makeup, but yet her natural beauty still shown through. Her posture always straight due to her petite height. She was far too serious for her age. But it was that very thing that had impressed Payut, not that he hadn't noticed her looks.

So what happened to change everything?

The tension had been lingering for weeks. Lana didn't know what had brought on the irritability in his attitude, but it made her avoid him. She feared being on the receiving end of his wrath.

"In my office now," he yelled through the intercom.

Lana quickly came to her feet. She approached his office as she would approach a prison sentence. "Yes sir."

He looked up from his desk. "This proposal needs to be re-written. Where are the reports for the second quarter?"

"It's not ready."

"Get to it. I want them before the end of the day. Also, I need Arthit on the phone. I want the bid for the new property development."

Lana took the binder from him and went to work on her tasks. He was demanding that the work get done in a shorter amount of time, having her work later and later into the evening.

While she didn't do much association with the other employees, Arthit was one who befriended everyone. He invited her out to lunch along with the employees to welcome her. If they left at the same time, Arthit would offer to take her home.

Some would say that neither acted like brothers, but rather two people who disliked each other. The Nirankul's definitely did not resemble each other in looks. Payut was taller, more Thai looking. Arthit was a few inches shorter and favored the Chinese side of the family. Complete opposites in behavior.


sarNie Hatchling
Payut leaned back in his chair. He had just gotten off of the phone with his brother. A slow smile crept onto his face. He arranged for his brother to meet with a client for dinner, leaving him and Lana alone.

He never planned make a move on her, but then he saw Arthit noticing her. He brought her into this. He had taken her home, had taken her to dinner, and had made it known that he was interested.

He looked at the clock. It was almost 5. All he had to do was wait two more hours.

The building had a electricity preservation rule where the power would go off at 7, unless the security is notified of any person working late. Which Payut had no intention of doing.


Lana was exhausted. She grabbed the finished proposal off of the copier and placed it in a binder. She placed it on top of the stack of reports that Payut requested and took it into his office.

The open door to his office showed that he wasn't sitting at his desk. As Lana stepped into his office, she heard the sound of the door click behind her. Before she could turn around, she felt two arms lock around her. Startled, she dropped the binders. She turned to see that it was Payut who had embraced her.

"What are you doing?" Her pulse increased as she tried to think of a way out the situation.

He grabbed her arm and turned her around roughly. "What you won't be doing with my brother." He sneered at her.

"I don't know what your talking about." She was visibly shaken up.

"Don't you. He's been wining and dining you. It's obvious the only next step would be to bed you." He backed her towards the sofa.

"Arthit and I are just friends."

Just then the lights went out. She tried to let out a scream, but he quickly covered her lips with his. He pressed her down onto the sofa, covering her body with his. She tried to struggle, but he was too strong for her. He had her wrist locked in a deathlike grip. Tears glistened in her eyes as she felt helpless to do anything.


Lana tried to get away from him, but he prevented that from happening. He literally dragged her and then shoved her into his car.

Lana didn't want to have anything to do with him, but he was impossible to ignore. He bore a smug expression on his face. She wanted to do him bodily harm, but what was the point. She was defeated.

When they arrived at her house, he leaned over and grabbed her chin. "I expect to see you tomorrow or I will be coming here to drag you to work myself." He placed a kiss on her cheek as she jerked away from him.

"Can I go now?" Her gaze was focus out the window.

He press the button to unlock the door, dismissing her.

Lana got out on shaky legs. Her fingers trembling as she struggled with her keys. When she finally had the gate door open, she quickly slammed it behind her. She locked the door and ran the short length to the front door. She needed the protection of her bedroom.


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Chapter 2

Her eyes were swollen from the tears that had refused to stop shedding. Her night was filled with terror each time she managed to close her eyes. She was tired and work was the last place she wanted to be.

As Lana walked up the building steps, Arthit caught up with her.

He gently touched her elbow, jolting her out of her trance. "Sorry. Are you okay this morning?"

Lana felt ashamed. Would he be able to tell what happened?

"You okay?" he repeated. His smile filled with concern.

"Just a little under the weather." She avoided his gaze.

"You should've called in sick. Even my totalitarian brother would've understood."

His brother was the reason she was there. "I'll be okay."

"How about lunch today?"

"I can't. I'll see you." Lana quickly rushed up the last three steps and on through the door.

Arthit was concerned, but he didn't follow.


Unbeknownst to the two below, Payut was watching them from his office window. His jaw clenched as he saw his brother touch Lana. While the interaction between the two wasn't very long, it was one minute too long in Payut's mind. He didn't turn away until he saw Lana run off.

When the elevator door opened and Lana exited, Payut was waiting. As the doors closed, he grabbed her wrist and dragged her into his office behind him. He shut the door and had her backed up against it.

He could see the fear in her eyes. Fear mixed with anger. She probably hated him, but he didn't care. "I saw you speaking to my brother."

"Am I suppose to ignore him?" she replied.

He grabbed her shoulders. "It would be best. Unless you want me to speak to him about us."

"What did I ever do to you?" she cried.

"What did you do to me? You can blame it on my brother." He smirked at her. "While your pretty, there's nothing special about you that interests me. It wasn't until I noticed my brother plying you with his attentions. You see it's been my life's goal to make his life as unpleasant as he once made mine. Since he likes you, he can't have you."


It hit her like a ton of bricks. He ruined her just to get back at his brother. He had thought so little of her that he used her as a pawn.

Lana tried to delve into her soul to hate him, but she couldn't. He frightened her and made her angry, but hate was something she didn't feel. Instead his words had belittled her.

"You bastard," she freed her hand and slapped him as hard as she could. "Your a black hearted devil. You justify destroying my life with getting back at your brother. How many other lives have you ruined to satisfy that dark soul of yours?"

She was the only one. "Don't act so self-righteous. What are you looking for? A raise? A condo? A woman like you has a price."

She raised her hand to slap him again, but she didn't. "Live with the misery that you have caused because no one is going to know but your conscience. I quit."

His hands drifted down her arms. He jerked her against him. "Unfortunately for you I don't have a conscience. As for quitting, if you want me to come by your house each night and announce it in a none too subtle way of your intimate relationship with me, then your going to come to work each day and pretend as though nothing is wrong." He leaned in and gave her a kiss on her lips. "Oh and while I won't be announcing our relationship to my brother, it'll be pretty obvious to him." He released her, walking behind his desk and sat down as though nothing was wrong. "Save the energy for later. Your going to need it to fight me and I do love a good fight."

She silently cursed his soul.

"Now that you've wasted my morning, will you please get back to work? I have a company to run." He dismissed her as though she was nothing more than a piece of furniture.


sarNie Hatchling
Lana tried all morning to bury herself in work. She wanted to take things off of her mind, but each time she looked up she could only think of the previous night.

How he could pretend as though everything was normal was beyond her. She wanted to hurt him the way that he had hurt her, but she knew of nothing that would affect him.

She skipped lunch in order to finish her work. Yet she found herself overwhelmed.

Payut stood between the doorway to his office watching her. How does apologize when they've never done so in their entire life? He never felt remorse, but watching her made him feel things he never felt. He would've left her well enough alone, but once he saw Arthit making a move on her he knew that he couldn't lose her. It wasn't because of the animosity that he felt towards his brother, but because he actually cared about her.

"What time is that meeting?" he interrupted her.

She didn't look up from her screen. "The meeting is at 2 in the board conference room."

He felt irritated she was trying to block him out. He walked back into his office and slammed the door behind him.

Lana jumped at the sound, frowning at the closed door.


The meeting was running longer than Lana had anticipated. Her head was throbbing and all she wanted was to go home and lie down.

She happened to glance across the wide oak table to see Arthit smiling at her. She quickly glanced away.

Payut had been watching the two from the head of the table. "Someone is bidding against up for this company and I want the details. I refuse to bow out and I refuse to allow them to get one over on me. Do your jobs and research." He stood up abruptly and left.

Everyone silently mumbled to each other. The meeting hadn't gone well with Payut coming at them with questions and dissatisfaction.

Lana gathered the materials and left before Arthit could catch up with her. He didn't deserve to be avoided, but Lana didn't want to involve him in Payut's games.

Unfortunately Arthit stopped by her desk soon after. "Hey if I didn't know any better I'd think you were avoiding me," he smiled.

Lana smiled,"I just have alot to catch up on."

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay." Seated behind her desk, she used her computer as a way of distraction.

"You look pale," he replied.

"I'm okay." She smiled, hoping he'd go before Payut came back to his office.

"How about dinner tonight?" He had a wistful look on his face.


Before she could finish, Payut's voice thundered. "She's having dinner with me."

Arthit glanced back and forth between Lana and Payut.

His expression was one of hurt. "Sorry I wasted your time." He turned and left.

Lana wanted to go after him.

Payut stepped into her line of vision, blocking out Arthit.

She looked up to see his smug expression.


sarNie Hatchling
Lana took two aspirins for her headache, but she still wasn't feeling much better. She finished what she could and settled everything else for tomorrow. Payut had left just minutes before she packed up, not saying a word of goodbye.

Lana couldn't bring herself to get on the crowded bus at this time of day. Instead she stood on the sidewalk of the busy street hoping to catch a cab. The muggy weather and crowds of people just added to her irritation.

Just then a sleek black BMW X6 pulled up in front of her. The tinted window rolled down to reveal Payut sitting behind the wheel. "Get in," his head angled for her to get into the passenger seat.

She ignored him and looked around for a cab.

He was close enough to her that all he had to do was reach out and grab her hand. "I won't say it again."

She thought of a retort, but couldn't think of any. She was tired of fighting with him. She removed his hand and went around to the passenger side. She slid into the seat and pulled on the seat belt. The cool rush of air was welcoming, but not the company.

He signaled and pulled into traffic once it was clear. He made a few turns and brought them to the front of a ritzy hotel. He glanced over at her questioning look. "Dinner."

The valet opened her door for her and she got out. Payut didn't bother to wait for her, but walked into the hotel expecting her to follow him.

Lana had two choices. Walk away and probably risk causing a scene if he went after her or follow him. Exhausted and feeling sick, she followed him.

The marbled floor and chandelier ceiling with it's unique molding was breathtaking. The Victorian style lounge area with different flower arrangements was welcoming. They took the elevators to the top of the hotel where the Sky Bar and restaurant was.

Lana had only heard of the place, she could only dream of ever going.

The view of Bangkok with the sun setting in the backdrop was amazing. Due to the high altitude, the open air seating had a cool breeze that felt nice.

Looking around, Lana felt out of place. The people there were impeccably dressed whereas she looked about as welcoming as a peddler.

A waiter escorted them to a table. He assisted Lana with her chair before announcing the menu for the day.

Payut ordered for the both of them and a bottle of wine. The waiter went off to get their wine, leaving them alone.

She looked across the white linen table at him. The roses and candles were romantic, but not something she expected of Payut. "Why did you bring me here?"

"I thought you heard me tell my brother we were having dinner."

The waiter returned with wine and dinner bread. Telling them it would be a few minutes for their order.

Lana waited until he left before she started on Payut. "You didn't have to bring me."

"I'm not one to lie." He leaned across the table and stared at her flushed face. "Plus I have an ulterior motive."

Her eyes widened.

"I conveniently have a suite here."

"Yyyou can't mean to continue this," she stammered.

Payut smiled at her. "I don't do sleazy motels and I prefer a bed to a couch. Don't you?"

She stood up, glaring at him.

He took a swig from his wine glass. "Sit down. You know better than to upset me."

Lana reluctantly gave in. She sat down, ignoring the stares of the people around them.

"I won't explain my motives. Let's just say that when I end it you'll know."

Lana wanted to pound her fists into his chest. She wanted to take the wine bottle and pour the contents over his head. What she wouldn't give to cut open his chest and pull out his black heart.

Payut saw the intense look in her eyes. From the way she eyed the utensils, he knew what she was thinking. "Enjoy the experience."

"I'd enjoy it if it wasn't you that was sitting across from me," she said.

His brown eyes darkened. He reached across the table and grabbed her hand. Squeezing it tightly he gritted through his teeth,"You and Arthit will never be."

She flinched at the pain. What was he talking about?

"Once my saint of a brother knows that your no longer the innocent and that I was there before him, he'll drop his affections for you."

Why did he constantly humiliate her with words?

When the food arrive, Lana didn't even touch it. She didn't have the appetite.

"You didn't have anything to eat all day. I suggest you eat now."

"I'm not hungry," she replied.

"If you don't pick up the fork and knife and dig in, I'm going to feed you myself. Take your pick."

She glared at him, but picked up her fork and knife and dug into the pasta.

Payut had secretly hoped that by bringing her there, she would look at him differently. Instead she was thinking about Arthit.