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Twin talent
Vill makes her movie debut

By Suwitcha Chaiyong, photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

Home is a safe place where we can escape life’s drama, but in the upcoming ghost movie, Take Me Home: Sook San Wan Kab Baan, home can be a house of horror.

The movie begins when Tan (Mario Maurer) wakes up in hospital and finds out that he has amnesia. When he returns home he meets his twin sister, Taptim, played by Wannarot Sonthichai (Vill), and realises that the big house hides a lot of secrets. The more he tries to dig up the secrets, the scarier his home becomes.

Vill is known for her TV performances, especially in the 2013’s Sood Sai Parn (The End of Her Rope), where she played a pair of angelic and evil twin sisters.

Student Weekly met up with the 26-year-old actress at the movie’s press conference where she told us how she feels about her first film and her acting career.

Student Weekly: How did you learn to act?

Vill: When I started acting, I didn’t understand one of my characters who cried a lot because I’m an optimistic person. But after I studied acting with ML Bhandevanov Devakula, I could understand my characters and felt happy working. Acting allows me to do things I’ve never done before.

Student Weekly: What was it like to work on your first movie, Take Me Home?

Vill: I was thrilled. I felt good acting in this movie because it required natural performances, so I didn’t have to overact.

Student Weekly: Did you feel frightened when you first saw your own ghost make-up?

Vill: At first didn’t dare to go to the bathroom because I was afraid of looking in the mirror. I thought other people might by terrified by me.

Student Weekly: Did you enjoy working with Mario?

Vill: I was happy to work with him. We’re both students of ML Bhandevanov, and were in the same acting class. On set, Mario acted like his character. But in real life he’s nice and isn’t fussy. He can eat anything and can sleep anywhere.

Student Weekly: Is it easy for you to play two different personalities in the movie?

Vill: Not at all. But I could use my experience from The End of Her Rope. Taptim is sometimes weak and sometimes strong.

Student Weekly: Why should moviegoers check out this movie?

Vill: It’s a new style of Thai ghost movie. The storyline is more like a family drama with more mystery than horror.



sarNie Hatchling
Funny. So, she was asked to overact. I wonder in which larkon(s) she was so asked to and in which lakorn(s) she wasn't.