Unknown Title (Mario & Chalida)


sarNie Adult

She remember standing here in the same place several years ago staring into the endless blues of the ocean wondering when her life will be her own. A tear drip down her face and she did not bother to wipe it off like the many times at night when she used to cry herself to sleep. She still cries all the time, though, it was mainly to one day hope that she would finally dry out every single tears that she possibly could in order to escape from the reality of her life. She tugged onto her suitcase tightly for that was all she had left. That and the life that was beginning inside of her, the precious soul that deserves a better somewhere. She touched her stomach lightly, patting it back and forth like she would to a crying child. When the orange sky gulped down the sun she knew it was time to get away from everything, including the man she loved so dearly.

~Just something. I don't know where to go with this yet. Needed to put it down to remind myself what I want to do with this.~