[Variety] Hurry Up Brother


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Hurry Up Brother is the Chinese version of the Korean variety show "Running Man."  The hosts are Deng Chao, Angelababy, Li Chen, Ryan Cheng/Zheng Kai, Michael Chen, Wong Cho Lam, Wang Baoqiang.  So far it is really successful.
So far there's only one season, which aired last Fall/Winter.  Wang Baoqiang won't be in the second season, and is replaced by Bao Bei'er due to schedule conflicts.
Season 2 just started airing the middle of this month.
Have any of y'all watched the show?  I watched a few eps... like maybe up to around 8 there and I have to say I enjoyed it.  I've seen the Korean one, but I don't judge it at all.  They have their own aspects that I like.  The cast is pretty entertaining too.  I just laugh at the obvious ad promotions though like for Rio and Lamando. 
The show is still pretty new, so it's understandable why the cast isn't consistent.  They all have their own busy schedule. 
I'm just waiting to see some of my favorite Chinese celebrities on the show.. *crossesfingers* for Huang Xiao Ming, Wallace Huo & Chung, etc.
I'm patiently waiting for Eddie Peng's ep to air hahaha.


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I have seen the first 3 episode. One I didn't like how they were trying so hard to be like running man. I wished they develop their own persona. Other than that, I enjoyed it. Sadly only a few episode were subbed.

Afairytale recap three first episode of the second season. I watched it and it seemed much better. One thing they do better than the original cast is that they go all out. Expensive costumes and gear but hey China does have a higher budget.