Want to buy thai lakorn with Eng Subs


sarNie Egg
I'm wanting a few lakorns subbed will pay decent for this if quality is good. can pm me here or email at zgt4@yahoo.com Also these lakorns are ones that are not subbed online or through download.


sarNie Egg
before i pm you, please provide more details. i'm sorry if i got too technical and hopefully, i didn't lose you. 
1) "will pay decent"
what price range are you talking about? helps if you do something like:
ch3 & ch7 lakorns: $4-$8 per episodes depending on quality & format needed (DVDs cost more)
ch5 lakorn: some lower range cause they are shorter length
2) "lakorns are ones that are not subbed online or through download"
this infers that you want this person to sub a whole lakorn with no previously available subtitles. a number of newer great lakorns have subs, thus it helps if you just give a list. for me, if the possibility of getting paid comes up, i have a lot of never-been-subbed-before lakorns i'm willingly to sub because i love the lakorns. the money doesn't matter to me as much as the lakorn choice, unless someone is paying me big bucks. subbing a lakorn is a lot of work, i'll rather sub one that it not ridiculously stupid or oustide of my abilities (like period lakorn with lot of historical references or too scientific). 
3) what format do you want the projects in? DVDs? hardsubbed videos in Mp4, avi, or wmv formats? softsubs with RAW vids? are you okay with uploading on YT? 
will wait for your specifications to see if i'm interested. then we can talk about my qualifications and what i can do and what you need. there's a lot of talented and able people on AF and maybe if you specify like i asked, they'll be interested too. 


sarNie Egg
Various channels and I think most I want are 12 episodes long some one or two are 20. Would like hardsub and in dvd or mp4 or avi. Would like to not pay more than say 100 per series and the small ones around 50