What Do You See?


sarNie Adult
huajaikaungtur said:
Oh my god, mind blown  :shock2: 
I can't seem to get any of these so I just wait till people post up their thoughts, hehe.
These are so fun!
Lol, me too. I thought I was good until I saw these. Lol. But yes, I'll just scroll down on people's comments and thoughts. Shame on me! 


sarNie Adult
 An old man's face with beards. ( I wanted to hide my post so you guys could guess, but dunno how to hide it  :p)
thanks ceci, i totally couldnt see the 5th face, and it was the most obvious one too, so silly hehe


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To hide your post, you'd need to put the opening and closing tag 'spoiler' in front and back of your text/content.

a naked woman with heels standing under some clouds lol


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Here is one, @bubbles8 & anyone else who wants to guess ^___^. Make sure to put your guesses in spoiler tab ;).

I rate it easy lol.

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