W-inds' Keita is married!


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Dum DUm DUm!!!
Oh goodness, despite being a long time W-inds fan...  I did not know.. absolutely did not know that Keita had been dating his now wife Matsuura Aya for over 12 years.  That is such a tremendously long time..!  Some marriages/relationships don't even last that long :p  He recently got married earlier this August.
Anyways, he was my bias but...
I definitely CONGRATULATE him on his marriage and wishes him the best in life as well as more success :)
you can read the article here:


sarNie Hatchling
Sometimes I completely forgotten at how young Japanese celebrities married.  They are both 27 yrs old, but been dating since 15(wow) so it's ok.  Anyways a big Congrats to both of them!