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Name: Alexander Lee Eusebio
Birth Date: July 29, 1988 [Age: 21]
Blood Type: O
Height: 182cm [5'9" ~ 6']
Weight: 63kg [138 lbs]
Family: Parents and 1 Older Sister
Facts: He can speak 7 different languages [English Chinese Cantonese Mandarin Spanish Portuguese Japanese]

Name: Shin Soohyun
Birth Date: March 11, 1989 [Age: 21]
Blood Type: A
Height: 181cm [5'9" ~ 6']
Weight: 67kg [147 lbs]
Family: Parents and 2 Sisters [1 older, 1 younger]
Facts: Friends with 2 PM and 2 AM, A cousin of Battle's ex member [Shin Ki Hyun]

Name: Kim Kibum
Birth date: December 29, 1990 [Age: 19]
Blood Type: O
Height: 179cm [5'8"]
Weight: 65kg [148 lbs]
Family: Parents and 1 Older Brother
Facts: Younger brother of SS501's Kim Hyung Jun, Ex-member of Xing, Knows Japanese

Name: Lee Kiseop
Birth Date: January 17, 1991 [Age: 19]
Height: 180cm [5'9" ~ 6']
Weight: 61kg [134 lbs]
Family: Parents and 1 Older Sister
Facts: Newest member of U-KISS

Name: Kim Kyong Jae [Eli]
Birth Date: March 13, 1991 [Age: 19]
Blood Type: O
Height: 180cm [5'9" ~ 6']
Weight: 70kg [154 lbs]
Family: Parents, Older Sister, Younger Sister
Facts: Used to live in Washington DC, Fluent in English, Studied in Beijing, Knows Mandarin, Knows Kung Fu-Taekwondo

Name: Woo Sung Hyun [Kevin]
Birth Date: November 25, 1991 [Age: 18]
Blood Type: O
Height: 181cm [5'9" ~ 6']
Weight: 56kg [123 lbs]
Family: Parents and 1 Older Sister
Facts: Used to live in California, Fluent in English, Ex-member of Xing

Name: Shin Dongho
Birth Date: June 29, 1994 [Age: 15]
Blood Type: B
Height: 175cm [5'7"]
Weight: 65kg [143 lbs]
Family: Parents and 1 Older Brother
Facts: Studied in Beijing, Knows Chinese, Mandarin. Youngest member of U-kiss



U-KISS Official Youtube PAGE {CLICK HERE}







members: ELI & KIBUM

* they play a small part in this new drama as a boyband *

^_^ * Will try to update more info on u-kiss later* ^_^

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I love U-KISS. They're such funny boys.
It sucks that they're not as popular as they should be, but one day they'll gain the spotlight. And I hope that soon they'll have a ballad song. The boys have so much potential to sing a beautiful slow song. XD


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I never realized that there wasn't anything on UKISS on Sarn until today! They are talented & I can't wait to see their fame keep growing. Personally I think Dongho's voice is pretty good even though people are saying his voice isn't fully developed yet. I hope they come out with a ballad soon to showcase of their voices because all of theirs is great!! Oh does anyone else notice that Kevin looks so manly when he sings/perform compared to when he is just talking on Pops in Seoul? He looks great on radio shows/so tall compared to other members.


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Ok I watch the lakorn Autumn Destiny and I love all the song 4rm U-Kiss and thanks 4 all the info never really heard of them til now I hope they become more famous so they can come to Korean festival so I can c them.


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i'M sOOO IN loVE wITh U KiSS!!!
jUsT lIKE be@ST!
aLEX iS tHE beST!!!!!
:wub: :wub: :wub:


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I loveee U-KISS!
they're super awesome!
thanks for making a topic of them.
lmao.Eli, Kevin and Alexander are
super adorable on Pop Seoul, lols.
they talk in englishh too.gosh.
super adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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Ok I watch the lakorn Autumn Destiny and I love all the song 4rm U-Kiss and thanks 4 all the info never really heard of them til now I hope they become more famous so they can come to Korean festival so I can c them.
I got into UKISS after my sis told me they'll be on Autumn Destiny. I looked them up & watched UKISS Vampire & basically learned to love them. Their songs are so catchy. I'm just glad they're in top 10 boy bands though..yet they still claim they're not popular. But, after their concert I think they know they've gotten way more popular than last year.

Have you all watched UKISS Chef?? It was the #1 variety show a couple weeks ago!! I like it, but I can't understand it. UKISSROCKET finally set up a new acct and have it eng sub up to ep 2. So, check them out & watch it. Kevin and Eli are so cute as partners. The manly one and girly one as partners. hehehe. I never realized how cleanly alexander is. He really acts like the older one in the group. In Ukiss vampire I thought that Kibum is very leader-like, but that's not the case on this show. LOL.


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you guys should watch U-KISS Pops in Seoul.
Eli,Alexander,and Kevin are so CUTE<3 don't need subs,they speak english!
but it's ALSO so cute!


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updated, video links where u can watch n learn cute things about u-kiss. i love their new show idol league n can't wait till u-kiss show up in i am legend, i'm only in ep4 hehe.


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Idol Sports Competition [fc] - 100914 - various artists...ukiss appears


Ky the Star
ahhh u-kiss, love these boys and they are talented and such crazy fun. lol.
now i want to watch I AM LEGEND just because of them... oh well.
and i can't wait for the Idol Sports Competition of them... fancams are nice... but not really into them. lol


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Dong Ho w/ Sung Jong of Infinite & Dong Joon of Ze:A - Milk Caramel on Star Dance Battle


Watch 4 them on Oct 4, 2010!!

Teaser :D Break Time



^Yupper, I can't wait to go get my copy tomorrow or the day after. xD
I am so, so, so, so super anxious!

Their first official Comeback stage will be on Oct. 7th on MCountdown!
I absolutely always hate Mnet's air time. I have school early that morning too. <_____> We'll see if I can catch it live.
They'll also be on Music Bank and Music Core this week, no news of Inkigayo yet. Ohhwoooh! I'm so excited. :D


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Shut Up

101007 MNET UKISS - Before Yesterday & Shut Up​


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damn phone u beat me to it! lol, sorry haven't update. omg, eli n kiseop r so sexy! can u guys believe it that kevin actually have abs, by the way, the t-ser when kevin sings "love you, loveyou" and touches the girl's face, OMFG! his lips r so kissable! omg! i'm like DROOLIN as i watch this :wub: :D :p


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i freaking love their COMEBACK!
they finally sang some new songs;]
ahh;U-KISS obsession again for me<3
Love Kevin,Eli,and Soo Hyun the most!!
But i like before yesterday(intro) the most....


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Dongho Opening Pitch for Doosan Bears

Kiseop Beatboxing

Finally - Kevin ft. Alexander on MWAVE 101007

Kevin's angelic voice :D

Kevin & Dongho dancing to 'Oh' by SNSD

Although U-KISS made their comeback with “Shut Up!” the group seems to be going through some tough times as their members are suffering injuries, one by one.

Eli was the first member to sustain an injury, after he tripped during rehearsal on the morning of the 18th. Fracturing his right arm, he sought treatment in the ER. After undergoing a more in-depth medical exam, however, it was revealed that he required surgery.

Fortunately, the hospital stated that “it would not be difficult for him to perform.” Eli is currently performing with a cast and has revealed, “It will take 2-3 weeks to take off the cast. There’s a bit of pain, but it’s fine.”

Maknae Dongho was injured while participating in a marathon and complained of feeling a crick in his leg. Dongho explained:

“There was an event where idol group members would run a marathon with athlete Lee Bong Ju. We separated the idols into separate sections while Lee Bong Ju ran the entire 21km on his own. I tried my best, but it was still difficult. My leg began hurting after the marathon and so I went to the hospital and found that my muscles were shocked at the sudden strain. They said that I should rest for 3-4 days but I couldn’t since it’s our promotion cycle.”

Kibum is also going through a bad throat condition, commenting with a laugh, “My throat is stinging and closing up, but it’s okay.”

Despite their conditions, U-KISS has been very professional, as they honor their scheduled music program appearances on Mnet’s “M Countdown“, KBS2’s “Music Bank“, and MBC’s “Show! Music Core.”

Creds to allkpop

Oh! My School will air on Oct 30th! It will feature UKISS (most likely Dong Ho) and Shinee, 2PM, Miss A, B2ST, Rainbow, Sistar

Added this on October 29, 2010...didn't want to double post.


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Kevin is the Hottest in the group! Awh, I'm so in love with him; along with his voice!