[upcoming TW-nese Drama series] Shen QIng Mi mA (Silence)


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Lets talk about Vic zhou(zaizai f4) latest movie that will be aired around march 2006 ^ ^

Character description

Qi Wei Yi (portrayed by Vic Chou)

25 years old, intelligent, talented, excels in all areas. The confident Wei Yi has always believe that there's no "misfortunes" in the world, there's only "not try hard enough." Because of this, he's so strict on others that he's almost merciless. This is until his doctor tells him that he has liver cancer with only 1 year to live and when he meets Zhao Shen Shen again. Wei Yi slowly changes because of Shen Shen and lives the last 365 days of his life nicely. Gradually he understands the meaning of pursuing life and love.

Zhao Shen Shen (portrayed by Park Eun-hye)
23 years old, Chinese-Korean, in an accident she loses her ability to speak. But this didn't bring complete misery, but instead it helped her to better understand how to use her heart to listen to and understand others. She didn't give up because of her mishaps and you can't see the inferiorities of disabled people in her. She substituted it with honesty and optimism. Though she can't speak, but the "love" in her heart is more intense than anyone else.

Zuo Jun (portrayed by Andy Hui)
27 years old. When he was young he was rebellious and playful, harming Shen Shen to become mute in an accident. Although on the surface it seems that Zuo Jun refuses to admit he's wrong, inside he holds himself responsible. To make up for his wrongdoing, he decides to protect Shen Shen from any kind of harm and unconsciously falls in love with Shen Shen. He's convinced that he's the only one who can give her happiness. In the name of love, he blocks Shen Shen and Wei Yi from development and doesn't hesitate to do sinful things. This is all because he wants to keep the girl at his side.

Mi Xiao Guang (portrayed by Megan Lai)
26 years old, Wei Yi's fiancee, serious, competent, independent, wants to use her abilities to have a breakthrough achievement in her career and prove her strength. Although there aren't many feelings between her and Wei Yi but they have a steady tacit understanding of each other. When Wei Yi suffers from cancer and dismisses their engagement, she couldn't help but reconsider what "love" is.


His life will perish into loneliness one year later.
She, who is mute, unexpectedly falls in love with his other world.
A play of fate pulls onto them.
But what ties them together...are their beautiful childhood memories

The story starts when Wei Yi is 15 years old.

Because of an accident Wei Yi was sent to the only hospital in the village.Getting bored while recuperating, Wei Yi accidentally discovers an old air-raid shelter hospital room. Through a secret in the room heunexpectedly meets a Korean girl, Shen Shen, 2 years younger than himwho became mute from an accident. Furthermore, a simple and pure lovearoused. However, they end up losing contact with each other.

Nineyears later, Wei Yi is occupied with many business affairs. He bearshis parents' expectations of him succeeding them. He doesn't have alife full of perils, making him confident as well as dazzling. One dayWei Yi mercilessly fired a worker. To his surprise, the next day a mutegirl and a hoodlum guy came to ask for justice. Wei Yi never thoughtthat the mute girl was the Zhao Shen Shen from 9 years ago.

Becauseof Shen Shen's righteousness, this mute girl left Wei Yi a deep andfavorable impression. Because of fate, the two keep on bumping intoeach other. Even though they get mad over little things everytime, butseeing the way Shen Shen does sign language Wei Yi felt like he wasbrimming with magnificent vitality. Argue for the sake of arguing with Wei Yi has become apart of Shen Shen's silent life.

At this time, a"misfortune" suddenly befalled him. His doctor verified that he hadliver cancer and only had 1 more year to live. All of a sudden Wei Yirecalled a promise. The time capsule he and Shen Shen buried 9 yearsago that said childhood memories would unlock 10 years later...

WeiYi dismisses his engagement with his fiancee and goes to the place the2 agreed to meet at. As death drew near, fate arranges for Wei Yi andZhao Shen Shen to meet again! Zhao Shen Shen was actually that mutegirl.

With his life about to end, Wei Yi decides to hide hisidentity and slowly changes because of Shen Shen, living the last 365days of his life nicely. But Wei Yi's father Zhen Yang is furious thathis son has changed because of an out-of-the-blue mute girl and decidesto resolve this impediment personally. To protect Shen Shen, Wei Yi agrees to return to Taiwan to get treated. The day Wei Yi leaves DalianShen Shen accidentally finds out that Wei Yi was her love many yearsago. She also find out that Wei Yi only had 1 more year to live! Thelove deeply supressed within her heart was completely dispersed at thismoment. Shen Shen chases after Wei Yi's car, crying all the way andtrying to call out to Wei Yi...Shen Shen's voice is finally back after 9 years!....

Source: bonbon of http://www.vicpower.net

Thanks to Amy@faithful4ever for the Translation



sarNie Juvenile
Btw just for more detailed info.. Park Eun Hye is from korea. her first movie is Jewel In the Palace...
Now she's back to korea because Silence has finished filming..

so this movie is basically a KOrean chinese drama series..
SO interesting.. ^ ^ Zaizai played with a Korean girl...
can't wait ....

so guys..if you feel that you are Zaizai/PEH/Meegan/Andy's fans let's talk about them in their upcoming series...


sarNie Egg
i hate it when the main character has to die, it's so sad, but sounds like a good movie


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Oil said:
i hate it when the main character has to die, it's so sad, but sounds like a good movie
yeah me too i hate this kind of movie ending..but hope ZZ will not die..because as far as i know ZZ is going somewhere to have a theraphy ^ ^

yeah i cant wait until this movie comes out..seems to be a good movie


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macy said:
wow! i wanna see this so bad..so when is it released and is anyone going to upload it?
yeah i will give the link if someone already upload it..
it's going to b release around march **that's only in taiwan tv channel**
so we can watch it around there... ^ ^


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lidogurl said:
what....vic going to die.....why....??? dont like that kind of drama......
not sure though if he is going to die or not..because in this movie Zai is going to have a therapy for his disease ^ ^ so zai have a big chance not dying at the end... ^ ^ hope soo... just cross my finger ...


sarNie Elites
ahhhh.... this seems soooo good... i can feel it's definitely going to be a tear-jerker.....

but i'll still watch it for Vic!!! whooo... my guy!


sarNie Egg
the cast dont look that interesting but i will just b/c vic is in it. i hope it wouldnt be a waste of time.

itS aNn

sarNie Juvenile
damn this sounds like its going to be very good.. i hope he wont die in the end... he better not..


This series sound good.I just hope it not gonna be a sad ending.I can't stand those kind of ending.Vic look hot. :wub: :wub: I watch it for Vic too.:wub:


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does anybody know when will it come out? i know it's this month 9March) but like wat day? thanks!


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is any1 here watch the 19 min trailer of SILENCE? OMG SOoooooooooooooooo gooooooooddddddddddd and quite sad too though :( yeah this drama looks really interesting...cant waittttttttttttttttttttttttttt><

this drama is not out yet they was planning to b release march but not anymore since 4**if im not mistaken** tv station in tw is fighting for this drama...so yeah may b Angie makes an auction for this drama... OMG TOOK SOOOOO LONGGGG


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uahuahuah eventhough the characters are doesnt look good but i think they choose the popular one ahhaahah like megan lai she is quite popular, andy hui HongKOng actor and he is quite pop aswell and Park eun Hye korean actrees..she is quite popular too in korea ...hahahahha

but as i can c the most popular 1 in here is only ZZ ^_^