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Subtitle Workshop Tutorial for Timers
To download a document of this tutorial with larger size images, click [here].

1. Download Subtitle Workshop below:
Dowload Subtitle Workshop

2. Extract the .zip file* and on your desktop (or anywhere else), create a folder with the name "Subtitle Workshop 4" (or any name will be fine). Drag all the extract files to that new created folder. This version of Subtitle Workshop is a portable version, so you do not need to install it. Double click the folder you created (ex: Subtitle Workshop 4) and open Subtitle Workshop4 (the blue icon with the SW image).

*You can use WinRAR if you don't have any other programs to extract it.
[Download WinRAR]

3. Now the program pops up. On the top menu, click "View" > "Video Preview." The screen will looks like this:

4. Go to "File" > "New Subtitle . . . ." If there is already a subtitle file you created, then just go to "File" > "Load Subtitle . . . ."

5. If you click "New Subtitle . . . " you'd see below some numbers such as this:

Underneath those numbers you'll see "Show," "Hide," and "Duration. All of them should have white background. If not, click the lock beside "Duration" and choose "Both."

6. "Show" is the time where the text will appear and "Hide" is when the text disappear. You do not have to concern about "Duration." The 00:00:00,00 besides "Show," "Hide," and "Duration" are standing for


7. Open .avi video by clicking "Video" > "Open . . . ."

If you don't have an .avi video to play around or to practice your timing. Here is 4.4 of Bpom Ruk Roy Adeed:
(Please PM me if the file are broken)

AVI Video: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1VFDFANW

8. When you open the video, it will automatically play for you. So you can choose when to stop, play, etc from those blue buttons beneath the video. When you pause the video, you will see numbers on the far right. The top part is the number you should pay attention to. When you hear the speaker is making the first sound of his or her speech, then click pause instantly. For example, the video is pause at


Then type the time besides "Show" so what close to it: 00:02:23,300.
Tips on rounding:
1. If the milisecond is _69 or less, then round it to _00. For example: 369=300.
2. If the milisecond is _70 or more, then round it to hundredth. For example: 470=500.

Note: The estimation of time depends on how has the speaker speaks. If you pause too late, and the speaker is already speaking two syllabus, then the time should be somewhere around 00:02:23:000 (if it's a long sentence, 00:02:22:900 instead).

Tips on doing show time:
1. Usually subtract 300 if it's a short phrase or name calling.
For example: "No!," "Khun May." Time pause: 00:05:39:211 (subtract 300) = 00:05:38:900.

2. Subtract 400 for any sentence that is typically has four or more words.
For example: "What are you doing?" Time pause: 00:02:21:476 (subtract 400) = 00:02:21:100.

[Note:] I rounded the examples already, so don't be confused.

You will get the hand of it once you're practicing. You should drag the video to that part again and see if the text appears at the right time, too late, or too early.

So let's summarize with an example:

"I don't understand why do you have to do that."

Pause at: 00:23:43:250 --- Round: 00:23:200 --Show: 00:22:800

9. Once you got your show time right, type in the part that the speaker is saying at the bottom of "Show," "Hide," "Duration."

10. When you type a text, you don't have to press enter. Just type it in a straight line. For example:

I think you can tell that your brother-sister relationship isn't that good.


I think you can tell that your
brother-sister relationship isn't that good.

The program automatically breaks the line to fit the screen when the encoding process takes place, so you do not have to worry about it. In addition, the black background you see behind the white text is normal. It will be transparent once the encoding process takes place using VirtualDUB.

11. After you finished type in the text, play the video and watch when the speaker ends his or her sentence/thoughts. Press pause and look at the time on the far right. The "Hide" time should be longer so that the readers have the time to read the text when it appears. For example, the time show 00:02:25:459, you show add a few more millisecond to make it stays a little longer 00:02:26:000. I usually add 600 miliseconds to the hide time. If the hide collide with the show time of the next line, then use the same show time for the next time for the hide time of the first line.

NOTE: The Hide time can be the same as the show type on the next line. Here's an example:

Use this when the speech seems to be close to each other and it's very, very long like this:

I think you can tell that your brother-sister relationship isn't that good. This is probably the problem that makes you feel stressed out.

This line is too long. Break it into two parts with different time. For example:

12. Press Insert on your keyboard to insert more texts and right click Cut to delete. Right click Insert Before to insert a subtitle before the text.
Mac computers use fn + m as an insert button.

13. When you're done, save it by clicking File>Save As. A small box will pop up. Choose where you want to save it and under Save as Type, scroll down and choose SubStation Alpha (.ssa*) and click Save.

That's all. If you have any question, please email me at thuynmt@yahoo.com or send a private message.


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lol. I'm trying to make some more tutorial since I'll be really busy. I have to work for my sister this weekdays too, so I have to do a lot of timing for so little time. Thanks.


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haha hey..i think i got it now!! but still abit hard but i can handle it..i hope!..lmao..haha thanks for the Tutorial!=]


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okay so i was practicing and i think i got it in a way!..lmao...hahaha it think i will be ready by tomorrow!! on friday!

hahaah im gonna train myself again today to get things straight!..lol..


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Hey, Stardust. Are you be able to finish part in Episode 5? If not, I can get someone else to do it. :D


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P'Thuy, I think i downloaded the original one and not Subtitle Workshop 4, i just downloaded the Subtitle Workshop. Does it make a difference?


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Nina I download the one Darvil post it up, I believe that is the original one. So if you have that one, there shouldn't be any different.


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I have no clue. I downloaded the newest version but there seems to be some bug problems. They won't let me put in the time I wanted.


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Yeah, I just used it on Subtitle Workshop and only the audio was playing :blink:. I'll try to download that software you gave me P'Thuy, and I'll see if that'll work. ^_^


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actually i still need a little training..haha..but i think i should be ready sometimes this week!=]