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Oguri Shun's newest drama that is set to air sometime in April :D
"BORDER" is newly written by the Naoki Prize winning novelist/scriptwriter Kaneshiro Kazuki ("GO", "SP Keishichou Keibi-bu Keigo-ka Dai 4-gakari"), and reportedly, Kaneshiro wrote the story with Oguri in mind.  In the drama, Oguri will play a detective named "Ishikawa Ango" who has a special ability to be able to communicate with the dead.
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Whoop whoop... the airing date is just right around the corner :D
Here's the summary & info according to TokyoHive :

Start: April 10th / Time: 21:00 / Channel: TV ASAHI

Original & Script: Kaneshiro Kazuki ('GO', 'SP' series)

Cast: Oguri Shun, Aoki Munetaka, Haru, Endo Kenichi, Furuta Arata, Takito Kenichi, Nomaguchi Toru, Hamano Kenta, and more

Summary: A skilled yet insensitive detective of the First Investigation Division gets shot in the head. However, he miraculously gets revived despite his injuries and having been at the border towards death, he now has the special ability of being able to talk with the deceased, but only until their cremation.
And here's the new teaser as well.  I'm excited!  Been awhile since I've last seen Oguri Shun & of course the drama already seems to pull me in :D


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Hmm, so far.. the story hasn't really pulled, pulled me in much yet.  It's watchable but there isn't a "BAM" moment yet for me.  The first episode felt a bit slow but like I said, it's watchable though :).
It's really nice to see Shun back onscreen again <3


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I like it. It's a procedural, so it's not very big on character development, but I'm fine with that. Some of the cases are interesting, and although I'd prefer it if the victims didn't reveal their killers right away, it is interesting to see Oguri's straight-arrow character start bending the law to catch the suspects. I can't believe it's already ending this Sunday because I feel like it just started, but that's Japanese dramas for you, I guess.


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Must say I enjoyed this a lot. Despite the spirits revealing their killer, I am still impressed. Reality really hit me hard in the last episode. 
"Welcome to the other side" *goosebumps