{ToomVill} *True Hatred*


sarNie OldFart

She: Due to this true hatred, may he and me, we'll be far away from each other in our every life
He: In the next life, I wish may we be loved couple who dares to reveal love as love 
Note: Please excuse my bad grammar (English is my 6th language) I know I need to improve my English
For the ex girlfriends and other you can think whoever you want but don't replace with anyone in ToomVill place :p
At first I'm going to post the love a[SIZE=14.6667px]nd revenge one, since [/SIZE]the will take a lo[SIZE=14.6667px]ng time to finish up so yep I changed my mind [/SIZE]​


sarNie Granny
I love revenge. Come on now , revenge should automatically rated r material HAHA^^ I be waiting .


sarNie OldFart
sarN said:
love bwt man & woman are lust , you have to explore those important traits.
I guess I need to watch more slap/kiss and other love/revenge lakorns to explore those important traits


sarNie OldFart
Bieluvr said:
Yay!!! Will go through anything for ToomVill. Can't wait to read your FF soon. :)
Yah thank you!! hope this won't bored you guys :)


sarNie Granny
two thing that guarantee not to be boring , #1 comedy b/c laughter make ppl happy #2 rated R , rai/reang scene HAHA


sarN said:
two thing that guarantee not to be boring , #1 comedy b/c laughter make ppl happy #2 rated R , rai/reang scene HAHA
LOL. Thanks SarN. I will for sure remember that and add it to my own stories. :)


sarNie Hatchling
I guess I need to watch more slap/kiss and other love/revenge lakorns to explore those important traits
Exploring some rated r movies will help you develop those important traits too. LOL!


sarNie OldFart

Hey Tain Moe Nyo, Don’t get me into trouble thoughtlessly.   
Just control your sister yourself. Not just only your sister, I’m not interesting in any women.. his hand come to punched Tain Moe Nyo face

When he saw his sisters come out of the of Tain Moe Nyo house, he asked them angrily
“Why are you so long, sisters? why do you make peace with them? We don’t need to do it.
They gave him annoyed look
“Why not? it’s necessary.
We’ve got to put out of troubles before it getting worse. why don’t you think in detail Ayint Yaung

“We also don’t want to beg, we just did for you.” His sister continue
Do you want to destroy your life?? Get in the care, get in the car.
Mom’s probably waiting for us

Before he got into car, he yelled out

Hey Moe Nyo, if you’re not satisfied, you can solve with me anytime,anywhere! you know? I’m not a coward..

Come on Yint, Stop yelling and get into the car already

When he got into car, his head come out from the car window and throw beer bottle into the house.

When they reached home

You guys come back? mom was waiting for them in the living room
Come sit here, tell me son what happened with you and that guy?

He didn’t answer..he sit quietly as he was mad

Son, I’m  asking you how did happen??

Hey Yint, mom’s asking you, answer her. His sister shouted to him

“Because I had problem with his younger sister” he answered although he didn’t want to

“How?” Mom was confused “Tell me distinctly so I can understand it..

You know about your son mom, he doesn’t aware of anything. Maybe that boy is angry as  your son flirtation with his sister.

He was annoyed at his sister words
“Sis, what did you say? other may misunderstand when they hear you say”..
His second older sister.. “
Is it strange that boy and girl related with each other for these days?

Hey, your younger brother is not a child..He’s graduated, and even taller than us. He should know what would happen if he do this.

He’s just a youth sis, when a girl comes to introduce him, how could he stay silent..
I wanted to tell them off since that time , it’s not appropriate so I just stayed
“Well Enough” mom yelled at them. “I can’t hear anything from my son due to you two quarrel
“Tell me son” what happened?

Nothing special, mom. They are just nothing. They took advantage of you two over action.” he got mad and went up to upstairs.

Wow, it’s good” said mom
now the blame is on you two because you two indulge him as he likes

Mom, we’ve got only this brother so we’ve to love him

I don't blame your love but he became spoil as if you two keep solving his problems

Mom, we can't stand when other bully our brother. We look after him tenderly. We can’t stay just watching that he’ll
be destroyed.

I also love my son, haven’t you ever heard the proverb that if you love him, kiss him secretly while he’s sleeping?
now your love on your brother is allow him to do bad things.

They looked at each other as they listen to their mom

I’ll tell you two something, I received a phone call this afternoon, Kai would come soon…..  

Kai was happy to come to the city, she want to meet her uncle who’ve separated with her for so long. Just thought about meeting her uncle it gave her so much happiness.
The taxi parked in front of a big house in a quiet street, where only wealthy people lived. She thanked to the driver.
When she reached near the gate of house she looked at the address in her hand again to make sure this was the 
right one. when it was sure, she clicked the bell and after a moment, a maid come out

Who do you want to meet with? Ms

My name is Kai and….
Ohh Ms. Kai they all are waiting for you since the morning
Right after the maid opened the gate, a car come out and almost hit her. She was mad and she didn't know who
was it. “This person is really rude” she thought of herself. Is there is someone like that person lived in this house or
just a rude guest. Slowly she walked into the house and thought of that person

Are you Kai?
Yes, I am
Come in, we are waiting for you.
“Toe, Toe!” after she called, a maid come out
bring her luggage and put them in her room”
“Come sis, let’s go to the living room”
she told Kai as she gaves the luggage to the maid
Mom Kai’s here!”
They were all happy, when they saw Kai
“Have a seat daughter”
How older are you?
“I’m now twenty years old” she answer kindly”
You’re attending university right? Which years are you in?
I’m attending university of distance Education, majoring in law, now I’m in final year
“If so you are younger than Yint”..
Yint??” Kai replied herself as she heard the name
Yint is….perhaps you may see him, he just went out now. He’s our younger brother, Ayint Yaung. We call him Yint.
I’ll introduce him to you, when he’s back  
There is four members in our family, now you’re here so our family becomes five, including you.
Mom: “You’re uncle is just like a family member in our home..
When she heard the mom mentions about her uncle. She was looking around the house..
Where’s my uncle’s now?? she asked them excitedly and hope to meet him
They all looked at each other face uneasily at her remarked
Mom: I don’t know how to explain exactly about your uncle, but I’ll tell you as I’ve got to. Your uncle is in the prison
Sister: It happened accidentally by saving our brother, although imprisonment is three years, I don’t think it won’t
take long..  By following your uncle’s wish. We’ll take care of you in our home. Don't be depressed..

Kai opened the bedroom door slowly. She couldn't believe what they just said to her. She hopes to live with her
uncle as she was alone, her parents passed away just a year ago and she got letter from her uncle to come lived
with him.
She slowly sit down beside the bed and put her head on the bed as she cried out alone in the room.
And all of the happy moments of her were disappeared. She couldn't stop her tears.


Oh my. I feel so sad for Kai. Her parents are both dead and her uncle has to end up in jail. I can see why Kai really hates Yint now. It's really good!!! And it's okay. I can understand what you are writing. :)


sarNie OldFart
Bieluvr said:
Don't be. Practice makes perfect right. I'm sure you'll improve if you continue writing. :)
Okay, I'll keep writing and reading, no need to embarrass, no one is perfect. Whatever people think of me, think whatever they want!!! I don't care..
Thank you for your encouragement Bieluvr :heart:


No worries. Like you said, nobody is perfect, even the best is not the best in someone else eyes. Please continue what you are doing and just be happy that you are sharing something that brings you happiness to do. :)