Thongchai Mcintyre [Bird]


sarNie Elites
man...can't believe P'Bird is that old already....seen him through the years as i was growing up..but never imagined him older than my dad.....

he still looks very handsome....just think about it....20 more years...when i'm in my 40s...he'll be in his 70s!!!!!


sarNie Adult
This is a good sign. Bird got a nice clean cuts ...that means he will have a new lakorn(s) out for his fans. I wonder who's he going to act with.....and what channels he's going to pick first.... ch3, ch5, or ch7.


sarNie Adult
LOVE p'bird. he is one of my favorite all time singer/actor. he's soo good at what he does. he's a legend b/c he's still singing after all those years...

wish he would act though; he was soo awesome in koo kum with kwang. oh ya with ann sirium too in wan nee tee roh koy was a great lakorn...

he looks good for his age; he seems younger than most actor...