Unwanted Valentine *completed*


maplestory addict xD
It's weird to think that I'm still alive. Breathing, inhaling and exhaling the contaminated air surrounding us. Here, sitting in front of the white computer screen; clueless. There's this white canvas appearing on the screen, waiting for a writer to paint it with colourful writings. Yet, she's still hesitating. Life taught her many things yet the only thing she could remember was: Not everyone in this world is given a soulmate. No, rephrase .. she's the unwanted one. The one who shall never meet her soulmate .. far from being able to fall in love anymore. She fell into the abyss of her soul, lost. Still procastinating of her past. Foolish.

I am the foolish girl. Who am I? Why am I writing this? Let's just say, I'm merely an unknown in this world. A loner .. a foolish, pathethic, unknown .. loner.

This is a story of a girl, who never understand the meaning of -- love.

Year 1999

"Are you sure you want to do this alone, dear?"

"Yep! I'm 9 years old already you know! Big enough to take care of myself!"

"Hahaha .. ok then. Here's your school fee. Remember to past it to your teacher later .. do you know where your class is?"

"Of course I do .. you worry too much mummy! It's that one right??"

A little girl, used one of her finger and pointed to a direction. A classroom with the name 3A.

"Is it that one .. mummy?"

"Gosh, mummy's lil girl is such a smarty pants!"

"Hehehe .. of course I am! Bye mummy!"

"Wait, give mummy a kiss on the cheek first .. please?"

Being quite short for her age, her mother kneeled down. She jumped a little and planted a kiss on her mother's cheek.

"Bye mummy!!!"

"Remember, I'll be outside waiting for you when school's over!"

"Ok .. ok .."

Using her two tiny feet, with such a huge backpack covering almost her whole body .. she marched down the hall and went into her classroom.

"Why hello there little girl."


"Are you one of the student here?"


"Hahaha, that's good. You're such a bubbly girl .."

"Everyone said that. Hehe! Thanks!!"

"Your welcome."

"Teacher .. my mummy said .. I have to past this money to you."

"School fees?"


"What's your name?"

"My name is Raihan but you can call me An."

"Alright then An, please take a seat. Class is going to start soon you know .."


That little girl gave out such a wide smile, she showed the row of yellow teeths she had to her teacher. She was a lazy girl when it comes to brushing her teeth. Knowing how short she was, she went and sat at a table at the front row. The tables on the classroom was arranged that it comes in a pair. She was wondering, who's going to be the one sitting next to her. Still thinking, suddenly someone gave her a pat on her shoulder.

"Hey .."

"Err .. Hi! You gave me a shock thats now .. gee .."

"I'm sorry .. I just wanted to say 'hi'.. "

"Ok then, let's start all over again .. HI!"

"Hahaha .. HI! your a funny girl..by the way, I'm sitting beside you .."

"I know .. hehe .. my name is Raihan but you can call me An .. what's yours?"

"Wow .. that's fast. My name is Kevin."

"Ke-what? Gosh, I don't like to call you that .. can I call you KK instead .. way cooler!"

"Hahaha .. fine fine."

Time passes by so fast. During that one whole year, the only thing that little girl look forward to was to go to school. Not to study of course, she's not really the studious type. She just can't bare to not see her best friend for even a day. Despite her young age, she knew she had a crush towards him. Towards her KK. Both of them were the class clowns. they love pranking people and not to mention how talkative they were. Every minute spedning time with each other was like in heaven. The happiness didn't last long though, KK had to move to another school later that year.

"I'll miss having you in school KK .." She started sobbing when they were eating in the school's canteen.

"Me too .."

"Will we ever meet again?"

"I-I don't know .. but I promise! I will call you everyday!"


"Yep, pinky swear with me .. An?"

"Uhm .. KK .. you'll always be my best friend .. always."

Though after KK moved to another school, they did continue contacting each other like they promised before. But it never lasted for long. Soon, he just stop calling her and that makes the little girl so depressed during her young age. She started to rebel. She islanded her friend for quite some time and became quite a naughty girl herself. Maybe it was too much for her to handle during that time. Family problems .. studies .. then KK. She managed to heal though. She told herself it was just puppy love. Things which weren't meant to be. Or so she think ..

Year 2003

"Wow, can't believe you're finally in secondary school now .."

"Haha .. me too. Our little baby grown up so fast eh?"

"Mummy!Papa! You're embarassing me .. urgh .."

"Oh come on .. can't take a little joke .. you'll always be our baby .."

"Fine fine fine .."

"Here's your school fee .."

"Thanks ma!"

"Ok then, see you later k .. luv you."


"Are you forgetting something now little girl.."

"Oh yea .. kiss!"

She's grown a little taller from before. Maybe because she just got her puberty recently. She don't need to jump anymore nor do her mother need to kneel down. She kissed her mother and off she went into her new school, her whole new life.

"Wow .. look at this school. It's so huge .. I'm going to love it .."

She gaze upon her new school. She walked across the huge hall and reached her class room, 1B. There was woman sitting at one end of the classroom, that must be her class teacher. She went to register her name and paid her fees.

"Ok then. It's settled. Please take your seat."

"Thanks teacher .."

Again, being the shortest among all of her classmates. She went and sit at the front row again. It was a happy atmosphere though. She knew most of her classmates.

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"

"Yo Suzanne! Oh my god .. most of us are in the same class!"

"I KNOW! Isn't that cool?!?"

"Wahhh .. Adam .. Shah .. Sheh Ping .. Isaac .. cool!"

"You're forgetting me .."

Suddenly she heard a voice coming from the back. She didn't noticed it at first. Since the boys were too noisy at the back. That was when she's shocked.

".. KK?"

"Yep! I miss you little girl!"

"Right .."

"I'm sorry for not contacting you .. I got my reasons though .."


"Ahhh .. I hate the quiet An .. forgive me pleaseeeeee??"


"Pretty pretty pretty pleaseeeeee??"

"Urgh .. ok .. ok .. you're still as annoying as EVER!"

"Hehe, thanks. Can I sit beside you again, milady?"

"Yes, with one condition."


"Don't ever leave me again .. k?"

"I promise."

Year 2007

This time, he really sticked to his words. There were classmates for the whole 5 years. They sat together, laugh together and study together. This time, there was no turning back. She knew what had happened already. She's in love with her first love, again. For the whole 5 years she lept her feelings to herself. Worried that if her feelings was known, he might just reject her. Then, their relationship would be awkward .. they won't be best buddies anymore. She was afraid. But, like every other girl, she yearn to be loved .. to be in a relationship. They were now, 17 years old. Finally, in their last year as seniors in their highschool .. she was brave enough to tell him.

"KK .. ever since we were 9 .. I knew that you're the one I would really want to be with .. not as best buddies but .."


"I-I love yo--"



"I'm sorry .. I truly am .. but I'm not the one for you .. sorry."


Without giving any explanation, he left her all alone. She was sobbing, crying .. she felt stupid. She never really hated him though. Love must truly be blind. Days later, she found out from her friend that .. he was actually going out with a girl. His girlfriend was actually one of An's best friend. Her heart shattered. They never revealed their relationship to An because they were worried it might hurt her. What difference does it make now?? What?? She's hurt more than ever. She felt like a fool telling a boy who's already with a girlfriend, that she love him.

Year 2009

She was still lying down on her bed. Tired after attending classes the whole day in her university. She was taking law. Suddenly her phone rang.

"Hello?Who's there??"


"Err .."

"Hey An .. Isaac here!"

"Heyyyy ISAAC!!!"

"Long time no see .. miss you. Miss your perv-ness aswell!"

"Gosh .. of all the thing you miss me Isaac .. I'm innocent!"

"Hahaha .. right. Anyways .. just to inform you .. we're having class reunion soon .. this weekend .."


"You don't seem excited at all An .. why?"

".. hey .. i-is KK going to be there??"

"Erm, yeah .. why?"

"Nothing .. hey anyways, I can't go. Busy with exams you know .."


"Well, anyways BYE!"


She was not going to the reunion. She cant bare seeing him with his girlfriend. Cuddling and all. Yeah, maybe she looked like she's over it. In reality, she really haven't. It saddens her everytime she sleep. As she'll always think about him and she'll end up waking up with tears all over her face. It was more of a routine already. One night, just like all the other night .. she can't seem to sleep as usual. Clock strike 2am in the morning. Again, her phone rang ..


"Hey .."

"Who's this?"

"An .. it's me KK .."


To be continued...


maplestory addict xD
yeah .. i've been in a depression state lately .. stress maybe .. but yeah .. this is my pathethic story.
i feel a lot better when i write everything down here though ..


sarNie Granny
gasp an this about you? awwwww. i really want to know if you did go to the reunion. one of your best friend's too, that's even sadder :( don't worry an, you still got me <3 :wub:


sarNie Adult
Awww.... An
Everybody is waiting to see what's going to happen next
But i can probably predict.


maplestory addict xD
She was shocked. She don't know what to say. The guy whom she tried forgetting so much just emerged back into her life. Well, she can't really blame him really, it was her fault too. For acting all tough .. as if she's ok with him being in a relationship with her bestfriend. Stupid girl! She said to herself, her lovelife sound worse than a lakorn. Hate hate hate hate myself! That reminds her, of a time in the year 2007 when both KK and her bff, let us call her C, came and met her alone in the classroom .. Both of them did not hold any hands, afraid to hurt her .. she guessed.

"Hey .. An .. we're sorry .."

She tried forcing a smile.

"C .. KK .. both of you are my best friends you know! I love both of you so much!! You two shouldn't have hide this from me .. How could you!"

She teased them back while trying to hold back her tears.

"An .. I'm so sorry .. we didn't tell you cause I'm afraid it'll hurt you even more .."

"KK .. I'm all over it already .. no worries .. maybe I was just confused or whatever during that time .. so no worries .. haha .."

Both KK and C just looked at each other. Still not fully convinced, yet.

"Awww .. come on guys! Don't pull that sad face of you guys! I'm seriously fine, look at me!"

She jumped from her chair, and smiled widely.


"No buts now C!"


"One more thing, are you sure you guys are dating? Why is there a distant between you two. Plus.."

She took both of her best friends hands and combine it as one.

"Now .. thats more like it! Couples, holding hands .. isn't it sweeeettt!!"

Somehow the last act managed to deceive both her best friends at last. No one know how hard she was fightin deep within. She don't want to cry, at least not in front the both of them ..

"An .. An?? Hello?? Are you still on the phone??"

That voice startled her again. Bringing her back to the current reality.

".. haha .. yeah .. sorry .. it's kinda late you know .. sleepy."

Such a big fat lie. She couldn't even sleep well since that incident.

"Oh .. am I disturbing you then?"

"Not really .. anyways, yeah .. why you call?"

"I'm having a prob with C .. we got into a quarrel .. I can't think straight right now .."


Why is he calling her because of that?! She's s heartsick .. but at the same time, she don't want to put down the phone. She knew, she was the sick one.

"So .. erm. I couldn't sleep and I thought of calling you .. hehe .."

"Haha .. I see .. It's been a long time since we chatted eh KK?"

"It's been such a long time since someone called me KK! I miss you lil gurl!"

"Too bad for you .. this lil gurl is busy these day .. so yeah."

Right .. it was herself to be blame for making her life so 'busy'. Trying to occupy herself from thinking of him or she'll end up being emo all over again. Though being emo is good, that's how she's able to write good, sad, love fanfic. Cos, the writer herself is a sad girl, just like most of her fanfic characters. The only different is, in the end .. her characters are able to meet their soulmate, unlike .. her.

Both of them talked for such a long time. They started talking from how they met during primary up to highschool. They laughed, somehow .. having to listen to her KK voice again, she's happy. At times, she doze off while KK was talking. The phone was still at her ear though.

"..so .. Isaac .. me .. then .."


"An An An An An .. you sleeping for reals??"


She didn't know exactly how long she slept but, when she woke up from her short nap ..

"Err .. KK .. you still there?"

"Yes I am sleepy-head."

"Oh my god geez, I fell asleep! You could have just off the damn phone!!"

"Hahaha .."

That laughter, she love listening to it. Its the music to her heart.

"Anyways, don't blame me if your snoring was cute .. hahaha .."

"OMG! I was snoring too?!?! Arghh .. I'm dead."

"Aww come on. I'm your KK afterall .. can't I at least listen to you snoring .. hahahaha."

"Very funny .. KK .. urgh. Anyways, it's late here or should I say EARLY .. 5am! I got class at 8am you know!!"

"Oh WOW! You serious?! Then go to sleep then An!"

"I will. Gee .. if I sleep in class .. its YOUR fault!"

"Fine fine fine .. MY FAULT then .. haha, anyways .. thanks for listening to my problem thats now .."

"No prob .. KK. That is what friends are for right?"

"Haha .. since when you talk to flowery like that?!"

"Urghh .. BYE!"


Right after that last beep, she threw her phone to the other end of the bed. Urghhh .. why am I freaking doing this to myself! I HATE YOU AN!! At first, she couldn't sleep. Still rolling on her bed, feeling uncomfortable .. uneasy. But, maybe .. due to the fatigue, she ended up sleeping at woke up at 7am.

As usual, she woke up .. checked her msn whether any of her jlr sisters leave her a message, then into the jlr thread .. lastly, the fanfic thread. It is a must routine. Only after all of that would she go and take a shower. The shower won't last for long as the water was so cold, she had to bath as fast as she could. All done, wearing her usual t-shirt and jeans .. she walked to her campus. On the way to her first class, she took out her phone and started dialing a number ..

"Hello? Who's there .. *yawn*.."

"It's An .. did I wake you up C? Sorrrryyyyy!!!"

"Oh An! Nah, it's ok .. I was going to wake up anyways .."

"Oh haha .."

"Anything An?"

"Well, I know its not my business to meddle with this matter .. but KK called me yesterday."

"He did?"

"Yeah, anyways .. he's super sad that you guys fought. Plus, come on C .. it was a freaking small matter you dummy .. not worth it."

"Yeah .. I know. I think I might be having pms yesterday .. gosh .. the temper .. hahaha."

"Ok then, please call him. So that he won't bug me anymore .. ahaha .."

"Okie An! Thanks gurl, love you!"



She kept her phone back into her left pocket. Stupid An! Stupid!! Why are you helping them out!! She was annoyed with herself, can't she at least be a little selfish in this matter. Why is she even torturing herself, by putting on an act .. then needing to help them out. Then, she her phone send out any music .. 'You got a text message'.


OI! Are you coming or not .. it won't be fun without you in the reunion .. We need our happy-go-lucky gurl!"


Ah .. wateva Isaac .. I'm busy ..


WTH .. just come you dumb ass .. we seriously miss you since you're in uni :( ..


AHAHHAHA .. xD I'm honoured. Keep missing me then :p




URGH .. fine fine .. i'll go .. time? place?

To be continued ..


sarNie OldFart
gasp an this about you? awwwww. i really want to know if you did go to the reunion. one of your best friend's too, that's even sadder :( don't worry an, you still got me <3 :wub:
yeah... RR is right anie... you still got us... :wub: :wub: and AUM of course... :lol:


sarNie Granny
yeah... RR is right anie... you still got us... :wub: :wub: and AUM of course... :lol:
yes yes. sisterly love is the best!

awww an, you are so strong. i couldn't possibly do what you did, i'm weak :( . sweetie, you'll end up like your fanfics, your soulmate will come, Prince Charming on a white horse and all^^ if that doesn't happen, i'll make it happen for you =)
just remember, you have to lose something, to gain back something better in return (it goes something like that) :)


sarNie OldFart
aaaawwww.... you and my best friend are in the same situation right now... and every time she sees the guy and his gf, my bff would be hurt so badly... but she is so good in hiding her emotions since she is also a jolly person like me... ^_^

just remember, there are still many fishes in the ocean... :lol: and An, my dear, just remember that donna loves you... :wub: :wub: I'll turn lesbo just for you so I can be your beau... JK!!! :loool:


sarNie Granny
^LOL donna, that reminds me that me and GP said that we would be each other's lesbo to ward off the creepy guys.

my friend is going through the same thing too, but her best friend is also her cousin and they are really close to each other, which makes it hard for them :(


sarNie Egg
yeah .. i've been in a depression state lately .. stress maybe .. but yeah .. this is my pathethic story.
i feel a lot better when i write everything down here though ..
everything will come to an end girl...who knows what might happen in the future?

i can relate with you..but we have different stories...i just find it hard to move on...

it's been 6 years now..

anyways, just keep yourself busy and always keep in mind that you have friends,,^_^


sarNie Adult
awww... who among you have similar experience? raise your hand! hahaha!!!
*i'm raising my hand now.
an, i also had this experience with a childhood friend...


sarNie OldFart
awww... who among you have similar experience? raise your hand! hahaha!!!
*i'm raising my hand now.
an, i also had this experience with a childhood friend...
aaawww.... you too ate?

I haven't had any experience with L-O-V-E yet... I think... :lol:


sarNie Adult
^ yep. we treat each other indifferently now...

so, is isaac gay or does he have a crush on you? is he your unwanted valentine? i'm curious!


sarNie Granny
awww... who among you have similar experience? raise your hand! hahaha!!!
*i'm raising my hand now.
an, i also had this experience with a childhood friend...
not the same situation, but close-ish. when i was little, i use to like this little boy in my class, and he kind of liked me, but somehow whenever i was by him, i would act mean towards him. :(


sarNie Adult
not the same situation, but close-ish. when i was little, i use to like this little boy in my class, and he kind of liked me, but somehow whenever i was by him, i would act mean towards him. :(
OMG no way!! RR i do the same. Well according to my friend i'm very mean to the person i like hahaha
*cough cough* someone already knows