Ton Woranan Married


sarNie Oldmaid
I don't have pictures but Ton is married now...! He recently got married a couple days ago and if anyone is watching Thookathatong his wife is one of the servants :thumbup:


for real? congrats to him. i don't watch Thookathatong but i'll go check it out. thanks for the news Thanamas89


You're Average Person :)
what?! Are you serious...haha that's funny how his wife is in there as a old is he by the way


sarNie Oldmaid
yea which servant is she, i wud luv 2 noe. if u have a clip of which episode she's in that'd be great. cuz there's a lot of servants haha. congrats 2 him!


sarNie Oldmaid
she's cute.
omg i've been away from boran way to long and can't even tell who is who anymore. who is the other guy with them in the pic?