Tong 9 (Bangkok Audio Vision)


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credits to noiki
there will be 3 couples

golf/srai charernpura
oliver beaver/joom nussara


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there was a tong 5 starring pete t. and emma. when i saw the thread i thought they were going to remake it or this going to be like a sequal or something then? because the first one was tong 5, now tong 9


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i just read an interview of marisa and she said her character will be an air hostess named michelle who is half french/vietnamese


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is there any pictures of all the actors and actresses starring in this lakorn bcuz i never heard of some of them...


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Someone should move this up to currently airing lakorns.

It's airing April 24, 2008 after Ter Keu Cheevit (Weir and Pinky)


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i dunno about stryline but they are all trying to find the missing gold jewelery...tong 9...i believe


in ep. 1 when marissa was fighting off some dudes while her friend went to get help, that mccoy guy came to beat them all up already. and when the help came, he also beat them up. i thought it was weird how the guys came to help and yet got beat up. marissa's friend didn't yell out to mccoy that they're not the bad guys nor go apologize to them later. that was so wrong. :lol:


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I'm an action gal
Like watching cuz the pr'nangs get to fight the bad guys.
W/ a bit of drama.
Luv Oliver's character. :D