Wedding Fair Catwalk

FINALLY! they actually paired Rome and Rita together in the little skit that they included in the wedding themed fashion show...

i couldn't post the pictures here, but here is the link to the photos:

Wedding Fair Photos

the dresses are so breathtakingly beautiful...and Rome and Rita just look AMAZING together!


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
awww! this is great :D
i miss the RTEAM. XD
i want more lakorns of them both XDDD
Thanks for sharin; :)


sarNie Adult
ouuhh thanks rome is adorable!

i LOVE the dress in picture #9
i really dont like the fabric rome is wearing when he meets rita and lifts up her veil...its too shiny! hahaha but he looks fine in #63-71...
love ritas dress except for all the flowers in the front and the one on top of her head...its too distracting.
#103 she looks like a manequin

all these dresses have a vampire feeling to me..idk why??...


sarNie Adult
I miss the RTEAM too. Hope they pair up again soon.


sarNie Coma
this is a sign that they should be paired up again! they should be married in their next lakorn. i never saw rita in a wedding dress shes goegeous and romes so handsome. lovely pairing..


sarNie Adult
*scream for joy and excitement* thanks so much for the link finally see them again gosh patient is a virtue with these sweet this time a groom is present and it's rome lol hope to see WGG soon if they're still paired together


Expired Sarnie
Rome first outfit was bad but the rest are good. I want to see better picture of Rteam though. I don't like Rita's hair.


sarNie Oldmaid
omg i was lik screaming..... i love it... dont like rome's outfit to much though... rita's wedding dress is pretty


Expired Sarnie
Does anyone know if there are better quality pictures?