[True Vision] Full House


sarNie Egg
Will Produce by Ananda
He will make this Serie After AUtumn in my Heart
he's still looking for actors And actresses And told that is Not Easy for him because who he wants have thier contract with the another Company


sarNie OldFart
Thanks for the news. so they are really going to do a Thai version of Full House too.
I wonder who will be the nang'ek and pra'ek?


^ HAHA. fun, you're here too?? Dude, what is up with Ananda and Korean drama remakes?? First (that I know of), Coffee Prince, second Autumn In My Heart, and now Full House?? No way. If he wants to be a successful producer he shouldn't take this route. Well, I ain't watching it anyway, so it doesn't bother me that much. HAHA.


Expired Sarnie
I agree. I probably will not watch any korean drama remakes in thai but im still keeping an eye out. Coffee prince was an eyesore lol I admit, I can be shallow haha


sarNie Egg
What about Boys Over flowers thai version,he should do this one too.


sarNie Egg
thatsouthernasianchick said:
For some reason, I want to see Toey Jarinporn and Mark Prin. I think Toey would be perfect with the silly nang'ek role!
agreeee~~ want to see this pairing!!!!!!!!!!! 


sarNie Juvenile
Cr goft mike fb
พระเอกละครซีรี่ย์ ฟูลเฮ้าส์ ได้แก่ "ไมค์ พิรัชต์" จะมาเล่นประกบกับ "ออม สุชาร์"

Is mike is in here? The girl in here is the one in the movie call yes or no right?


sarNie Adult
Why? Just why? Does 'True Vision' not have any original lakorn to produce so they keep remaking Korean dramas? And that preview was just weird--I wouldn't consider it a Full House preview.


Expired Sarnie
i would be a bit ashame if i was true vision lol seriously this is a 3rd remake of manga adaption that the korean & taiwanese made popular within such a short period. and on top of that, it is horrible readaptation of it. and if they do, it is an exact replica coughcoffeeprincecough. autumn love is quite different but they r trying so hard to be korean.


sarNie Adult
None of their korean remakes interested me enough to take a closer look tbh but I like Full House and after watching Rark Boon I kinda like Mike too so I'll give this one a try! It is said that they'll go to filming soon, and they'll hold the press conference(not sure) on the 25th June! Also they'll film a part in Korea! 


sarNie Adult
Is it just me or does it seem like Ananda likes remaking Korean dramas? Autumn in my Heart and now Full House. 
   Eh.... Not a big fan of Aom Sushar and not so sure of Mike. Usually Thai remakes of Korean dramas are.. ehh.... no offense, but horrible. To me at least. 
Seems like Ananda is a big fan of Korean dramas (trying to picture him in pajamas with a box of tissues and crying over some korean characters while blowing his nose) 


sarNie Egg
the remake of Autumn in my heart is really good,
everyone are happy with this remake..... it is really sad and Ananda does really good job.
Tik and Aom´s acting are phantastic. But I am not really pleased with Punjun, he doesn´t suit for this role....