To those who play golf...

What is the difference between "beginner" clubs (sets) and professional clubs (sets)? I know that you can get fitted but really, what is the difference in the clubs? How do you know if it's made from different material and what not? And, how can you tell if one is better than the other? I've played with several brands of clubs, ranging from beginner ones to professional ones but I fail to distinguish any difference. Help?


sarNie Hatchling
I love golf.

In my 10 years experience, I suggest you get a mainstream brand that is a cavity back irons..  it is all depends on the person itself. The difference mostly it on the user. If you buy the best golf clubs but your not doing it right, then it doesn't matter. myself, I noticed the difference with every club I swings. it's all about how you use the clubs. 

In my opinion: Pro clubs are designed for that specific golfers swing