Walked Away


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Since a few people asked for a fanfic due to the banner from my artwork. Here you go, a one shot lol


From a far distant, a man could be seen walking on an empty street. The place seemed lifeless, too deserted. He kept on dragging his two legs with much effort. He couldn't stand the pain any longer, his pace stopped. He was truly weak, shaking as his left hand held onto one of the few street lights.

"Urgh...urgh...my head hurts..."

"...it aches. This headache...it's getting worse..."

His vision was getting blur, he retaliated but it failed. He was too weak, he fell to his knee. His ala-david-beckham-mohawk hairstyle was dyed with thick red blood. His head was bleeding, it was bleeding hard.

"Where is she??" He started panting.

"Why is she not here yet?!"

"...I know she'll come.." His voice was getting weaker, "...she will come...to...save me."

That was when a figure could be seen walking towards him. It was a she.

"Ha! T-There...she...is!"

Wearing an adidas three quarter pants and the usual T's, she approached him.

"Dylan! Please bare the pain a little longer! Don't faint!" She shouted.

Slowly, his vision went black completely - he fainted. No, wait. He could see again, it was very clear but hold on...where was he? He could see several boys ganging up on a little blonde boy. Kicking and thrashing the little boy endlessly. Yes, that was not a dream - it was once a reality. His very own childhood. The suffering havent ended for the poor boy as those bullies were enjoying themselves. There was no one to stop their evil act.

"You second-hand white kid!" One of the bullies shouted.

"Yeah, you yellow head!" Another kick landed onhis body.

"Just whack the shit out of him! He won't fight back anyway! HAHAHA!" There comes another kick landing on his chest.

He was only 9 years old then. Suddenly, a girl appeared from the back.


That young lady shouted pretty loud, it was more of a shriek. She look much more older than the rest. From her appearance alone, she should be around the age of 12 or 13 the most. Once she was able to chase the bullies away, she ran towards the little boy; he was sobbing.

"Shhh...don't cry. I'm here...you don't need to be afraid anymore. They're all gone."

With much concern on her face, she looked at his bruises. Especially those at his face, bleeding.

One of her hand lift up, and touched his bleeding face, "It must have hurt..."

Her touch was so soft, almost angelic. It took my pain away...she's like a candle which lit up the darkness of my life...

The little boy naively looked at his angel. Still sobbing away, "Come on now...let me clean up your wound, k?"

She's an angel. My angel.

"Dylan! Wake up! Come on now...wake up!"


"Phew. Luckily your wound isn't that serious this time."

Alexis. She was sitting right beside me as she held onto my face. Her touch still feel very much the same, exactly like how it used to feel like during...our first meeting.

"What are you looking at? Do you know how worried I was?! Your head was bleeding so much!"

"Haha...I don't need to worry much. Cos, I'm sure my big sis would take care of me when I'm sick. Hehe.."

"Whatever." She paused and sighed. "You seem to be fighting a lot these days Dylan...do you want to die faster?!"

Shit! I can't tell her that I started the fight! She'll kill me if she knew!

"Hmph...it's not my fault. They were the one who started it first!"

"Well, if that's the case...I can't say anything else now can I? Alright then, you rest more k? I'm going back to my room...nite!"

"...har...you're leaving me here all alone?" I pouted.

"Hmmm. Naww, the lil boy wants me to accompany him tonight ay? Do you know how difficult it is to find a loving and caring sister like me?" She climbed onto the bed and layed right beside me.

"Hehe. I know! You're the best big sister...ever!"

I know this is wrong but it's the only way for me to get closer to her. I love the attention that she gives me...when I'm hurt.



"I was planning of moving out from here. We'll go find a better place than here...gosh it sounds so fun already!"

"...why should we move out?"

"I feel like moving to the city. This island is getting to my nerve...too boring. You got any problem with that?"


"Good. So from now on, I'll be working extra hard to earn more money ks?"


"Alrighty then...I'm very tired today. I'm going to sleep now, nite."


Ahhhh, she's sleeping right beside of me. So cute too. I'm sure I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Hmm...I've always loved her since young...but I know who I am. An orphan...secondhand white kid...

He looked at Alexis who's sleeping right next to him.

I can't even remember how my parents look like anymore! Who cares...as long as I have her; my big sister.

...although she's not my real sister.

He kept on looking at his 'sister'. He moved nearer. His left hand slowly went through her silky, short hair.

I like her hair...it is so beautiful.

I have always loved her since young...I don't want to be her little brother anymore.

I want to be something 'more'...

Alexis suddenly moved to the side.

Shit! She haven't sleep yet?

Huh! Phew...I thought she was awake. Lucky..lucky. Erm...what am I doing? I-I just can't stand it anymore!

She's so cute...

I-I just want to kiss her once. Just once.

Dylan was now leaning forward,getting nearer and nearer. He was ready to kiss when,

"Dylan...hehe...what are you trying to do?"

Alexis woke up and gave him the her wicked smile.

SHITTTTT!!! There's no more excuses this time....arghhhhh I'm so embarassed! Dylannnn that's what happen when u can't control yourself!

"You pervert! Who do you think I am?!"

She gave him a one nice flying kick to the head.

I don't know what else to say...there's no logical explanation for this. Oh well, silence would be best now..."

"If you can't control your 'need' futher...go get yourself a chick. I'm your big sister!"


"You don't need to say anything. You're sleeping alone tonight."


Alexis walked out of his room and hid at the side of the wall.

"Shit! That was a serious mistake on my part...ayayaya...but, still...can't she see my feelings towards her? Haih..."

She blushed.

After that incident, we didn't talk to each other for one whole week...

"Ah, I can't leave this matter alone. I must do something to fix this."

"I hope this cake will soften her heart. She's so stubborn."

"I hope it'll work...I want her to forgive me so badly."

Dylan went to Alexis's working place; she was working as a waitress in a restaurant. That was when he saw a man hugging her.


Who the hell is he?

Her boyfriend?!

I'm not a KID anymore!

I don't want to be her little brother anymore!

He marched forward and punch the man at the face.

"Dylan! What the hell are you doing huh?!"

"I'm protecting you from this pervert!"

"That is not called protecting me, it's called getting yourself into trouble!"

"Urghhhh!!! Why are you backing him up?"

"I'm not backing anyone up!"

"Yes you are!"

"SHUT UP! Can you please stop getting into fights? Violence is not the answer to everything!"

It may not be the answer to everything...but that's the only way I can get your attention...

"Whatever Alex! Fine, you choose - my life or his?"

"Neither one! I choose my life! If you keep on fighting like this, I WILL LEAVE YOU someday!"

"..." He just walked away.

"Isaac, could you please follow him...I'm worried about his safety.


Isaac followed his tempered friend to the jetty. It's the most calming area to be at when one is trouble, well at least that's what he thinks.

"Dude...you shouldn't have just punched that guy like that. He might not even be sis's boyfriend."

"Didn't you see how he hugged her?!"

"He might just be a close friend. You should've went and ask. Let your mouth do the talking, not your hand."

"I-I just couldn't control my anger..."

"I know you love her...but she might not feel the same way as you do. You might just be her little brother."


"Plus, you never told her that you love her...did you?"

"Someday Isaac...I will tell her my true feelings."

"That's good. Keep it slow and steady yea..."


One man suddenly pulled Dylan's hair from the back. He held a razor sharp knife and put it at Dylan's throat.

"You're the one who broke my lil bro's leg right?! You don't know who you're dealing with here! Asshole!"

"Shorty, you get out from my face right now!"

Isaac left the area as quick as he could.

"Dylan is dead! They're the most powerful gangsters on the island."

"I should tell Alex about this...maybe she could help him."


"Say WHAT?! Dylan is in deep trouble?!"


"Let's go and find him then!"

"H-Hold on..."

"Hold what?! ARE YOU GOING OR NOT?!"

"It's not like that...it's just that...they're very dangerous peopla...we can't fight them!"

"If you're scared, just stay. I'm going now."

"I'm sorry Dylan...I'm a coward...I left Alex to go save you...alone."


"Dylan, wait for me!"

Alex ran towards the jetty and saw the 3 gansgters that Isaac was talking about.

"How many time did I tell him to not fight..."

"That's bad...I got to save him."

She ran further and saw how Dylan's condition.

"Oh my god...what the hell have they done to you..."


Alex yelled as loud as she could. It worked, the three man stopped and looked at hee.

"Who are you? ... why can't I hit him?"

"I'm her big sister!"

"Stupid, why did you come Alex!"

"Ohhh, I see...so you're his big sister. If I do release him, what do I get in return?"


"Hehehe...nothing? Come on...you're so beautiful. How about, if I release him...you'll sleep with me tonight in return! HAHAHAHA, ok?"

"OWh, that's how you want to play it...is it? Me sleeping with you?"

Alex grab ahold of a wooden plank behind her. It had many sharp rusty nails on it.

"GO TO HELL YOU F*cKIN BASTARD!" She whacked him with that plank of wood.


"That's for ganging up on my little brother!"


The leader grabbed Alex's neck.


He pushed Alex down but she did not land on the floor.


Alex landed on the same plank of wood she used before, on the side with the rusty nails on.



The three useless gangsters ran away. Leaving both of them, helpless. Dylan dragged himself towards Alex and held her up.


He hugged her.

"Dylan...it's too late."

"Don't you ever say that..." He couldn't hold back his tears.

"D-Dylan...y-you ask-ed m-me...w-wh-whose life w-was...m-more...imp-ortant..y-y-yours...or...m-mine.."

"I'm so sorry Alex for putting you through this..." Tears was running down his cheek, falling onto Alex's forehead.



"Y-You...w-w-wal-ke-d..aw-away..a-angr-y..n-not...k...kn-owing..t-.....th-a..t.." She paused. ".....y-you...a-are...m-my....l..li...life."

And then, there was nothing left from her lifeless body. Alex...was gone.

"Alex..d-don't leave me...I-I beg...you..."



this story is an adaptation from one of my fav Malaysian comic artiste Ben in his graphic novel NAIVE


sarNie Adult
no why?!!!!!!!!!!!! why did she have to die i can't stand these sad endings makes me want to cry but thanks An


maplestory addict xD
i do like sad endings at times lol .. and sorry for the grammatical error gurls, was writing too fast.
just out of curiosity, who did y'all imagine when u were reading this fic?


sarNie Granny
well in my mind, the girl was Ploy Cherman and the guy was Dan...i know it was weird, but that's who i had in mind lol


The fic was cute yet sad at the end.
Ateam was my imagination couple too cus of the banner. Lol.
Thanks An for writing this one shot!!!


maplestory addict xD
well in my mind, the girl was Ploy Cherman and the guy was Dan...i know it was weird, but that's who i had in mind lol
lol, wow that is weird ahahahaha

ateam since the wallpaper was the scene from their mag shoot
ah i see ahaha

well i was imagining aum with david's mohawk hairstyle *drools* and u noe that gurl with short hair who's acting in with aum in a new lakorn? yeah tat gurl LOL


sarNie Granny
lol, wow that is weird ahahahaha

ah i see ahaha

well i was imagining aum with david's mohawk hairstyle *drools* and u noe that gurl with short hair who's acting in with aum in a new lakorn? yeah tat gurl LOL
i know..my thoughts are weird ahahahha.

the girl with short hair? you mean Noon Siraphun?