TV Pool's Top 6 Most Scandalous


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Most Scandalous Actors & Actress

LOL...i dunno how long ago tis was...probably not too long ago...but yeah! eheeheh...i was surprise wat place Chakrit got...he was even ahead of Yard...tat wuz funnie.... :p ..well my boy is soo can't blame him...
thanks kristy for the link, wow it's not that suprised that chakrit came to the top two and Aump won for No. 1. So for the actor Chakrit is the most scandalous actor lol, yeah i'm totally agree, we can't blame p'krit lol, he's handsome, charming and such a talent actor, who cannot fall for him lol?


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^ no problem Dhan9..i remember missing Prisna & Tinah up..and LOL..their names aren't even alike for Kristy and my name at least you have tat excuse tat our name startes w/ a "K"...LOL