Undeniable Lies


This ff is a generation ff. This one is the first generation, the parents genereation. I have been trying to write this ff and finish it for about two months now. Hope you all enjoy it. :p
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Oil was only in love with one person and that was Vill, but his parents disliked her so they forced him to marry Ploy. Vill was heartbroken and broke up with Oil. Oil was devastated therefore causing him to get drunk and after that many things just kept going wrong to the point where it will even effect their children.


Undeniable Lies
Chapter 1:
Vill wiped her tears as she looked up into Oil’s eyes, pulling her hands away from his.
“I don’t want to be with you anymore.” Vill said.

Oil shook his head, pulling her into a hug.
“No, you can’t break up with me.” Oil argued.
“I just did.” Vill said, pushing him away, “From now on, do not come here again.

Vill pulled the doors closed and locked them. Oil cried out as Vill left him there. He then sadly turned to go, like what Vill had told him to.
Oil opened his eyes to a white ceiling above his head. He was dizzy when he heard the voice of a woman crying beside him. Oil turned to look, finding Namthip sitting there. He looked at himself, naked. He looked at Namthip, shaking his head.
“Oil, I know you don’t love me, yesterday was just an accident, let’s forget that it happened.” Namthip said.
She quickly wiped her tears and got up and left. Oil couldn’t believe his eyes as he thought about what happened last night. He had been drinking and Namthip was contacted to pick him up, but where were they? Oil got up to look. They were in his condo.
Oil got dressed, feeling guilty that he had slept with another woman other than Vill. He went home to find an angry wife waiting for him. Ploy rushed down the stairs to Oil and dragged him up to their room. She pushed him onto the bed and closed the door.
“Where were you last night?” Ploy asked.
“Uh, I… I was…” Oil stuttered.
“You were with that woman weren’t you?” Ploy questioned, “What were you doing with her when you were supposed to be with me, I’m your wife!”

Oil rolled his eyes.
“I was forced to marry you!” Oil shouted, “and that woman you’re talking about has a name, it’s Vill and she’s the person I love.”
“So this means you were really with her.” Ploy said.

Oil froze.
“No.” he replied truthfully.
Ploy glared at him as he just took off his socks quickly and went into the shower, ignoring her. Ploy smacked the wall in anger and said,
“Vill, I will not let you have my husband.”
Two Months Later:
Namthip ran down the stairs as her mother chased after her, smacking her. Namthip was crying, begging her parents to stop asking her who the father of her child is. She stopped and knelt down, pleading them.
“Mom, please don’t ask me.” Namthip pleaded.
“You go sleep around with men and get pregnant, expecting your father and I not to question?!” her mother questioned, “Tell me right now!”
Namthip looked up at her mom. She knew this was bringing a bad name to her family; she didn’t want to be a bad daughter. Her mother glared down at her.
“It’s Oil, mom, my baby’s father is Oil.” Namthip said.
Her mom was startled to hear this. The father of her daughter’s child was her best friend’s married son. She shook her head at Namthip.
“Nam, how could you do that?” she asked.
“Oil was drunk and they contacted me to go get him so I went and it just happened mom, I didn’t do it on purpose.” Namthip replied truthfully.

Nam’s mother shook her head in anger.
“This will not end like this Nam.” She said.
Namthip watched as her mother walked away, dialing a number on her phone.
Oil looked up at Namthip as they sat down across from each other. Their parent’s looking at each other as well, waiting for Namthip’s parents to speak up first.
“Mrs. Suttikamol, I want your son to take responsibility for our daughter.” Nam’s mom said, “He has gotten her pregnant for two months now.”
Mr. and Mrs. Suttikamol were shaken when they heard this and turned to Oil. Ploy who was sitting beside Oil did as well in disbelief.
“Oil, what do you have to say about this, is it true?” Mrs. Suttikamol asked.
Ploy pinched Oil in the arm as Oil replied with a nod. His parents didn’t know what to say as they turned to Nam in shame.
“Nam we’re so sorry for this, but if it’s fine with you, we will proudly accept you to be our daughter-in-law.” Mrs. Suttikamol said.

Nam looked at her mother as she nodded.
“Yes auntie, if my mom says yes, then I’ll be fine with it.” Nam replied.
“I hope it will be okay like that, Mrs. Jongratchatawiboon.” Mrs. Suttikamol said.
“Of course it’ll be fine, just make sure to take good care of our daughter.” Mrs. Jongratchatawiboon replied.


LOL, thanks guys for reading. Here's another update and you might really dislike Oil in this chapter. :p
Chapter 2:
Oil knew that he had to take responsibility no matter what, which he was willing to do so since it had been his fault that this all happened. Ploy knew she could do nothing over this because Oil’s parents had agreed and Nam’s parents were really good friends of Oil’s as well. Ploy had to give in, but she was relieved that Oil doesn’t love Nam so she didn’t need to be afraid that Nam was going to steal everything from her.
                Vill stared up at the stars that night in tears as she heard that Oil had just gotten married to a second wife. Why do guys want so much for themselves? She couldn’t believe that Oil was that kind of person. Ever-since they had known each other for a year, Oil had always said that he loved Vill, yet now he had another wife. Vill was really sad that she had trusted him.
                                “I will never believe in what you say anymore.” Vill said.
Just as she finished saying that, Oil wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. Vill turned back to find Oil, she pulled his hands away from her.
                                “Go back and never come here again.” Vill said.
                                “But Vill, I love you.” Oil said.
                                “If you love me then why did you get another girl pregnant?” Vill asked, “I understand about Ploy that your parents forced you to marry her, but Namthip is a good person that you got pregnant.”

Oil looked down at her.
                                “It was because of you Vill, that night two months ago, I got drunk and accidentally slept with her because of you.” Oil explained.
                                “I do not care if it was because of me or not.” Vill replied.

Oil shook his head. Why was she being like this? Didn’t she know that he only loved her, forever and always will? He grabbed her and pulled her into a hug.
                                “Vill, I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have gotten drunk.” Oil apologized.
                                “Oil, sorry doesn’t help anything, what’s best for you is to go back and take care of your family, be a good father to your child that is going to be born.” Vill said.

Oil shook his head in disagreement. Vill pushed him away.
                                “You will not forgive me will you?” Oil questioned.
                                “No I won’t.” Vill answered.
                                “But I love you.” Oil said, “Do you hear me, I love you.”
Oil grabbed Vill’s arms and shook her. Vill’s tears spilled out as she pulled away and slapped Oil across the face.
                                “I hate you; I never want to see you again!” Vill shouted.
She turned to go, but Oil pulled her back into his arms. Vill struggled to get free as Oil threw her up onto his shoulders and carried her inside, throwing her onto her bed……
                Oil pulled Vill into his arms as she cried. He didn’t know what got into him. All he knew was he didn’t want to lose her. Vill hated Oil so much for only thinking of himself, but now it was too late.
                                “Vill, I’m sorry.” Oil apologized.
                                “What you did was stupid Oil.” Vill mumbled.
                                “What would you want me to do?” Oil asked.
                                “I wanted you to go home and leave me alone, but why didn’t you?” Vill cried, punching Oil’s chest.

Oil grabbed her hand and wiped her tears. Vill turned away.
                                “Vill, I will not let anything happen to you, I will marry you.” Oil said.

Vill cried in guilt as she listened to him.
                                “I don’t want to be a third wheel to anyone.” Vill replied.
                                “You are not the third wheel because I loved you first and will always love you, I’m going to take you home with me tonight no matter what.” Oil said.
Vill pulled the blanket up to cover her shoulders as she couldn’t do anything else. There was no other choice for her.


Chapter 3:
                Ploy ran down the stairs and pulled Oil away from Vill as they headed into the house. Oil pulled away and went back to Vill’s side as Ploy glared at her. She was furious that Oil had taken Vill home just like she had feared he would. As Ploy lunged out for Vill, Oil pulled her behind him.
                                “You, how dare you come and steal my husband?!” Ploy shouted.
                                “Ploy, she didn’t, she was always before you.” Oil said.

Ploy shook her head in anger.
                                “But I’m your wife Oil!” Ploy exclaimed.
                                “I was forced to marry you!” Oil shouted.
Ploy froze there glaring at Oil for saying that their marriage was forced. It may have been for him, but for her she had always wanted to marry him. She couldn’t take it that he always said he was forced to marry her. Tears welled up as she glared at them, in silence.
                All the shouting had woken Oil’s parents and they came running from their rooms along with Namthip as well. Namthip watched as Mr. and Mrs. Suttikamol came over to check what it was. Mrs. Suttikamol held Ploy back when she saw Vill behind Oil. Vill was ashamed, not knowing what to do. Oil knew that his parents weren’t going to let her in, but he had to do what he wanted to do for a long time.
                                “Oil, what did I tell you about seeing this woman?” Mrs. Suttikamol asked, glaring at Vill.
                                “Mom, I know you dislike her, but I love her.” Oil said.
                                “Your mom and I already told you to not go meet her, why don’t you listen?” Mr. Suttikamol questioned in rage.

Oil looked at his dad.
                                “Dad, you guys told me to marry Ploy and I did, now would you at least let me have it my way for once?” Oil pleaded.

His parents shook their heads in disbelief.
                                “No, mom and dad, don’t let Oil bring in a third wife, only Nam and I are enough already.” Ploy argued.
                                “If bringing Vill in is too much, then why don’t I divorce you?” Oil said, knowing that this was the only way to win over Ploy.

Ploy’s jaws dropped open and she shook her head in disagreement. Ploy turned to Oil’s parents for help as they were taken aback at his reply.
                                “Oil…”Mrs. Suttikamol began.
                                “If I can’t bring her in, then I will go live with her.” Oil interrupted.

He grabbed Vill’s arm and turned to go.
                                “Wait.” Mrs. Suttikamol stopped them, “Fine, you may bring her in, but it doesn’t mean that I accept her as my daughter-in-law.”

Oil smiled down at Vill and brought her inside as Ploy turned to watch them going up the stairs. Ploy made fists in anger as she headed to her room, slamming the door. Namthip came out from behind the pole as everyone went back to their own rooms. She looked up in the direction that Oil had led Vill. So this was the person that Oil loved and had gotten drunk over. He must really love her to be willing to go live with her. Nam went back to her own room as well.
                Ploy buried her head into the pillow as she screamed at the top of her lungs. She punched the pillows in rage, thinking about what Oil had said. It was true, Oil had been forced to marry her, but he had no right to be this rude to her especially because she was his wife. Ploy couldn’t believe his inconsideration. He had brought in two more wives not even a year into their marriage.
                                “I will not let this continue like this, Vill, you will lose to me even if I have to kill you with my own bare hands.” Ploy said.
She was making fists plainly looking out the window at nothing.