Tuk Bongkot


sarNie Adult
aw... thank for sharing. she is beautiful. she's always have shoots that are uniquely done and they so sexy!


sarNie Adult
she looks ugly in some pixs esp. the pne where she is looking down. i think think she is that pretty, but in certain pixs she looks pretty. she looks like she lost wt and it seems like she did something diff her her face. i think she has done something to her face. it's so common for celebs to have somthing done to their faces like 99%.


i like tuk but i think her eyes are too ..well she should soften them a little or something and she'll be a great model o_o


sarNie Juvenile
why does she look so sad? but yea.. i agree.. her face look diff
maybe not enuff sleep?
i would say pix 7 is the best


sarNie Hatchling
she looks good...she have a very sexy look about her, i can see her going internationally easily.