Tub Yaj NeW mOviEs!!!


ThE GrEaT gReAt LyNn!!
Hlub Tshaj txoj sia

man...good movie.....but damn gotta wait until part 3 comes out with more drama......OMG!!!......

i gotta say...this is like the first hmong movie that i've watch in a longgg time....i usually don't watch hmong movie cuzz the movies are sometimes gay and boring but hey, i give this a try and its pretty good..... :p


sarNie Juvenile
oh really, this movie is also good too well i don't like chen vang!!!!!!!! he so uh!!!!!!!!!!!! i want 2 kick him!!!!!!!!! he think he is so cute!!!!!! whatever, get a life he already 30 something


sarNie Oldmaid
wat movie is that?

wait...is it the one with tub & chen? havent seen it. :D

so i guess its pretty good eh?


sarNie Adult
i saw the movie cover...it was pretty awesome....i think imma go get one all those parts...mamn...since yah said it was worth it...hahaah...i loved action movies!!!!!!!!!! hmoob rock!!!!!!!!


sarNie Granny
is it the one his brother play his dad..cause that one sucks it doesn't show them (tou yaj/cheng other characters) in part 1 nor 2...but haven't done seeing part 3 continue cause its not out yet...so yeah,..


sarNie Adult
what is this movie about? summary please?


sarNie Hatchling
i really like part 1 and 2 can't wait for the rest but hope that there won't be alot of part.....


ThE GrEaT gReAt LyNn!!
its about this orphan girl and this guy......they're like dating and he have to go to college leaving her behind......and then when he came back to visit her he brought his friend with him cause his friend is also an orphan...then the friend saw the girl and he like falls in love with her.....to make the story short.....the girl ends up marrying the friend .....and got pregnant then he went to jail and the old boyfriend came back for the girl .....then the girl got pregnant with the old boyfriend's kid.....then 5 years later the first husband came back from jail which made the girl and her now husband like all sad so the boyfriend decided to leave with his kid and leave the first kid with the girl......and that's it...to be continue....hehe..i know im not good with summery maybe someone better can help!......

but its really not a bad movie.....i know i hated that the old boyfriend left...he should've just stay with her cause he loves her but i dont know...... <_<


sarNie Egg
is a really good movie...i shed couple tears toward the end of part 1....


Staff member
wow. the story sound familiar to an old movie i was somewhere else.
does he cry alot in here .. or no? ..


sarNie Elites
wow. if this movie is really this good, i might give a try. i havent seen a good Hmong movie for awhile and i want to see one. thanks for letting us know the moive is worth it.


sarNie Granny
like i said tou yaj n the other actor n actresses haven't shown up in part 1 nor 2 juss his parents part....i barley watch it...i think its kinda borring...i only like the part where tou's bro leave n left tou yaj(as the lilo kid)...that was sad...the other parts r gay..