What classify someone as looking their race..


sarNie Hatchling
Just curious...

Do I look Laotian? Usually people tell me I look Philippians or Mexican.. so, yea.. Join and upload your pictures and let others judge. :p


sarNie Juvenile
This always make me ..... Don't even have a word to describe it. People usually assume I'm Chinese or Vietnamese. I think it's quite funny, is there no other asian race beside those two? Some weeks ago, someone said Happy New Year, I replied 'Thanks but I'm not Chinese, I'm Lao." They replied, "oh, it's the same thing." HUH? LOL. CLUELESS PEOPLE!


Ky the Star
hmm, in that photo, you don't look lao... but then again...
sometimes we don't always look like our own race sometimes.

i know that i don't sometimes... but then that's just whatever.
people always think i'm either pacific islander or native american..
then when i say i'm asian, it's always...
"oh are you chinese or japanese?"
and i'm like... "no, i'm lao"
and then they don't know and i explain...
happens all the time. and those two races always comes up, then "korean too"

i don't know what actually defines someone to looking their race,
but i guess it's just the common look or whatever.
but to me, i'm lao, and all i can do is represent that.

well here's me:



sarNie Juvenile
i think i look lao, despite what other people say.. i guess because lao isnt as well known as other nationalities...
i get thai, Philippio, viet, chinese, haiwaian etc

how do i post a photo on here?