What is Asianfuse.net ?


sarNie Egg
Hello everyone this is my first time having any account with Asianfuse.net. I'm lost finding what kind of website is this. First I thought it was a website checking out thai Lakorn new release and more information about the Thai actress. But found out different so will someone let me know what is this website for thanks. :)


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It's for everything - you can check in the THAI section for lakorn update ..

BUDDY MEDIAS is for lakorn download

the rest, pretty are the same as THAI LAKORN section.

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
asianfuse is this awesome forum here where everyone nomatter what race or nationality you are, come together to discuss about any asian movies or things, etc.You can find about any asian series or movies, actresses actors, etc. Then there's also fanmade things in the fanfiction sections as well. Really awesome site. ^^

Welcome. =)


sarNie Oldmaid
Asianfuse.net is all the above!! hehe. A lot of our members update the wiki page where you find out about Thai celebrities and lakorns (which is very up to date). You can download media, write and read fanfictions, check out fan artworks, subbing teams, etc. in all sorts of Asian formats depending on what our members posts.