What ethnicity have you been mistaken for?

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sarNie Coma
When i was little i was mistaken for Japanese, i had pale/fair skin and small eyes.

This happens to me every week and when it happens to my dad he just starts speaking Vietnamese and walks away. Anyways i have been mistaken for Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, White even??WTF, Vietnamese.


Definitely Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, and Mexican. The ones that cracked me up was Filipino and Mexican especially since I'm not tan...although I want to be lol.


sarNie Adult
i don't get to be anything. hahahha. really. apparently i don't look like anything to most ppl. i might as well consider myself a martian. Nai, i can see how u can pass for Mexican, it's the hair :) ur perfectly cute with ur fair skin. i get crispy brown every summer, which i don't mind, unless i'm in Southeast Asia, which is brings me lame treatment ( :rolleyes: ), in which case being tan isn't all that it's cut out to be.


sarNie Oldmaid
Mexican because a whole city is dedicated to them across the river & when I go shop at the grocery store there, they speak Spanish to me and I try to tell them I don't speak Spanish. The older people around look at me as if I've disgraced them because I don't know 'my own language' lol. Happened when I was a student nurse as well. One of my patients asked me, "Why? You don't know your own language?" haha.


I get everything other than Asian. It just happened last night too, we were having a conversation at work (forgot about what though) and I believe I said something along the lines of "No I don't, I'm Asian and we don't do that." LOL my coworker looks at me and ask if I was really Asian. WTF you've been working with me for how long and you didn't know. He said I looked mixed and everyone budded in and said the same thing.

When I was in Thailand with my family, people didn't believe that we were related. Whenever I'm with my mom alone, they thought she had married a farang. My cousins always asked why I look this way. Huh. I'm just gonna quote gaga here, "baby, I was born this way" HAA! :facepalm:


sarNie Adult
Chinese (When I was still in high school and had light skin complexion). Now, Laotian and Vietnamese because of my medium beige skin tone (being in the sun too much.

It's actually nice/fun to be mistaken once in awhile.


sarNie Juvenile
I have been mistaken for looking like Korean, phillipino, chinese and Hmong.
But I'm Laotian and Thai . LMAO


sarNie Hatchling
I've been mistaken for Dominican (I'm Jamaican). :scratchhead2: I don't get it since my Spanish isn't as fluent as a native speaker.


sarNie Egg
Me, I have been mistaken for Japanese and Korean with Western or European mix because me and my sisters are really light skinned. my Grandmother has Spanish blood so maybe it came from there.


sarNie Elites
I've been mistaken for Dominican (I'm Jamaican). :scratchhead2: I don't get it since my Spanish isn't as fluent as a native speaker.
you are jamaican??? i noticed your avatar has thai actors on it. do you watch thai series (lakorns)? if so, how the heck did you get into that? this is fascinating to me. lol

as for everyone else, you know what we should do? we should post our pics, and have people offer their opinion on what ethnicity they think we are (or look like). if the majority agrees to do this, i'll post my pic up too. it should be fun!


sarNie Adult
i've been mistaken for mexican, hawaiian, and this cracked me up the most. no offense to all the Hmong ppl here but i just found this one so funny cuz i'm taller than most Asian women and i'm tan not pale lol so when they talk to me in Hmong i laugh and tell them that i'm not. most Lao ppl don't even think that i'm Lao lol


sarNie Egg
My background is Pakistani, but i get mistaken for a bunch of things, sometimes ppl think im Arabic, my Filipno co-worker thought i was Filipino for like the longest time until it come up in a conversation and i told her im from Pakistan and she was just baffled. I also got ppl thin king im Chinese a couple of times, once a Chinese man who couldn't speak english thought i was Chinese while i worked in a garden nursery, he kept speaking Chinese to me when aksing about the flowers, my co-workers had a laugh when they saw that. I get spanish and mexican too.

Fun times...


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Let me join in this convo. I work at a nursing home populated mostly by Korean elderly and they always mistake me for Korean. Then when I correct them and tell them that I'm not Korean they still don't believe me and continue to speak to me in Korean. LOL. BTW I'm Laotian/Thai/Chinese.


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I've been mistaken for Korean, Japanese, Thai 2-3 times, & Chinese....but mostly Chinese. lol