What are you thinking right now?


Just once I found someone that I can be my stupid self around him...he's leaving soon to back to the marines '(


sarNie Hatchling
and for the first time in <who knows how long i;ve started college>...im tired...and its only 10pm!!!

<edit> MY 100TH POST!!! ahaha.


sarNie Oldmaid
i'm hungry, need to find something to eat
miss tina, lome and all the girls in ngao asoke's thread


sarNie Adult
...i touch the texture of unspoken words with dreams that are locked inside unspent hours absent love for better drink that consumes me... i have not one idea for one true friend instead i read my mind of unspoken words and pretend i'm alive, but i have less for love the farther time separates us with only truths in unspent time, i loved you in an inferior world though i'm dying each day a little further from the truth of who i am...

...love capture him and deliver dreams to all accept one heart still feeling like that hurt child so long ago who never healed inside even though he grows older now...

...i am alive......


sarNie Hatchling
so why is it that people can't take their own advice?..
man..everything is going so slow..
it makes things more complicated!!
why do people have to second guess?
hmmm.............so what is the truth then?

on a positive note, he might come for his birthday ^-^


sarNie Hatchling
when im sad..
my friends cant do anything besides tell me "its gonna be ok", "aww" or "life goes on, you gotta be strong"..
but how come..
it was those two people who could cheer me up?..
cute things were said, sent me some nice ringtones and shared a funny picture..
called me up, told me about his day, listened to mines, and was able to make me laugh..
they were able to make me smile when i couldnt smile..


i always procrastinate. but this week i have to stop it. i have a math test tomorrow, english test on thursday and a presentation on friday. come on i can do it. fighting.