What are you thinking right now?


sarNie Egg
i'm thinking that i'm gonna fail my test (since i'm here and obviously not studying) and maybe i should just consider dropping out of grad school. :unsure:


sarNie Oldmaid
what time is it in australia? i don't know and need to know it soon!!!


sarNie Adult
feeling depressed i've got very few friends left i can trust... happiness does it still have meaning???


sarNie Adult
trying to build a future from the bricks that are left in my reality. the foundation is crumbling as i try and understand why so many have turned on me to tear it down, i try and find more reasons to build my future but the cost is more then i have and my principals are rock solid so i dream.... what cannot be...


sarNie Adult
my happiness is in the said feelings that reside in a moment i've not spoken of yet, time is a key and passages to a world beyond comprehension for most... i saw forever in your eyes and just not revealed the truth who i am...


Staff member
I dont' want to go to sleep but i have too b/c if i don't, i'll fall asleep at work :(
So many things, so little times :(


sarNie Elites
I gotta stay awake til it get done so otherwise I'd redo it for other 12+ hours... and I won't let it happen again!! QQ


sarNie Adult
tired of being nobody that matters when i care too much for those that are in free fall that recover and leave after a rescue...


sarNie Hatchling
Umm; Yes. im think how Mark&Mint should date inn reall life. & OPMG
i can;t wait for WAYUPAK MONTRA!! like omg the lady who kissed LOM! omg no; na'ek should kiss LOM like that! slap that girl please. not na'ek the lady with short HAIR! slap her :*)