This thread is dedicated to our beloved mod "tangmoe"


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I heard about it today earlier and I was quite surprised because she was so young. I didn't know about the battle she was going through. It must have been very rough. We are arranging something for her. Even though we weren't able to be there in her time of need, we want her family and friends to know that she did have a community on this forum that cared. Krystal has more details about this.


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Where to even start? I've never got the chance to meet Nong Tangmoe face to face before. Its making me tear up when I type this. I remember the days when everyone would chat on the SW chatrooms lol and that's how I got to know her. The love of Thai and Korean music, lakorns, etc! Those were the days! We also used to have those "party" lines on the phone with multiple people. I will always miss those days and chatting with her about a variety of stuff. I will never forget how she got me autographs from Dan D2B and Golf & Mike. It makes me laugh about how crazy we were about all the dara's.

She put on a brave face throughout her cancer stages and posted pictures on FB. She lost her battle to cancer on 9/18/12 at the young age of 23. You will always be missed and I will always cherish your friendship! RIP N'Moe! :kiss2:


Thank you Tim for the intro.

Our beloved Moe has left our side but not our hearts. She will always be remember. She pass away Tuesday September 18, 2012 at the age of 23. It sadden me to think her birthday is just around the corner before she turns 24. She was fighting a very hard battle against Leukemia in the bone marrow. "Moe, you did you best and we are proud of you" .

She was here in this community when Asianfuse has gone through many kind of transit. The history of Asianfuse goes back to Sarnworld, our mother forum. Tangmoe was a mod of the Boran section and she has taken her mod duty beyond just her section. She help with all the other section when she can. She has dedicated her time and effort to help this community of ours to keep it alive. Having a family and still maintaining her mod status takes alot of effort. I remember all the flash chat we did together. The many fan-fiction she wrote and share with everyone on the forum. The crazy korean wave that hit us all. Moe, thank you for everything. May you rest in Peace.

Her funeral is held this Saturday. A group of us who has Moe on Facebook has got together and decided to send flowers to the funeral. If anyone likes to do also you may contact me for more information. I also have their home address if anyone would like to send cards and etc. If you happen to read this message before I made the order and would like to pitch in please send money to my Paypal account @ The crews are donating $25 per person.

Thank you everyone in advance. I'll link this post on facebook to her husband to let him know how much we loved and care for her.


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Oh my, well i never got know Tangmoe but i'm very moved by this. Even when she is not here anymore she will be in our hearts never the less she will be loved and remember!!


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rest in peace, moe. u are loved by many people. we will miss u dearly...


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23 is so young.

I will miss discussing Mteam with her and I will definitely miss her incomplete fanfiction. I remember bugging her to finish one that I was really hooked on.

My condolence to her loved ones. May she rest in peace.


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Rest in peace to dear Moe.. She battled cancer with all her might.. and I am proud of her. It's saddening that she left the world and her family at such a young age. I will always remember the time how we met and got to know each other.. it was through one of the ps battle on af. we happened to be a team and that was how it all started.. and we'll be chatting on msn with whatever randomness comes to mind.. I will definitely miss you dearly. It's been a month since you've left us all, but remember that you'll always be remember.. :tearybye:


Oh no! I'm sadden by the news. I will truly miss chatting with her in the Boran forum section. She was always so active. I remember even trading boran lakorns with her at one point back in the days when it was Sarnworld. She's at a better place now. May you rest in peace. We all will truly miss you Tangmoe.


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it's been forever since i've been here to read things, i've been away, but today when i read this thread it brang tears to my eyes, i've been away so long i can't remember if we ever talked in flash chat, but i know when i read her screen name it brought instant tears, my condolences to her family and to those she knew that are hurting now,


oh my. I am so late to this. rest in peace, Mo.  I've never met nor spoke to you, but please be well and rest in peace.


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Why am I'm so late at this? Tangmoe rest in peace. I never known you but I still wish you the best of all times. It's been almost 2 years but you are still here with us. :) if I joined in earlier I could have known you but at least I fond this thread and wish something for you.


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i did not read this thread & i did not know she pass away. when i return to the fourm after my 5 year absent she was the first person i contract by pm & email again & again but there was no reply . she had order boran lakorn from me but i wasnt able to complete her order due to issue oversea & i have to leave. i wanted to refund the paypal tranaction on my return . i ask darvin about her but he couldnt remeber who the member i refer to & fianlly i ask Kkrystal & she know which member it was .I call her 'Moey' & not her fourm name.  I was crush to know she pass away & im glad that i had not forgot about her and countuie to ask round for her where about. I decide to send the money + more to her husband. May her rest in peace , im truly sorry you couldnt get those boran lakorn that you wanted but i will make it up w/ your family.