voos yaj two new movie


sarNie Hatchling
Movie was alright. The ending was probably ended that way because remember the title is 3 Tiam Hlub Tsim Tsis Nyog. That's why at the end she is the 2nd wife. Actually I found that heart breaking for them.

To love someone so much and yet to only find out you can't have him the proper decent way. Love is so strong and unstopable and that's why she had to sub scum to being his 2nd wife and he had to keep her that way because at the same time he couldn't just up and divorce his 1st wife and abandon his kids.

Now if only they had protray that view more clearly and better. Such as made it heart breaking for her to decide to become his 2nd wife because she didn't want to make his 1st wife hurt but yet the same time she can't stop loving him either.


sarNie Adult
Ok so i spent my spring break watching Hmong movies at my aunt's house and these two movies happens to be the many movies that i watched.
Voos needs to retire. Somebody needs to tell him that he is no longer p'ek material. his movies was horrible. the storyline was so horribly written.
3 tiam hlub was stupid, I fast forward the entire movie. although i thought the n'ek was pretty at times it seemed that she tried a little too hard. and the Nuj Nqis kev hlub, like someone said earlier, please tell me how the title of the movie relates to the moral of the story. there seem to be no moral of the movie at all. although the n'ek's acting was realistic, the story line was horrible. I hate voos's acting. End of story.


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Does anyone know if the music Voos and the girl sings is a new song or old? Does anyone have it can you upload it?


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ugh when youw atch these movies by Voos... don't you see the way he acts toward his parents? It's so freaking fake.. Who really talks to their parents slowly and softly like that... "niam ah... *shakes head*" ... seems like they just met each other for the 2nd or 3rd time... It annoys the heck out of me.
I would never buy his movies... the only one I have with him in it is the one that Somchai Yaj starred in because I love that actor/singer


sarNie Granny
:lol:....ur so funny...so true he acts hella gay...i hate how he shakes head...i just want to stick a bamboo in there ti make it still..